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21 Cute Christmas Handprint Crafts for Kids

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Christmas is a magical time of year for togetherness, celebration, and reflection. It’s also a season to spend quality time with those closest to you.

One of the best ways to do that is by making crafts together as a family. In this post, we’ll show you 21 cute Christmas handprint crafts that are easy enough for kids to make. From adorable ornaments to cute cards to keepsakes that you’ll treasure for years to come, there is something for every child in your family.

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Get started on these cute handprint Christmas crafts today, and make some memories that will last forever!

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Christmas Handprint Crafts for Kids

1. Salt Dough Handprint Ornament

This fun handprint keepsake craft is perfect for sprucing up the holidays! With just a few simple ingredients and some paint, you can create a unique and memorable piece of art that your kids will cherish forever.

This craft is sure to bring out smiles and fond memories! So grab the paint, glitter, and a few ingredients, and get ready to make some magical memories with your little ones! Let the crafting fun begin at Kidz Craft Corner!

By Kidz Craft Corner

2. Handprint Angel Christmas Card

Embrace the spirit of the season with this enchanting little angel.
Creating angel wings by tracing their own hand is sure to be fun for kids!

Christmas Handprint Card Craft

By The Soccer Mom Blog

3. Santa Handprint Ornaments

Make your Christmas tree stand out with this Santa ornament made from homemade salt dough. This is the perfect holiday craft for toddlers and preschoolers!

Santa salt dough ornaments Christmas craft for kids

By Messy Little Monster

4. Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament

This charming little reindeer handprint ornament is way too adorable to pass up. I love how adorable and easy it is! Also, try out our favorite popsicle stick reindeer ornament!

Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament

By Buggy and Buddy

5. Grinch Handprint Craft

Invite the Grinch to your Christmas tree decoration with this super cute Handprint Craft made with paper. Children of all ages will enjoy creating this Grinch craft.

Grinch craft for kids featuring a green handprint

By Simple Everyday Mom

christmas bingo printables

6. Paper Bag Reindeer Craft

Here’s an easy project for you to make with all those paper bags lying around your home! You and your children will enjoy putting together this endearing reindeer.

After finishing your reindeer, try these other fun paper bag puppets!

Easy Kids Paper Bag Reindeer Craft

By Our Kid Things

7. Elf Handprint Salt Dough Ornaments

You can whip up this easy salt dough recipe in a snap using just three ingredients. Your little one will love making elf ornaments with their handprints to hang on the tree!

If you love all things elf, try these 20+ elf crafts, and grab our free “What’s your elf name game printable.”

Christmas elf craft made from a toddler or baby handprint

By Messy Little Monster

8. Handprint Christmas Tree Ornament

Trying to come up with budget-friendly craft ideas? If this is what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t miss this handprint Christmas tree ornament!

It’s super simple, doesn’t take as much prep time as you might think, and the result is wonderful!

toddler handprint ornament craft

By Kids Activities

9. Handprint Elf Card

Put a fun twist on your Christmas decorations by making this mischievous little elf! The craft is so easy to make that even the family’s youngest members can do it.

handprint Christmas card for kids

By Simple Everyday Mom

10. Dove Silhouette Handprint Art

In this season, we are reminded to be grateful, kind, and hopeful. That’s why this lovely and creative craft for kids featuring a lovely white dove is simply perfect.

dove silhouette handprint craft idea for kids for Christmas

By The Craft Train

grab your free elf game printable

11. Handprint Santa

Make a sweet and easy Santa Claus craft from construction paper and pompoms! When finished, display this fun holiday decoration in your home. Then, pull it out year after year to see how your little one’s hand size has grown.

Christmas cards made with handprint featuring Santa

By Simple Everyday Mom

12. Stuck Santa Handprint Painting

Kids of all ages will love to create this hilarious stuck Santa hand-painting and the reindeer body made from their own handprints!

You’ll find an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial and a free printable in this awesome tutorial using the link below!

christmas card of stuck Santa in chimney featuring a handprint reindeer

By Fun Handprint Art

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13. Nativity Handprint Salt Dough Ornament

This nativity salt dough ornament is a great last-minute Christmas gift your family or friends will cherish for years to come.

