23 Fun Spring Crafts for Kids

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Keeping your kids busy sometimes seems like a never-ending task, especially when they’ve been trapped indoors for months and have started to experience spring fever. 

An arsenal of fun spring crafts for kids can save you from the traumatic experience of energetic, bored children. So grab your craft kits, fuel up your kids, and get ready to welcome spring with these simple handmade projects for children. 

spring crafts for kids

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Supplies Needed for Spring Crafts

Here are some craft materials you’ll need to make these amazing spring crafts for kids. This list isn’t all-inclusive, but it’ll be a great start for lots of fun projects!

1. Coffee Filter Butterfly

Butterflies are one of the most beloved creatures with their delicate wings and vibrant colors; they symbolize beauty and SPRING. Why not celebrate these majestic insects by creating this fun and easy butterfly craft?

butterfly spring craft for kids

By Kidz Craft Corner

2. Paper Roll Bird Feeder

This toilet paper roll bird feeder craft will be the talk of the house for little ones of all ages! Simply assemble your bird feeder, let your child hang it outside, and watch as the birds come to enjoy. This fun and easy craft is perfect for a quiet afternoon at home. Pair it with a book all about birds, and you’ve got a perfect learning activity!

Also, make sure to check out these bird feeder crafts!

diy bird feeder

By Kidz Craft Corner

3. Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Most of us have tissue paper on hand regularly, often in numerous colors. Pick your favorite color—or stack multiple sheets together—and start folding. These instructions are easy enough for kids to do on their own after a few test tries, making them a great surprise for loved ones.

tissue paper flower craft

By Crafty Hacks

4. Prepare and Place a Paper Suncatcher

Creating a paper suncatcher can be a fun, hands-on craft to do with your kids. This simple project allows for practicing fine motor skills like scissors and doesn’t need many materials. The fresh flowers for the middle portion can add an extra dose of adventure, maybe in the form of a nature scavenger hunt.

sun catcher craft for kids

By Fox Farm Home

5. Inspire Imagination with Spring Finger Puppets

Finger puppets can be a fun activity to keep younger kids occupied while helping them stretch their imaginations. These adorable spring finger puppets can create hours of fun, creative play. For this project, you’ll need typical craft equipment like a hot glue gun, a black pen, and scissors, plus:

spring puppet

By Simply Designing

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6. Fish Bowl Craft with Puppet

If your kids love all things aquatic, they can have fantastic fun with this paper fishbowl and fish puppet craft. It has a substantial supply list and multiple steps, so it’s a great time-filling project. There’s a video you can watch beforehand.

fish bowl craft

By Crafty Kids Play

7. Combine Crafty with Kindness on a Flower

It’s never too early to teach our children to be kind to one another and to find ways to make each other smile. This adorable kindness flower is easy to make and can be great for your children to share with their closest friends.  

flower craft for kids

By Coffee and Carpool

8. Engage Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills with Spring Lacing Cards

Lacing cards—also known as threading or sewing cards—can be fun spring or summer activities to help your children improve their motor skills. Kids aged 3 to 9 are sure to enjoy weaving a string through the paper to create a daisy, bird, ladybug, or butterfly. For this project, you’ll need the printed cards, a hole puncher, and a piece of string. 

spring lacing craft activity for kids

By Seam Whisperer

9. Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft

Do you want to teach your child about the life cycle of a butterfly? Now, you can do this hands-on project! Grab a few supplies to create your very own butterfly life cycle spinner at home. Then head out into the wild, caterpillar kit in hand, and see what you can catch!

When you’re finished with this craft, check out these awesome butterfly crafts!

butterfly life cycle

By Kidz Craft Corner

10. Teach Your Child the Art of Origami with Blossom Cards

Origami is the art of paper folding, and it can be an interesting hobby for your kid to take up. This spring craft is a great intro-to-origami project that incorporates folding paper and painting. Your kids are sure to have as much fun making these greeting cards as they are to give them away.

origami blossom cards for kids

By Fluxing Well

11. Make Edible Spring Marshmallow Animals 

Edible crafts are fun to make and even more fun to eat. With this easy kid’s spring craft, your children can get creative and make different animals using squishy marshmallows, candies, and edible markers. Frosting can work for glue if your candies don’t stay in the marshmallows on their own.

spring animal crafts

By Simply Designing

12. Build Beautiful Bird’s Nest Cookies

It’s always smart to have a few ideas for delicious treats that don’t take a lot of work. Snacks that only take three ingredients and no baking are perfect. These cute treats give you the illusion of a bird’s nest with eggs. And they taste superb. All you need is peanut butter, chocolate, and puffed rice cereal for the nest and Cadbury mini eggs to go inside.

