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21 Super Fun Spider Crafts for Kids

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to round up a list of creepy-crawly spider crafts for kids. We’ve found loads of silly and spooky spiders that will encourage your kids’ creativity, improve dexterity, and help them learn a little about these fascinating eight-legged animals.

From fuzzy pom-pom spiders to wiggly spider puppets, each project approaches spiders in a different way. Plus, you have most of the materials needed for these crafts around the house already, so they’re also budget-friendly.

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Crafting with kids helps them express their creativity and develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. The beaded spider craft, for example, is perfect for working on concentration and precision.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family afternoon of crafting or want to make some spooky decorations for your annual Halloween party, these spider crafts are a great way to bond with your kids.

Materials for Making Spooky Spider Crafts

Want to get started on one of these crafts ASAP? Here’s a list of some of the materials needed. It is not an all-inclusive list, but it does contain most of what’s needed to make the spider of your choice.

Spider Crafts for Preschoolers

Here are some of the easiest spider crafts around, perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. They’re short and sweet on time and effort but still super cute.

1. Handprint Spider Craft

Make a not-so-spooky Halloween memento that preserves your child’s handprints! You’ll turn the four fingers into cute spiders dangling from sparkly webs made of black glitter glue.

handprint spiders on orange background

by The Best Ideas for Kids

2. Spider Headband Craft

Bring out lots of googly eyes for this exciting headband craft. Using construction paper, create a fun spider to wear on top of your head like a hat. With plenty of eyes on the front and dangling accordion-fold legs, kids will have a blast dressing up as a spider for a fun afternoon of creative play.

girl wearing a spider headband

by Fantastic Fun and Learning

Other fun craft ideas:

3. Paper Straw Spider Craft

Get ready to make some adorable eight-legged friends with paper straws. Begin by painting a circle black to form the body of your spider, then fix a pair of googly eyes on it. The legs are the real showstopper — made of colorful paper straw segments; they bring a pop of color and a twist of fun to this craft.

spider craft made using paint and paper straws on colorful backgrounds

by Our Kid Things

4. Paper Plate Spider

Make a classic paper plate spider with just a few simple materials. Take a paper plate and paint it black to form the spider’s body, then add googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs. Pair this quick activity with your favorite Halloween book!

For more paper plate crafts, check out these paper plate animals!

black paper plate spider

by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

5. Toilet Paper Roll Spiders

Repurpose an everyday item into a delightful spider craft. Take a toilet paper roll, cut it into three segments, then let your child’s imagination run wild with paint, googly eyes, and a drawn-on mouth. Attach pipe cleaner legs, and you have a trio of colorful spiders ready to crawl around. What a fun way to recycle!

spiders made with toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners

by Simple Everyday Mom

6. Pom Pom Painted Spider

Use a clothespin to hold a pom-pom, dip it into black paint, and then dot it onto the paper to form the spider’s body. Add legs made of black paper strips to complete your creepy-crawly spider. This activity is beneficial for kids’ development, helping to strengthen fine motor skills as they grip the clothespin and control the pom-pom.

pom pom painted spider craft on blue paper

by Crafts on Sea

7. Wiggly Spider Craft

Here’s a craft that literally brings your creations to life! Construct your spider out of paper rolls, then attach it to a skewer or stick to make a bouncy puppet. The accordion-fold legs wriggle up and down when you move the puppet, giving the impression of a spider in motion. Children will love the dynamic, interactive nature of this craft.

wiggly spider puppets

by Easy Peasy and Fun

8. Mason Jar Lid Spider Craft

Recycle your mason jar lids into fun, friendly spiders with this craft. Cover the lid with pieces of torn black construction paper, then add googly eyes and a smile to give your spider some personality. Complete your spider by adding legs made with painted black clothespins. This craft also serves as a great exercise for little hands, as squeezing the clothespins helps build fine motor muscles.

spider made with mason jar lid and clothespins

by Fireflies and Mud Pies

9. Painted Spider Rock

Transform ordinary rocks into spooky spiders for your Halloween décor. Paint the rock black to form the spider’s body, stick on a whole cluster of googly eyes, and attach eight pipe cleaner legs. Kids will love having their spiders on their desks, in their rooms, or out on the porch!

painted rock spider

by Mommy Made That

10. Bottle Cap Spiders

Create a squad of mini spiders with this creative bottle cap craft. Paint the bottle caps black, add mini googly eyes, and use segments of pipe cleaners to create spider legs. This is a perfect craft for groups of kids. They can even create some wild and wacky spider colors!

spiders made out of bottle caps

by Kids Activities Blog

11. Pom Pom Spiders

Cute, fuzzy, and loads of fun to play with, kids of all ages will adore these pom-pom spiders. Use a large pom-pom for the spider’s body and attach segments of pipe cleaners to create its legs. Use whatever colors you like to make them look spooky or silly!

pom pom and pipe cleaner spiders

by Simple Mom Project

More Cute Spider Crafts

Older kids will enjoy these spider crafts, which take a little more time but make great decorations for Halloween.