Nativity ornament for Christmas tree craft for kids featuring toddler handprint

By Kids Activities

14. Snowman Ornament Keepsake

Make a unique Snowman Keepsake with your child’s handprint! A lot of useful tips are included in this tutorial on how to make salt dough, and it has an amazing recipe.

snowman ornament featuring handprint of child, perfect craft for akeepsake

By Learning and Exploring Through Play

15. Clay Handprint Ornaments

Need a cute and simple craft to include your toddler in the holiday festivities? Say no more! An ornament and a keepsake in one, this mitten-shaped clay ornament is a great pick for the holidays.

handprint ornaments made with homemade clay recipe for kids

By Messy Little Monster

16. Gnome Handprint Craft

These gnome handprint cards are a fun way to spread Christmas cheer. These little gnome cards can be given as gifts or placed around the home when the kids are done for good luck.

Christmas gnome handprint craft for kids

By The Best Ideas for Kids

17. Paper Plate Handprint Christmas Wreath

This whimsical paper plate Christmas wreath craft will make your kids swoon! There is no need for fancy supplies, just cardstock, buttons, glue, and a paper plate!

When you finish, attempt one of these cute paper plate animals!

paper plate handprint Christmas wreath in green shades, for kids craft ideas

By Arty Crafty Kids

18. Handprint Christmas Tree Clay Pots

There’s a reason why clay crafts are so popular to make with little ones, and these adorable Handprint Christmas Tree Clay Pots are a great example.

Easy, inexpensive, and creative, this tree clay pot is a lovely touch of Christmas magic. Give this a try, and then give it away as a gift, or make it your own special centerpiece. This holiday craft is perfect for kids of all ages and will get everyone in the festive spirit!

With just a few simple supplies, you can create this delightful DIY decoration that will surely be treasured for years to come. So grab those clay pots, paints, and other craft materials, and let’s get crafting!

Christmas craft clay pots for kids

By Messy Little Monster

19. Handprint Penguins

Want to make your kids’ Christmas crafts even more magical? Then, give this craft a go! Made with just papercraft, white felt, and white pompoms, this penguin craft is the perfect kid-friendly craft project to kick off the winter season.

penguin handprint card craft for Christmas crafts for kids

By The Best Ideas for Kids

20. Grinch Heart Handprint Card

This sweet Grinch heart handprint card makes for a great holiday gift for the grandparents. Simply, trace your little one’s hand on a piece of cardstock, cut it out, and add a sweet message!

grinch hand heart card

By Non-Toy Gifts

21. Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Create a handprint tree craft with your whole family! It is a great way to bond with the whole family and make Christmas decorations at the same time. Besides, it’s just so much fun!

christmas tree featuring handprints craft idea for the whole family

By Kids Activities

22. Christmas Handprint Cards (Elf, Reindeer, and Santa)

Kids of all ages will love making this Santa card with an adorable Santa! Use the instructions to create a card to display your little one’s handprint.

Reindeer, santa and elf christmas card for kids craft

By The Best Ideas for Kids

Must-Read Christmas Books

Keep the fun going with these must-read Christmas books. There are so many benefits to reading aloud to kids. It’s even been found that reading books to toddlers can help build their empathy, aiding in social-emotional development.

Furthermore, one study found a direct correlation between being read to as a child and higher academic achievement later in life! Regardless of age, the advantages of instilling a love for reading early on should not be overlooked.

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

Follow the Little Blue Truck on Christmas! This is another great Little Blue Truck book; your littles will love how the book lights up at the end.

Twas The Night Before Christmas On The Farm

Enjoy this retelling of the classic story, The Night Before Christmas, but this time on a farm.

Green Is For Christmas

Follow along as the green crayon thinks he is the only Christmas color in the crayon box. These “crayon books” remain among our favorite reads in our house.

Christmas Handprint Ideas – Summary

This article provides 20+ Christmas handprint crafts for kids that are both fun and easy to make. Perfect for creative play or a festive homemade gift, these projects use common craft supplies like paint, paper, scissors, and glue to create a variety of holiday-themed keepsakes.

From simple snowmen ornaments to more elaborate reindeer cards, each craft is designed to be an enjoyable activity for children of all ages. With these ideas, your little ones can have fun and create something special this Christmas season.

Do you have a favorite handprint craft? Let us know in the comments below.

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