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23 Super Cute Bug Crafts for Summer

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Summer’s nearly here, and that means bugs are everywhere. Though we tend to think of many of them as pests, insects are essential to our ecosystems.

Help your kids develop an appreciation for all things creepy and crawly (or cute and crawly) with these fun bug crafts for summer.

bug crafts

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From ants to butterflies and everything in between, you’re sure to find an interesting insect craft to make!

Bug Crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Beyond

Discover 23 simple bug crafts suitable for young kids of all ages. If your little one is fond of insects, they’ll surely enjoy these engaging bug crafts that are perfect for kids!

Bee Crafts

Make one of these fun bee crafts with your busy little bees. Use the crafts as a springboard for discussion about the critical role bees play in pollination.

1. Bee Paper Cone Craft

You’ll be surprised at the cute critters you can make using paper cones. We love this bright yellow bee craft with a paper cone body, big paper wings, and a cute smile on its face. This project is easy and inexpensive since you only need paper, scissors, and glue.

bug art

By Look, We’re Learning

2. Handprint Bee Craft

Handprint crafts not only serve as memorable keepsakes for parents, but they’re a lot of fun for kids, too. Plus, they’re sweet and adorable.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this handprint bee craft from Simple Everyday Mom. To make it, draw and color in stripes on the bee’s body (the handprint), then attach the face, wings, and antennae from the template. Easy, right?

bug craft for kids

By Simple Everyday Mom

3. Fingerprint Bees and Beehive

We think this easy paper strip beehive with fingerprint bees is perfect for toddlers or preschoolers. Add it as a creative project while studying a bee unit or just to learn more about those small, buzzy black and yellow bees we see every spring and summer. 

Do you love bees as much as we do? Check out these bee crafts as well!

bug art for toddlers

by Homeschool Preschool

Butterfly Crafts

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful insects, fascinating to children and adults alike. Encourage your child’s wonder with one of these beautiful butterfly crafts.

4. Beaded Butterfly Craft

Our adorable beaded butterfly craft is a hit with kids! Threading beads on the pipe cleaner is great for fine motor practice for a child’s hands. Plus, it makes the butterfly all the more colorful and gorgeous.

Clip several to a piece of twine to make a pretty butterfly banner to hang in your child’s room.

preschooler bug crafts made out of beads

by Kidz Craft Corner

Other fun summer crafts:

camping scavenger hunt

5. Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

Learn all about the life cycle of a butterfly while making a cute insect craft with the kids. This life cycle project includes the following stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly.

A free printable template is included. All you have to do is find a stick, some cardboard, and a marker to write the stages.

bug art activities

by The Best Ideas for Kids

6. Tissue Paper Butterflies

Fluttery, brilliant butterflies are emerging from the egg carton garden. These frilly bugs are colorful, bold, and kid-friendly. What a charming way to add some color to your home this summer.

bug projects

by Play Party Plan

7. Coffee Filter Butterfly

These adorable, colorful butterflies are the perfect insect craft for kids! They’re easy to make and can be customized with different colors and patterns. To create your own butterfly, you only need a coffee filter, markers, pipe cleaners, paint, and clothespins.

coffee filter butterfly craft

By Kidz Craft Corner

8. Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Teaching your child about the butterfly’s life cycle makes for the perfect spring craft! If you plan on collecting caterpillars this spring or just looking for a fun and educational activity with your child, this is the perfect bug craft.

butterfly life cycle

Ladybug Crafts

Who can resist a cute ladybug? They’re popular symbols of good luck and are often one of the first insects children become comfortable with.

9. Ladybug Headband

Easily everyone’s favorite beetle, the ladybug is both a symbol of good luck and pretty cute to look at. Make these ladybug headbands with your little love bug for an afternoon of crafting and play. It’s also an excellent craft for the classroom, particularly during spring. 

ladybug craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

chore chart

10. Ladybug Life Cycle Sensory Bin

Gather some smooth rocks outside to make ladybug rocks for this educational and fun sensory bin on the ladybug life cycle. Round rocks are perfect for the pretty spotted beetles… your kids could even make pet rocks out of them!

Once you’re finished with them in the sensory bin, add the rock ladybugs to a potted plant or hide them in a local park for others to find. Also, check out these garden crafts!

bug project ideas

by Natural Beach Living

11. Paper Plate Ladybug

The humble paper plate can become just about anything with a dash of creativity and a bit of paint. Try a red and black color scheme to make a lovely ladybug in no time.

Want to avoid the mess that comes with painting? Start with a red paper plate, and add black paper circles instead.

insect crafts kindergarten

by Frugal Mom Eh!