12. Beaded Spider

Similar to the pom-pom spider, this craft uses pipe cleaners for legs, but with an exciting twist — threading beads onto the pipe cleaner legs. This activity is not only a great way to create an amazing arachnid, but it also helps kids practice their concentration and fine motor skills.

beaded spider

by Moms and Crafters

13. Tin Can Spiders

Transform your recycled tin cans into spooky spiders that double as functional items. Paint the can black, stick on some googly eyes, add pipe cleaner legs, and voila! You have a quirky spider that can hold Halloween treats or even serve as a unique pencil holder. A craft that’s fun, practical, and environmentally friendly.

tin can spider for halloween treats

by Kids’ Craft Room

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14. Accordion Fold Paper Spiders

You only need paper, glue, scissors, googly eyes, and a marker for this project. Use a paper circle for the spider’s body, and then create legs with accordion-folded paper strips. Kids will enjoy the rhythmic folding process, and the spiders — with their zigzag legs — are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

paper spiders with accordion fold legs

by Our Kid Things

15. Yarn Spider Craft

How adorable are these bright and bold spiders? Use balls of yarn in different colors for the spider’s bodies, stick on some googly eyes, and add colorful pipe cleaner legs. The contrasting colors and fluffy texture make these spiders truly stand out. This is a perfect craft for kids who love working with yarn and want to create something vibrant and fun!

colorful spiders made with yarn and pipe cleaners

by Hello Wonderful

16. Clay Pot Spiders

These clay pot spiders are so much fun! Paint a pot black, add a face and some pipe cleaner legs, and you’ll have a set of cute clay pot spiders!

spiders made out of clay pots

by That’s What Che Said

17. 3D Paper Spider

Get ready for some spooktacular 3D crafting with these paper spiders. Create a 3D paper ball by gluing folded paper circles together for the spider’s body. Add eyes and paper legs to give your spider shape and character. Finally, attach a string for hanging – it’s the perfect addition to a Halloween tree or any spooky space in your house.

3d paper spider

by Red Ted Art

18. Popsicle Stick Climbing Spiders

These popsicle stick spiders bring an exciting interactive element to craft time. Construct spiders out of popsicle sticks and attach them to strings. Pull the strings to see your spiders move up and down, just like they’re climbing! For younger children, you can opt to remove the strings and simply enjoy making the popsicle stick spiders.

Also, be sure to check out these awesome popsicle stick animal crafts!

popsicle stick spiders

by Kids’ Craft Room

19. Paper Cup Spiders

Add a glowing twist to your spider crafts with these paper cup spiders. Paint paper cups in fun colors, attach googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs, then add a battery-powered tealight inside. The “flame” pokes through the cup, creating a glowing nose for your spider. If you’re short on time, you can skip the glowy nose, but it does add a fun touch to these adorable spiders.

If you love making spooky creatures out of paper cups, be sure to check out this paper cup bat and paper cup ghost!

paper cup spiders stacked

by Non-Toy Gifts

20. Paper Strips Spider Craft

Sharpen those scissor skills with this 3D paper strips spider craft. Using paper strips, you can create a 3D spider, which not only looks amazing but also provides an excellent opportunity for kids to practice their cutting skills.

spider made using paper strips

by Easy Peasy & Fun

21. Paper Quill Spiders

Ideal for older kids, the paper quill spiders provide a more intricate and engaging craft challenge. This project combines the fun of creating spiders with the art of quilling, allowing kids to explore a new crafting technique while making something fun for Halloween.

quilled paper spiders with paper web

by The Inspiration Edit

Spider Crafts For Kids – Summary

Crafting can be a great way for kids to develop skills such as fine motor skills, creativity, and critical thinking. With 21 spider craft ideas, there is something to suit every age of child! From making a web out of string and beads to creating a site-seeing spider wall hanging that will brighten up any room in the house.

Get inspired by these spider craft ideas today, and let the creative juices flow! And if the little ones are worried about creepy crawlies during the night – don’t forget to include some softer designs like cute spider finger puppets to provide comfort and safety during their bedtime routine.

Whether it’s Halloween, science week, or just Saturday morning – why not get your kids involved in these spider crafts for kids? The possibilities are endless, and so are the messy memories they will form!

Don’t forget to pin this roundup of spider crafts to come back to whenever spooky season comes around!

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