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Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Kids

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Are you looking for a creative craft project to do with your kids? Then get ready to strap on your crafting shoes – we’re about to embark on an adventure that is sure to have your children fluttering!

Tie-dye coffee filter butterfly crafts are an easy and fun activity for your kids. Not only do they look so CUTE, but these little critters also provide a great opportunity for imaginative play.

Furthermore, all you need is some readily available materials – coffee filters (the bigger, the better!), washable markers, or fabric dyes – and you’re good to go.

coffee filter butterfly craft

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Plus, when it comes to clean-up time – no worries either, as all the supplies are inexpensive and easy to clean up! So let’s not delay, gather up the kiddos, and let’s turn those coffee filters into something majestic!

Materials Needed For Your Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Below is a list of the supplies you need to make your coffee filter butterfly craft. Collect the items on the list, and let’s start making this easy bird feeder kid’s craft!

Supplies needed for your coffee filter butterfly:

Coffee filters: You need two per butterfly

Clothespins: You will need one per butterfly you make

Markers: You will want to use washable markers for this

Paint: Any bright-colored paint will work

Paintbrush: Grab a kid-friendly paintbrush to paint your clothespin

Pipe cleaner: Let your child pick out their favorite color

Spray bottle: This is optional

tie dye butterfly coffee filter

How to Make a Coffee Filter Butterflies

Let’s get started making your beautiful butterfly!

Step 1: Color Your Coffee Filters With Markers

Grab two coffee filters per butterfly — depending on how many butterflies you are making. Then, stack your two coffee filters on top of each other.

Next, use your markers to add bright and bold colors to the filters, similar to the picture below. You will want to leave plenty of white space so your colors can spread once we get the coffee filter wet.

Tip: If you have ever wondered how to tie-dye coffee filters, this is it!

butterfly coffee filter craft

Step 2: Dye Your Coffee Filter

Are you ready for this!? Grab your spray bottle and spray your coffee filter. My kids did this by giving each coffee filter a few sprints of water.

You don’t want to overwater them. Three to four sprays will work just fine. When the colors run, set the coffee filters aside to dry.

If you don’t have a spray bottle, you could get a paintbrush wet and splash water on your coffee filters. Or slowly drop water onto your filters using an eye dropper, straw, or spoon.

butterfly coffee filter craft

Step 3: Paint Your Clothespin

This clothespin will become the body of your butterfly! Let your child paint it any color of their choosing. Then, set it aside to dry.

butterfly coffee filter

Other fun Butterfly craft ideas:

tie dye butterfly craft

Step 4: Fold Your Tie Dye Coffee Filter

Now that your coffee filter is dry, it’s time to make your butterflies wings. This is when you pull apart the two coffee filters that you had stacked on top of each other.

The colors should be similar but different in their own unique way!

Fold each coffee filter like an accordion! Similar to the picture below.

coffee filter butterflies

Step 5: Insert the Wings

Now, it’s time to place the tie-dye coffee filters in the clothespin. One coffee filter will be used for the bottom wings and the other for the top of the butterfly wings.

butterfly making

Step 6: Add the Butterflies Antenna

Cut off a small piece of pipe cleaner, shape it into a V, and curl the ends around your finger. Then, place the pipe cleaner into the mouth of the clothespin.

Here is your finished product! Feel free to draw a face, add glitter, stickers, or any embellishments of your child’s choice!

tie dye butterfly

Must-read butterfly books – to pair with your butterfly coffee filter craft:

Be sure to check out these great books all about butterflies! These make for a great addition to any butterfly craft.

Butterflies for Kids – Read all about how a chubby butterfly transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

A Butterfly’s Life – Join long as early readers are introduced to the life cycle of a butterfly.

Hello, Little One – Follow along as a beautiful monarch butterfly befriends a caterpillar.

Summary- How to Make Butterflies Out of Coffee Filters

Crafting butterflies with coffee filters and clothespins is the perfect way to keep kids busy and whisk away the boredom of summer days!

Not only will they enjoy showing off their artwork, but you can easily tape them up around your home or add a magnet and add some decoration to your refrigerator.

Their bright colors are sure to brighten up any room. So what are you waiting for? Grab coffee filters and clothespins, get out your paintbrushes, and let’s create fabulous tie-dye butterflies!

If you enjoyed this craft, save it for later and follow us on Pinterest for more fun craft ideas.

coffee filter crafts with markers

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