25 Easy Dinosaur Crafts for Dino-Loving Kids

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Easy dinosaur crafts your child will LOVE!

Do you love dinosaurs as much as your kids do? If so, you’ll want to check out these 25 easy dinosaur crafts for kids! From simple paper projects to dino pencil holders and DIY fossils, there’s something for kids of any age.

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Best of all, most of these dino crafts can be made with materials that you probably already have around the house. So get ready to dig into some prehistoric fun!

Common Supplies Needed for Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Here are some of the most commonly used supplies for these dinosaur craft ideas.

Fun Dinosaur Craft Ideas

Get ready for 25 fun dinosaur crafts that will have your child begging for more!

1. Paper Plate Dinosaurs

The Craft Train has 12 fantastic paper plate dinosaurs, each more incredible than the next. It’ll be hard to choose which one to make first! Personally, the pterodactyl is our favorite, but the velociraptor is pretty cool, too.

All you need for these dynamite dinos are paper plates, paint, construction paper, scissors, and glue. Simple right?

paper plate dinosaurs

The Craft Train

2. Dinosaur Pencil Holder

Make your homework station look a little more fun with this fantastic dinosaur pencil holder from Our Kid Things.

Use toilet paper rolls for the legs (which hold the pencils) and cardstock to make his head and tail. Stapling the tubes together helps make this pencil holder sturdier.

dinosaur pencil holder

Our Kid Things

More fun craft ideas:

3. Dinosaur Paper Bracelets

Any dino-loving kid will adore these paper dinosaur bracelets. Simply print, color, cut, and tape them around your wrist. This is a terrific summer camp or VBS craft if you’re going with a dinosaur theme.

dinosaur bracelets

The Craft Train

4. Cut and Paste Pterodactyl

An easy cut-and-paste craft is perfect for the classroom or a quick craft at home. This one features a smiling pterodactyl with his wings spread wide. It’s so cute!

This would make an adorable dinosaur party decoration, too. 

cut and paste pterodactyl

Simple Mom Project

5. Dinosaur Number Match

Number recognition is important for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Use this fun dino number match to practice number identification in a hands-on and engaging way.

Not only will kids learn their digits, but they’ll use their fine motor skills to squeeze and attach the clothespins.

dinosaur number match

Taming Little Monsters

6. Toilet Roll Dinosaurs

Recycle and paint toilet paper rolls to turn them into cool and colorful dinosaurs. Aside from paint and scissors, you don’t need any extra supplies, so it’s an affordable project that’s great for any dinosaur fan!

toilet roll dinosaurs

The Craft Train

7. Dinosaur Card

You don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to make this dinosaur card featuring a sweet little dino holding a heart. You can write whatever message you like on it for a parent, teacher, friend, or relative. They’d make cute dinosaur party invitations, too. 

dinosaur heart card

Simple Everyday Mom

8. Clothespin Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

Paper plate crafts are so easy and fun to make, and if you’re like most of us, you probably have plenty of paper plates in your cupboard right now. Use scissors to cut out a simple dino shape, and then paint it in bright and cheerful colors. Add clothespin legs, and you’ve got a standing dinosaur craft to add to a shelf.

clothespin paper plate dinosaur

Taming Little Monsters

9. Dinosaur Watercolor Craft

Freehand or find dinosaur templates to trace onto cardboard to make these watercolor dinosaurs. These dinosaur stencils are a great starting point. You can add googly eyes when you’re finished or leave them as-is and hang them up for wall art.

watercolor dinosaurs

Fantastic Fun and Learning

10. Tissue Paper Dinosaur

Make a tissue paper pterodactyl! This cute craft is an excellent way to work on building hand muscles by scrunching and crumpling tissue paper. We love the cool color combinations of the dark green and light green and the orange and yellow versions.

tissue paper dinosaur

Simple Everyday Mom

11. Egg Carton Dinosaurs

If you’ve never upcycled egg cartons to make crafts, you’re missing out. You can turn those egg cups into all sorts of cute things, like these adorable craft dinosaurs. You’ll need pipe cleaners to make the spikes, googly eyes, and paint, of course, to make them colorful.

egg carton dinosaurs

Our Kid Things

12. Dinosaur Egg Craft

It doesn’t get much cuter than this hatching dinosaur craft with a sweet little dinosaur peeking out of the polka-dot egg. It’s an easy cut-and-paste craft that’s perfect for the classroom. 

Be sure to check out these fun dinosaur facts!

dinosaur egg craft

Simple Everyday Mom

13. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Learn about how fossils work by making salt-dough dinosaur fossils of your own. You’ll need some toy dinos and salt dough (or air dough). Grab our salt dough recipe here.