12. Ladybug Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Grab a toilet paper tube to use for this ladybug toilet paper roll craft. You’ll also need construction paper, googly eyes, and plastic wire. The wire is optional, though. You can easily substitute a brass fastener or simply glue the wings to the ladybug instead. The windowsill is the perfect place for this cute ladybug.

preschool insect art

by Look, We’re Learning

13. Ladybug Magnets

Jazz up your fridge, locker, or file cabinet with these stunning glass ladybug magnets. Made with glass gems, paint, googly eyes, and magnets, children will love making bugs in all sorts of different colors. 

bug art for toddlers

by Rhythms of Play

Ant Crafts

Did you know ants can carry as much as 20 times their weight? These fascinating bugs are powerhouses! Stir your kids’ interest in learning about them with these playful ant crafts.

14. Walking Ant Puppets

We start seeing ants in spring, and by summer, small anthills are everywhere. If your child is curious about these powerful yet tiny insects, you have to make these cute “walking” ant puppets.

By holding on to the popsicle stick on the back, kids can walk their puppets along the table or floor or take them out in the grass to play with.

bug art projects

by Kids’ Craft Room

15. Bottle Cap Ant Craft

Here’s a simple and adorable ant craft for the classroom or at home. Paint some recycled bottlecaps black, add feet, antennae, and eyes, and place them on the super simple leaf template below. Now your ant is ready for display!

preschool insect art

by Affordable Homeschooling

More Fun Bug Crafts for Kids

Need more beautiful bug craft ideas? Try the projects below! You’ll find fun projects like fingerprint bugs, mix-and-match insects, and plastic egg lightning bugs that really glow!

16. Cork Painting Bugs

Use a cork to stamp out all kinds of creepy crawlies! This project is easy, fun, and really gets the creative juices flowing. Think about how to turn simple stamped circles into caterpillars, bees, beetles, spiders, snails, and other insects, mollusks, and arthropods. 

If you don’t have a cork. Let your child use their fingerprint! This simple preschool insect art project will be loved by many.

insect craft

by Kids Activities Blog

17. Mix and Match Bugs

Kick-off spring or summer break with these adorable mix-and-match bugs featuring a butterfly, ladybug, and bee. Kids will have so much fun swapping out the bugs’ heads for their own faces!

insect crafts for school age

by Messy Little Monster

18. Plastic Spoon Bugs

How adorable are these plastic spoon bugs on a branch? They look like pretty beetles enjoying a leafy lunchtime treat. It’s a fun way to use leftover plastic spoons and felt scraps to make something creative for summer.

preschool bug crafts

by Crafts by Amanda

19. Plastic Egg Fireflies

Save some of your plastic eggs this Easter to turn them into fun, light-up bugs. Add pipe cleaner legs and antennae, googly eyes, duct tape wings, and a battery-operated tealight inside to make it light up.

If you don’t have tealights, mini glow sticks will work for a few hours. This fun preschool insect craft will be the life of any party! It would also make a great camping activity as well.

bug crafts for kids

by Frugal Coupon Living

20. Paper Snails

Kids who get frustrated with complicated crafts will enjoy this super easy paper snail craft made from a single strip of paper cut from a template. All they need to do is color and decorate the strip, fold it at the neck, and roll the rest of the strip up to make its shell.

Aren’t they adorable?

bug crafts preschool

by Picklebums

21. Q-Tip Painted Dragonflies

Dragonflies are some of our favorite insects. They dart around so quickly, their wings nearly invisible, but with their long, iridescent bodies sparkling in the sun.

Celebrate the wonder that is the dragonfly with these gorgeous Q-Tip-painted dragonflies. Use this opportunity to teach the kids about pointillism (dot art) while you learn about this magnificent bug.

insect crafts

by Projects with Kids

22. Clothespin Cicada

Can you believe how lifelike these clothespin cicadas look? The speckled cardboard wings really do blend in with the leaves and grass outside. You’ll have so much fun using the clothespin function to hide them around the house and yard for your family to find.

bug craft

by Barley and Birch

23. Paper Plate Caterpillars

Turn simple paper plates into colorful caterpillars with markers (or paint), pipe cleaners, and a bit of imagination. Make sure you use unwaxed paper plates if you plan to use markers or tempera paint. Each paper plate can make two cute caterpillars.

bug crafts

by In the Playroom

Summary – Bug Crafts for Kids

We hope you enjoyed this list of bug crafts for kids as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Get creative and create your own unique version of each craft, or even come up with some new related insect projects.

From creating caterpillars to decorating dragonflies, the possibilities for these 23 amazing bug crafts are endless. They will truly spark joy and inspiration for all ages. Unleash your inner artist and have some quality family-fun crafting with the coolest bug crafts!

Need More Bug Craft and Activity Inspiration?

  • Try out these fun nature crafts that involve leaves, sticks, and everything outdoors.
  • Explore the outdoors with this bug catcher kit!
  • Read a book all about bugs. There are so many great kid-friendly insect books out there!
  • Grab this butterfly garden, caterpillars included. Let your kids turn these cutest into butterflies.
  • Don’t forget your magnifying glass next time you explore your backyard for bugs.

Pin this list to return to it whenever you need creative inspiration.

bug crafts for toddlers

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