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23 Easy Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

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Exciting Easter Egg Craft Ideas!

Springtime is here, and that means it’s time for coloring eggs, filling baskets, and looking forward to the arrival of the Easter bunny. Get the kids in the spirit of the season with a few of these fun and easy Easter egg crafts. You’ll find projects here that are simple enough for your toddler or preschooler, as well as a few options for older kids and tweens.

Put these eggs in your windows, on your shelves, or pinned to the refrigerator to add color and cheer to your home or classroom décor this spring.

collage of easy Easter egg crafts

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Supplies for Making Easter Egg Crafts

Before jumping into the crafts, let’s review some basic materials you will need for these Easter egg crafts for kids. Most of these items can be found in your home, at a local craft store, or on Amazon.

Pick and choose what supplies you use for which projects, and change things as needed. All Easter egg craft projects require basic craft supplies like writing utensils (pencils, pens, and coloring pieces), paper (cardstock, foam, copy, construction), and basic tools like scissors, glue, and tape.

Most importantly, have fun!

Art supplies for these fun Easter egg crafts include:

Fun Easter Egg Crafts for Preschoolers

Let’s kick off the Easter festivities with these delightful Easter egg craft projects that are not only enjoyable but also educational for preschoolers, whether they are engaging in these activities at home or in a school setting.

1. Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Do you have an Easter tree tradition in your family? If so, these salt dough Easter eggs will look adorable hanging from the tree’s branches. They’re cute and really inexpensive to make using a basic salt dough recipe, an Easter egg cookie cutter, paint, glitter, and twine.

easter egg ornaments made with salt dough

by The Best Ideas for Kids

2. Painted Pasta Egg Art

Remember making macaroni crafts when you were a kid? Now your own children can get in on the fun! These painted pasta eggs are colorful and whimsical; they’re also very forgiving. No matter how you decorate the pasta or the eggs themselves, they’ll look fantastic.

cardboard eggs decorated with painted pasta

by The Pretty Life Girls

3. Easter Egg Lacing Craft

Practice fine motor skills with a colorful lacing craft with an Easter theme. It’s a wonderful quiet-time activity and a terrific way to use up scrap pieces of yarn.

cardstock easter egg laced with yarn

by Ruffles and Rain Boots

4. Leaf Easter Eggs

Make time for some nature exploration to find the perfect leaves to make your painted leaf Easter eggs. You may find paint pens and glitter pens easier to work with than paintbrushes, but there’s no wrong way to go about this nature art project.

leaves decorated to look like Easter eggs

by Learning and Exploring Through Play

5. Yarn-Wrapped Eggs

Grab an empty cardboard box, cut out an egg shape, and provide some yarn for your little one to make yarn-wrapped Easter eggs. The more colorful the yarn, the better!

cardboard eggs wrapped in colorful yarn

by Fantastic Fun and Learning

6. Potato Stamp Eggs

Create a colorful Easter scene in a flash using potato stamps carved into creative patterns and painted with bright colors. Adults should do the potato carving, but kids as young as toddlers can enjoy the painting and stamping.

egg patterns made using a potato stamp

by Natural Beach Living

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7. Felt Easter Eggs

Felt crafts are loads of fun because instead of gluing the pieces together, you can opt just to assemble them, take them apart, and reassemble them whenever you’d like.

You can certainly use glue if you prefer. Prep a tray of ribbons, buttons, sequins, and felt eggs for your toddler or preschooler to decorate.

felt Easter eggs with various accessories

by The Best Ideas for Kids

8. Crystal Easter Eggs

Fit in a science lesson while crafting. Making crystal Easter eggs is a really interesting process involving pipe cleaners and Borax crystals.

Kids are delighted when they check on their eggs to see how many crystals have formed. If you hang the finished product near a window, you can watch the light sparkle off the crystals.

pipe cleaner egg shape covered in Borax crystals

by Fantastic Fun and Learning

9. Easter Egg Suncatchers

Unlike your usual suncatcher craft, these Easter egg suncatchers are made with painted fabric centers and construction paper frames. Of course, you can make them with tissue paper in the center if you’d like, but painting the fabric lets kids explore a different medium.

egg suncatchers with painted fabric centers

by Buggy and Buddy

10. Easter Egg Maracas

Have so many plastic eggs that you don’t know what to do with them? Use a few to make Easter egg maracas for the whole family. You can learn about these fun musical instruments and spend a few minutes rocking out to one of your favorite tunes while shaking them. Dance party time!

maracas made with plastic eggs

by Crayons and Cravings

chore chart

Easter Egg Paper Crafts

Get ready to embark on an egg-citing crafting adventure with these Easter egg paper crafts for kids! These egg craft ideas offer endless possibilities for creativity and fun. Let’s dive into the colorful world of crafting and create some egg-ceptional masterpieces together.

11. Easter Egg Scrape Painting

Try a new paint technique. Scrape painting always yields interesting and unique results. To scrape paint, you put several blobs of paint on a piece of paper and use a flat edge to scrape the paint across the page.