That’s it! Your future paleontologist will love it.

salt dough dinosaur fossils

Taming Little Monsters

Easy Dinosaur Arts and Crafts

14. Cardboard Dinosaur Feet

Stomp around as the dinosaurs did in your very own pair of cardboard dinosaur feet. Combine this with the dino headbands below for an awesome homemade dinosaur costume!

dinosaur feet

Red Ted Art

15. Dinosaur Headband Craft

Preschoolers love headband crafts that allow them to “become” something else during pretend play. These dinosaur headbands are sure to be a hit. Kids can make them any color they like—green, orange, pink—art doesn’t have to be true to life. With a colorable version and a craft version, this project can be adapted to any age level.

dinosaur headband

Simple Everyday Mom

16. Stegosaurus Craft

Grab some craft sticks and clothespins to make this standing stegosaurus craft that’s fun for kids of all ages. The whimsical pattern on the stegosaurus’s spikes makes these dinos pop. The kids will have a blast playing with their dinosaurs, making them stomp around on their clothespin feet.

This craft is also featured in our Popsicle Stick Animal Crafts!

stegosaurus craft

Our Kid Things

17. Printable Stegosaurus Craft

Preschoolers will adore this easy paper stegosaurus craft that’s as simple as cutting out the shapes and pasting them together. With a color version and a colorable version, children can choose which one they’d prefer.

printable stegosaurus craft

Simple Mom Project

18. Scratch Art Dinosaur

If you’ve ever made scratch art as a kid, you know how much fun it can be. This dinosaur version is extra exciting!

You’ll first complete a colorful layer using crayons. Then, the crayon coloring is covered in black paint and allowed to dry. Finally, kids can scratch designs in the black paint, revealing peeks of color underneath.

dinosaur scratch art

Messy Little Monster

19. Printable Triceratops

Pair this printable triceratops craft with the other cut-and-paste dinosaur crafts to make silly decorations for your child’s room or for a dinosaur birthday party.

If your kiddo is really into triceratops, there’s one featured in our list of Crafts with Real Leaves, too!

printable triceratops

Simple Mom Project

20. Dinosaur Garden in a Jar

Instead of a fairy garden, make a dinosaur garden in a jar! You’ll need sand, pebbles, faux plants, and a dinosaur or two to make your totally awesome dino display.

dinosaur garden in a jar

Messy Little Monster

21. Dinosaur Fridge Magnets

Deck your fridge out in dinosaur magnets using these printable templates and designs. Print them out in full color and cut them out or color them first.

Either way, they’ll make a cute addition to your kitchen. Thin magnetic tape will let you turn just about any craft into a magnet!

dinosaur fridge magnets

Easy Peasy and Fun

22. Printable T-rex Craft

We can’t forget the mighty T-rex! This charming little version has bright eyes and a cute smile. Wouldn’t it look adorable in a dinosaur-themed nursery?

printable t rex craft

Simple Mom Project

23. Geometric Dinosaur Art

If you like geometric art, you’ll love this dinosaur art project, which are dinosaur coloring sheets made with triangles and polygons. Color in the shapes with crayons or markers, or grab your watercolors and paintbrushes and get to work.

dinosaur art project

The Best Ideas for Kids

24. Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

Cupcake liners are handy for crafting. You can turn them into all sorts of fun objects, like these dinos with cupcake liner bodies and cardstock accents. Add googly eyes, and you have a delightful cupcake liner dino to add to a card or canvas.

cupcake liner dinosaur craft

Artsy Craftsy Mom

25. Movable Dinosaur Craft

Make a dinosaur that really moves! Use paper fasteners attached to the head, legs, and tail so those parts can be slid back and forth to create movement. Set your dinosaur up in all sorts of amusing poses.

movable dinosaur craft

Crafts by Amanda

Must Read Dino Books For Kids

Fascinating crafts are always accompanied by great books! Check out these captivating dinosaur reads.

I-Spy Dinosaurs

This is such a fun dinosaur book for kids! Let your child follow along as they teach the ABCs with dinosaurs.

Dragons Love Tacos

Come follow this story as a dragon gets lured in with Tacos!

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

Come learn all about dinosaurs with this National Geographic Dinosaur book!

Dinosaur Craft For Preschoolers- Summary

Whether you’re a teacher looking for ideas to keep the little ones entertained or a parent who wants to have a few fun dinosaur crafts up your sleeve, we hope this post has inspired you. Be sure to share these crafts with your friends and family—after all, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

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pin collage of dinosaur craft ideas

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