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27 Best Butterfly Crafts for Kids to Make

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Spring and summer are peak times for butterflies. Let’s celebrate those beautiful bugs with some of the BEST butterfly crafts for kids. These arts and crafts capture the beauty and whimsy of the butterfly’s colorful, fluttery wings — and, of course, they capture the attention of creative kids!

You can make butterflies out of so many different simple craft materials. Use toilet paper tubes, construction paper, coffee filters, tissue paper, beads, and more to see what sort of butterfly you can come up with.

But first, check out this list of butterfly arts and crafts for inspiration.

pin collage of butterfly crafts for kids

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Materials to Make Gorgeous Butterfly Crafts

Here are some of the craft materials you’ll need to make the butterfly crafts below. This list isn’t all-inclusive, but it’ll be a great start for lots of projects!

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Beautiful beads, paper crafts, galaxy print wings — you’ll find loads of colorful and creative butterflies here.

1. Beaded Butterfly Craft

You don’t want to miss this butterfly craft from yours, truly! You’ll use pipe cleaners, clothespins, and pony beads to make a colorful butterfly.

Threading the beads is excellent fine motor practice for little fingers, but even your older kids will enjoy making this bright and cheery project.

beaded butterfly craft

by Kidz Craft Corner

2. Mosaic Monarch Butterflies

Mosaic crafts are a fun way to let kids practice their cutting skills. Cut out colorful pieces of construction paper and glue them to the black butterfly wings to make those colors really pop. Add a thin popsicle stick to the center to make the butterfly’s body.

mosaic butterfly craft

by Our Kid Things

3. Folded Paper Butterfly

Work on building those hand muscles and improving finger dexterity with this fun folded paper butterfly craft. Folding the paper back and forth creates a fan-like effect that’s so pretty!

paper butterflies with folded paper wings

by Buggy and Buddy

4. Galaxy Butterflies

Wow — these galaxy butterflies are out of this world! Painted paper covered in glitter and white specks to look like stars makes up the wings. The bodies are fluffy, glittery pom-poms.

butterfly craft with galaxy painted wings

by Easy Peasy and Fun

5. Chunky Rainbow Butterflies

How adorable are these round rainbow butterflies? Wooden circles serve as the base for these cute bugs, but you can use paper circles instead if you prefer. If you add strong magnets to the back, they will make super cute magnets for a fridge or filing cabinet.

round rainbow patterned butterflies

by The Inspiration Edit

More Spring Crafts for Kids

spring busy book

6. Felt Butterflies

Let the kids work with fabric instead of paper. Felt is inexpensive and very forgiving. With some felt circles and scraps and a pipe cleaner, you can make an eye-catching butterfly that can be used to add to room décor, turned into a hairbow, and so on.

butterflies made out of felt

by A Cultivated Nest

7. Puffy Tissue Paper Butterflies

If you’ve never made puffy tissue paper crafts with the kids, now’s the time to try. They’ll love this puffy tissue paper butterfly craft. You can get the effect in a couple of ways: by using an eraser to place the tissue squares on wet glue or simply allowing your child to scrunch up the paper and place it using their fingers.

Either way, it’ll look great.

tissue paper butterfly craft

by Crafts by Amanda

8. Origami Butterflies

Learning the art of origami can turn into a fun and creative hobby for parents and kids alike. Make these origami butterflies and then turn them into decor by gluing them onto some twigs (to place in a vase) or turning them into a mobile to hang from the ceiling.

You could even turn them into butterfly magnets but placing a magnet on their stomachs and displaying them on your fridge. The options for this easy craft are endless!

light pink and dark pink origami butterflies

by The Printables Fairy

9. Butterfly Windsock

What a lovely spring decoration for your home or classroom! Hang one of these butterfly windsocks in a breezy spot to watch it flutter in the wind. You’ll need toilet rolls, yarn, construction paper, and a few other simple materials to put them together.

butterfly windsock with streamers

by Easy Peasy and Fun

butterfly crafts

Easy Butterfly Crafts for Preschoolers

Spend time crafting with your preschooler to build those fine motor skills!

10. Coffee Filter Butterfly

Did you know you can create watercolor art even if you don’t have watercolor paint? It’s super easy to do using washable markers! Let the kids color coffee filters and then spritz them with water to create that beautiful watercolor effect.

Crimp the filters in the middle, pinch them with a clothespin, and add pipe cleaner antennae to complete the butterfly. Aren’t their colored wings so cute?

coffee filter butterfly craft

by Kidz Craft Corner

11. Butterfly Suncatcher

Use the butterfly template here to make a gorgeous suncatcher to display in your window. It’ll look stunning on a sunny day with the light streaming through the colorful tissue paper squares.

tissue paper butterfly suncatchers

by Fireflies and Mud Pies

12. Line of Symmetry Butterfly Craft

Looking for an easy way to introduce the concept of symmetry? Try this symmetrical butterfly created by dropping paint onto a piece of paper and smashing it between the folded halves. It creates the same pattern on both halves; all that’s left is to cut the painting into wing shapes.

symmetrical butterfly craft

by A Dab of Glue Will Do

13. Handprint Butterfly Craft

Create a lovely keepsake for spring or summer with this bright and colorful handprint butterfly. It’ll serve as a sweet reminder of how small your child’s hands were when you made it.