Cut those scraped paintings into egg shapes and back them with coordinating cardstock. Easy peasy.

scrape painting technique on paper easter eggs

by Messy Little Monster

12. He Is Risen Easter Egg Craft

If you’re looking for an Easter craft for your Sunday School class or to teach your own children about the reason behind the holiday, look no further. This project comes with a template that kids can cut and assemble while learning about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus-themed Easter egg craft

by Non-Toy Gifts

13. Mosaic Paper Easter Egg

Let kids practice their scissors skills by cutting construction paper to make these marvelous mosaic eggs. If your kiddo is too young for cutting, tearing paper is also excellent fine motor practice for little fingers.

paper mosaic easter egg craft

by Kids Activities Blog

14. Easter Egg Photo Craft

Turn photos into cute Easter egg art for friends and family. This is an excellent classroom craft to send home with kids to surprise their parents, but you can also make them at home (grandparents would love one)! Adding the candy around the border is optional; you could use foam stickers or leave the border plain instead.

easter egg craft with kids' photos in center

by Simple Everyday Mom

15. Woven Paper Easter Egg

Practice paper weaving with a festive and colorful craft that’ll look beautiful in your windows this spring. Paper weaving helps kids develop hand-eye coordination while working on concentration and focus.

paper weaving easter egg craft

by Easy Peasy and Fun

16. Crumpled Paper Egg Craft

Scrunching up paper is a neat way for kids to build hand muscles. Try it with this tissue paper egg craft that’s made with cardstock and crumpled pieces of tissue paper. Although you can use any kind of crumpled paper, tissue paper will be easiest for little hands to squeeze.

crumpled tissue paper glued to egg template

by Happy Hooligans

17. Pop Up Easter Egg Card

Your preschooler will be so proud to present this Easter egg card to someone special. Use the craft sticks glued to the back to move the pieces to reveal the child’s smiling picture inside. Adorable!

DIY Easter egg card using child's photo

by The Soccer Mom Blog

18. Quilled Paper Easter Egg

Older kids enjoy crafts, too, and this paper-quilling Easter egg craft is enough of a challenge for your older kids and tweens. It’s a beautiful art form, and this craft can be a great jumping-off point for learning paper quilling techniques.

paper quilling easter egg craft

by Mommy Made That

19. Hatching Chick Easter Egg Craft

You can’t get any cuter than a hatching chick in an Easter egg. Your kids will love the fact that the top of the egg moves up and down using a brass fastener.

hatching chick craft with movable pieces

by Hello, Wonderful

20. Baby Yoda Easter Egg

Do you have a Baby Yoda fan on your hands? Make this completely adorable egg craft together! The printable template makes it really easy. You could also turn this into an Easter card for someone who’s a fan of the Mandalorian series.

baby yoda Easter egg craft idea

by Simple Everyday Mom

21. Easter Egg Garland

Planning an Easter party? Make a colorful Easter egg garland to decorate the food table, a window, or a doorway. It’s as simple as making an egg template, coloring or painting them and hanging them on twine to make the garland.

I love the idea of using miniature clothespins to hang them rather than punching holes at the top. Genius!

decorative garland made with paper easter eggs

by Kids Activities Blog

22. Egg in the Grass Craft

Hiding eggs is one of the most exciting events of the Easter season. Capture some of that excitement with a crafty representation of an Easter egg in the grass.

Paint paper eggs and create a 3D patch of grass to let it rest in. These will look great on a shelf or table.

paper Easter egg in the grass craft

by Easy Peasy and Fun

23. Sponge Painted Easter Eggs

There are so many ways to decorate a paper egg template. This one involves using pieces of sponge and a clothespin to stamp out patterns and colors onto the egg. If you don’t have sponges, use cotton balls or pom-poms.

sponge painted egg craft

by About a Mom

Summery – Easter Egg Crafts For Kids

Easter egg crafts are a fun way to get creative and spend time as a family. And with these 23 best Easter egg craft ideas, there is something for everyone! Whether you want to make a quilled Easter egg, decorate a paper mache version, or make a crumbled paper egg – all of these options will turn this Easter holiday into something special.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab your craft materials and get started! Colorful paper, glue, scissors—whatever it is you might need—and these tips will keep you on track. Have fun creating your own amazing masterpieces.

More Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Let’s read about Easter!

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a new Easter book? These books pair well with these Easter egg crafts.

The Great Eggscape – In the great Eggscape, the Good Egg and his friends try and escape their egg carton. See how they spend their day!

Pete the Cat and the Easter Basket Bandit – Follow Pete and his friends as they search for his missing Easter Basket!

The Berenstein Bears and the Easter Story – Follow along with the bear cubs, and they learn what Easter is really about.

I hope you enjoyed this list of creative Easter egg crafts for kids of all ages. Pin it to come back to when you’re ready to start crafting!

pin collage of easter egg crafts ideas

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