spring treats birds in a nest

By Baked Abundance

13. Construction Paper Spring Animal Projects

These chubby spring animals can be a great project for your littles to practice cutting, gluing, and spatial recognition skills. Let your kids choose from sheep, a chick, a bunny, or a frog. What’s frog-tastic about this craft is you don’t need special craft supplies. Just glue, scissors, a writing tool, and construction paper.

spring craft animals

By Mama of Minis

14. Evolve a Beautiful Butterfly from Coffee Filters

Adorable and easy to create, these coffee filter butterflies are sure to be a fun craft for all ages. Gather colorful pipe cleaner for the antenna, markers or paint, and coffee filters for the butterflies. This project can be a great craft for teaching painting, motor skills, and colors.

When you’re done, give these fun beaded butterflies a try!

butterfly craft for sping

By Honey and Lime

15. Make It Special with a Handprint Flower Craft

Along with spring comes holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There’s no better gift for parents and families to get on the holidays than a custom present made by their loved one. This simple flower craft combines your child’s handprint and a small photo for a sweet keepsake. 

handprint flower

By One Crazy Mom

16. Embrace Spring with an Adorable Lamb Craft

This cute lamb craft can help herald in the emergence of spring, and it’s fantastic for Easter projects. These cute spring lambs don’t need a lot of craft materials—you’ll likely have everything already on hand. Round up white cardboard, black paper, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, shredded tissue paper, glue, and scissors, and you’re ready to craft.

When you finish this fun craft stick spring craft, try these additional popsicle stick crafts!

spring lamb craft on a popsicle stick for kids

By Daisies and Pie

17. Create a Butterfly Craft from Clothespins

Butterflies are an enchanting part of springtime, and they can make fun seasonal crafts to do with your kids or let them do alone as a fun surprise. You’ll need a collection of wooden clothespins, craft paint and brushes, colored pipe cleaners, snack-sized ziplock bags, and colorful foam beads.

butterfly crafts for spring for kids

By In Our Spare Time

18. Create Colorful Egg Carton Flower Crowns

A flower crown can be a fun spring craft your kids can enjoy wearing year-round. This craft is easy for your kids, or you can do some and let your children assemble and personalize. You’ll need typical craft supplies like paints, a glue gun, sharps like scissors and a knife, a paper egg carton, and mini pom-pom balls.

egg carton flower crown for kids

By Mimosas and Motherhood

19. Make Tulip Flowers with Forks and Paint

To make this cute painted fork tulip, all you need is paint, paper, and a fork. Plus, this neat tulip template. Cardstock provides the most structured form for your background, but regular copy paper also works. This craft is most impressive as you can be hands-off and let your kids do everything on their own.

tulip craft for kids using fork

By Little Ladoo

20. Decorate Flower Pots with Fingerprints 

This easy, creative craft can make a great memorial keepsake to hold onto for years to come. And your kids are going to have a fingertastic time decorating these flower pots with their hands. If you want to teach your kids about the circle of life, they can decorate and then plant seeds in the pots. 

fingerpot plant craft

By Crafts by Amanda

21. Let Your Kids Explore Candied Flowers

Candying flowers can be an easy craft and a neat way to experience nature. Take your kids on a nature walk or go buy some edible flowers—small flowers like herbs, pansies, and violets work best. You’ll also need some edible paint—sugar and egg whites—a drying rack and brush.

candied flowers recipe for kids

Fox Farm Home

22. Build a Bee from Your Kid’s Handprint

Nothing says spring as much as flowers and bees. This neat handprint craft can keep your kids busy with a hands-on activity. And it doesn’t need many supplies.

Grab the template below, some construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers. You can cut out the pieces for small children or let your kids practice their cutting and placing skills.

handprint bee craft for spring

By Simple Everyday Mom

23. Design These Adorbs Popsicle Dragonfly Crafts

Kids of all ages will enjoy making these dragonflies, and you’ll enjoy the final results. For this spring project, all you need are popsicle sticks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, beads, and glue. You can use washi tape to create patterns on your sticks instead of having your kids paint the designs. 

spring dragonfly craft

By Hunny I’m Home

Occupy Your Kids All Spring with These Fun Crafts

Springtime is a season of new growth, sunshine, and nature. While it’s the perfect time to get your kids outdoors, having crafts to do inside is excellent for when the weather is a fright. All ages will enjoy getting creative with these twenty fun spring crafts for kids.

Which craft are you going to do first?

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