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DIY Apple Bird Feeder for Kids

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Today, we are excited to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to make a delightful and easy-to-create apple bird feeder. This wonderful craft project is designed specifically for young nature enthusiasts who are eager to engage in a fun and educational activity.

By following our detailed instructions, you and your little ones will not only enjoy the process of crafting a homemade bird feeder but also create a welcoming space for our feathered friends to enjoy a tasty treat.

Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity, learning, and appreciation for the wonders of nature with this bird apple feeder!

apple bird feeders for kids to make

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Materials Needed for Your DIY Bird Feeder

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions for creating these adorable DIY bird feeders, let’s take a look at the supplies you’ll need for your apple bird feeder:

  • 1 large apple – Fresh or slightly past its prime is perfect
  • Peanut butter – A natural, chunky variety works best for sticking seeds
  • Bird seed mix – Choose a mix preferred by local bird species
  • Twine – Enough to hang your feeder from a tree or stand
  • Scissors – Kid-friendly
  • Knife – To be used by an adult or with adult supervision
bird feeder for kids

How to Make Your Own Apple Bird Feeders

Crafting an apple bird feeder is not only easy but also a great way to upcycle fruit and bring some winged visitors to your garden. Let’s get started on this eco-friendly project that’s sure to bring chirps and cheers to your backyard.

Step 1: Preparing the Apple

Carefully cut your apple in half across the middle. Then, use the knife (under adult supervision) to create a hole in the center of each piece of the apple, removing the core and seeds.

making an apple bird feeder

Step 2: Attaching Twine

Cut a length of twine—about 24 inches should do. Put the twine through the center of the apple in the hole you created. Then, tie the twine making sure it’s fixed well to avoid any accidents during use.

If you have a particular location branch or hook you plan to hang it on, you might not need as much twine.

bird apple feeder

Step 3: Applying Peanut Butter

Using a spoon or butter knife, spread a thick layer of peanut butter over the cut surface of each apple half. This sticky base will help bird seeds adhere well to the apple. You can cover half of the apple or the whole thing!

You can also put peanut butter and birdseed on both sides of the apple or just one!

DIY apple bird feeder

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Step 4: Adding Bird Seed

Pour your birdseed onto a plate or shallow dish. Press the peanut butter-covered side of the apple into the seeds, ensuring an even and generous coating. Pat down gently to make the seeds stick.

If the birdseed isn’t sticking, try adding more peanut butter!

DIY bird feeder

Step 5: Hang Your Apple Feeder for Birds Outside

Find a spot outside where birds often visit—preferably close to a window so the kids can observe their feathered friends. Hang the feeder securely on a branch or a hook.

homemade bird feeders for kids to try

Keep in mind that squirrels might also visit your apple-shaped bird feeder as well. If you own other pets, such as a dog, ours loves to try to get our bird feeders down as well. So be sure to place your bird feeder in an area that is safe for the birds but also out of reach for any potential predators so that they will return to your feeder time and time again.

This is also the perfect time to invest in a pair of kid-friendly binoculars and a bird-watching book! After all, bird-watching is one of the best parts of this activity!

Lastly, make sure you try this fun toilet roll bird feeder as well!

Can Birds Eat Apples?

Guess what? Birds love apples just like you do!

Birds enjoy snacking on all sorts of yummy treats, and apples are one of their favorites. These juicy fruits are not only tasty but also packed with vitamins and minerals that keep our feathered friends healthy and happy.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a delicious apple, remember to share a piece with the birds in your backyard.

Can You Make Homemade Bird Seed?

Absolutely! Making homemade birdseed is a fun and simple activity that kids can enjoy. Just remember different species of birds like different foods. Here are some great homemade DIY bird food recipes to try!

Homemade Bird Feeder for Kids – Summary

Making an apple bird feeder is not only fun, but it invites a bit of wild nature into our domestic lives. Kids can learn responsibility by maintaining their apple feeder and grow a sense of wonder as they watch birds up close.

Encourage your little ones to note down the types of birds they see and perhaps learn more about them. It’s projects like these that sow the seeds for a lifelong appreciation of wildlife and the great outdoors. Enjoy the flurry of activity your new feeder will bring!

Happy bird watching!

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apple feeder for birds

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