handprint butterflies

by Simple Everyday Mom

14. Butterfly Nature Craft

Go into your backyard to gather materials for this creative nature craft. It’s as simple as filling in the butterfly outline with flowers, leaves, pieces of grass, twigs, etc.

butterfly outline filled with leaves, grass, and flowers

by Crafts on Sea

15. Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

I hope you save those empty toilet paper tubes. They’re a great starting point for lots of kids’ crafts, like these toilet paper roll butterflies. Paint the cardboard tube, adding coordinating wings decorated with colorful buttons.

butterfly made with toilet paper roll and construction paper

by The Best Ideas for Kids

16. Printable Butterfly Craft

For a low-prep, inexpensive project, try this printable butterfly craft. With both colorable or craft versions, you can fit this craft even if you have just a few minutes of attention from your wiggly little preschooler.

printable butterfly craft

by Simple Mom Project

17. Butterfly Masks

What kid hasn’t wondered what it would be like to be a butterfly? Get that feeling with these vibrant printable butterfly masks for pretend play. If your child wants to wear it instead of holding it, simply punch holes on either side and tie a piece of elastic through them.

paper butterfly masks

by Kids’ Craft Room

18. Fall Leaf Butterflies

Nothing compares to the beautiful colors of fall. Capture those vivid, warm colors by making leaf butterflies this autumn. You can use faux leaves, as you see here, or find some pretty leaves in your yard.

butterflies with fall leaf wings

by Our Kid Things

19. Heart Butterflies

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to make these pretty pink heart butterflies. They’re cute any time of year! Make wings out of construction paper hearts, paint the clothespin to make the butterfly body, and add googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae.

heart butterfly craft

by Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

20. 3D Paper Butterfly Craft

Children can practice cutting straight lines, curves, and circles with this printable butterfly project with a cool 3D effect. The wings lift off the page!

3d butterfly craft

by Non-Toy Gifts

21. Pasta Butterfly Craft

Making pasta crafts is a nostalgic activity for parents, but as they say, it’s an “oldie but a goodie.” With fun shapes like bowtie pasta, the sky is the limit. Those bowtie noodles are the perfect shape for making beautiful butterflies.

Add flower stickers at the bottom, and it looks like butterflies fluttering over a flower garden. If you’d like to use noodles for the flowers, too, rigatoni pasta is the ideal shape.

bowtie pasta as butterflies

by Living Life and Learning

22. Shaving Cream Butterfly

Explore the fun technique of making shaving cream paintings. You’ll add shaving cream to a tray or pan, add color, and use a straw to mix and swirl the colors together.

Place your paper on top of the swirls to cover it in the colors and patterns, and then cut the paper into a butterfly shape. Add the butterflies to a coordinating background to make a vibrant piece of art or a cute card for a friend.

shaving cream art butterfly

by 123 Homeschool 4 Me

23. Popsicle Stick Butterflies

This craft is super easy, using the template to make beautiful butterfly wings and painted popsicle sticks for the body. Wouldn’t a few of these make adorable wall decorations for a playroom or nursery?

craft stick butterflies

by Simple Everyday Mom

24. Butterfly Paper Bag Puppets

Kids will have an absolute blast playing with these butterfly puppets. They’re bright, colorful, and easy to make. Plus, the wings are made with your child’s handprints. What could be cuter than that?

paper bag butterfly puppets

by Kids’ Craft Room

25. Bubble Wrap Butterflies

Save the bubble wrap from your packages to use to create a textured look in your art projects. It’s as simple as cutting your bubble wrap into the desired shape, painting over the bubbles, and stamping the plastic onto the paper.

bubble wrap printed butterflies on pink background

by The Craft at Home Family

26. Paper Plate Butterfly

This cute paper plate butterfly craft is perfect for a fun and easy summer activity! It only requires a few simple materials and can be done in no time. Go grab a paper plate and some paint and let’s get started!

paper plate butterfly

by Kidz Craft Corner

27. Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Let’s learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly! This fun and educational activity is perfect for children of all ages. Butterflies are fascinating insects that go through a process called metamorphosis, which means they change form as they grow.

Follow along with this fun and easy tutorial to make your very own, “Life cycle of a butterfly activity.”

butterfly life cycle

Butterfly Craft Ideas for Kids – Summary

With these amazing butterfly craft ideas, your kids will have a blast bringing these beautiful creatures to life! From coloring butterflies to creating 3D versions made out of everyday items, there’s no limit to the possibilities when it comes to these fun activities.

Not only are they enjoyable for kids of all ages, but an added bonus is that most crafts require very little monetary investment or preparation – just get creative! So the next time you hear your children asking what they should try and make next, why not suggest one of these wonderful butterfly crafts and see where their imaginations take them?

Get started today with your own unique butterfly craft and create something magical that your kids will treasure forever. Now go ahead and explore the world of butterfly crafts for kids – let’s get crafting!

Must Read Books About Butterflies:

Be sure to check out these great books all about butterflies! These make for a great addition to your butterfly craft.

Butterflies for Kids – Read all about how a chubby butterfly transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

A Butterfly’s Life – Join long as early readers are introduced to the life cycle of a butterfly.

Hello, Little One – Follow along as a beautiful monarch butterfly befriends a caterpillar.

Don’t forget to share and pin it to come back when you’re in a crafty mood!

long collage of kid-friendly butterfly crafts

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