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17 Easy Bird Feeders Kids Can Make For Fun

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Birds are beautiful creatures, and watching them while they eat is fun for kids of all ages. If you’re looking for a way to get into bird watching or want to add a new element to your current routine, why not try making your own bird feeder?

There are many different designs that kids can make, and it’s a great project for getting creative in the kitchen! Plus, when you’re finished, you’ll have a nifty new addition to your yard or garden.

bird feeders for kids to try

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So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bird watcher, check out these 16 DIY bird feeders kids can make!

Materials to Make Easy Bird Feeders

Below are some craft materials you’ll need to make these easy bird feeders for kids. This list isn’t all-inclusive, but it’ll be a great start for many bird feeders kids can make!

Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids 

Follow along and try one of these 17 easy bird feeder crafts for kids! Whether you want to attract colorful songbirds or playful squirrels, these DIY bird feeders are a fun and creative way to bring wildlife into your backyard.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

You’ll love this simple DIY toilet paper roll bird feeder for kids! Grab a toilet paper roll, bird feed, twine, peanut butter, and a skewer. Then, let your child create their own DIY bird feeder!

toilet paper roll bird feeder

via Kidz Craft Corner

2. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Do you have a mason jar sitting around your home? If so, this would make the perfect bird feeder for your tree. Tie a string around the handle and secure a stick for birds to land on.

Add bird feed, and watch, and birds come to enjoy.

bird feeder craft

via Crafts by Amanda

3. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

What is it about popsicle sticks that kids love crafting with? Have your child paint popsicle sticks in various colors and then fill them with birdseed.

This craft stick bird feeder will be the highlight of their day!

popsicle stick bird feeder craft

via Made with Happy

4. Pinecone Bird Feeder

Every child has to make at least one pinecone bird feeder as a child. Have your child go collect a pinecone outdoors. Tie a string or twine to the top, cover in peanut butter, and roll in birdseed.

pinecone bird feeder

via The Ladybird’s Adventure

5. Coffee Container Bird Feeder House

This is a great winter bird feeder! Use an old coffee container, cut out a small door, and add color and birdseed. Your child will have a cute bird feeder to which the birds will continue returning.

coffee container bird feeder

via Mom Wife Busy Life

6. Canning Jar Lid Bird Feeder

This unique canning jar lid bird feeder is a genius idea for kids. Follow the steps in the link below the image to make your own.

jar lid bird feeder

via Juggling Act Mama

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7. Egg Box Bird Feeder

Egg cartons make the best crafts! Next time you have an egg carton lying around, this is a great craft idea. All you need is an egg box, birdseed, and some yarn.

egg box bird feeder

via Crafts on Sea

8. Bird House Bird Feeder

Doesn’t this birdhouse bird feeder look like so much fun to make? If you have some extra cardboard and twine, this birdhouse would be a great outdoor addition.

Your kids will be asking to make one of these every year.

bird house bird feeder make out of cardboard

via Non-Toy Gifts

9. Orange Peel Bird Feeders

Who would have guessed that you can make a DIY bird feeder out of an orange peeling? Follow along using the link below to make your own.

orange peel bird feeder

via Thimble and Twig

10. Apple Bird Feeders

These apple bird feeders are so cute! Kids love crafting with fruit, so they will definitely love these apple bird feeders.

apple bird feeder

via Natural Beach Living

11. Paper Roll Bird Feeder

You can make such a wide variety of crafts with toilet paper rolls. These toilet roll bird feeders are so fun to make. Your child can make one or a handful at a time. Then, go outside and hang them from tree branches.

toilet paper bird feeder

via Fireflies and Mud Pies

12. Tin Can Bird Feeders

This birdseed feeder is made from a tin can. Let your kids use paint and lace to decorate their own tin cans. Fill them with birdseed and pick a tree to hang them on together.

tin can bird feeder

via Mom Endeavors

13. Paper Bowl Bird Feeder

This paper bowl with fruit loops is a fun, creative way to create a bird feeder. Have your child decorate their bowl and then have them string cheerios on each string.

paper bowl bird feeder

via Non-Toy Gifts

14. Bird Feeder Wreath

What a fun way to make a bird feeder! Your kids will thoroughly enjoy making this bird feeder wreath.

bird feeder wreath for kids

via Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

spring busy book

15. Cereal Bird Feeder Ornaments

Birds love cheerios! So, what better way to make a bird feeder ornament than these fun heart-shaped fruit loop feeders? All you need is pipe cleaners, twine, and some Cheerios, and you will be on your way to making your own.

cereal bird feeder

via Natural Beach Living

16. Sequined Jug Bird Feeder

Who would have thought you could make a bird feeder from a milk jug? Let your child get creative making this bird feeder milk jug.

Cut out a hole on each side of the milk jug, add some sticks, and fill it with bird food.

milk jug bird feeder

via Juggling Act Mama

17. Coffee Mug Bird Feeder

Do you have a coffee mug or two to spare? If so, let your child try making a coffee mug bird feeder. This unique feeder will last the test of time. Grab a coffee cup, plate, twine, and glue to get started.

coffee cup bird feeder

via Ann’s Entitled Life

18. Apple Bird Feeder

This easy bird feeder craft for preschoolers is a must-try! Simply cut up slices of apple, attach some twine, add peanut butter, and then roll in birdseed! Try this children’s bird feeder craft today and watch as the beautiful birds come flocking to your backyard.

Make sure to grab these free Apple printables for your next crafting session!

apple bird feeder diy

Let’s read about birds!

Let’s keep the fun going with these fun reads! There are so many benefits to reading aloud to kids. It’s even been found that reading books to toddlers can help build their empathy, aiding in social-emotional development.

Furthermore, one study found a direct correlation between being read to as a child and higher academic achievement later in life! Regardless of age, the advantages of instilling a love for reading early on are vast and should not be overlooked.

Backpack Explorer – This book is a must for someone with a little explorer who loves birds! This is also my son’s favorite bird book!

Bird Watch – This bird-watching book pairs perfectly with the above DIY bird feeder! See if you can determine what kind of birds live in your very own backyard.

Why Should I Walk? I Can Fly – Follow along as this cute bird leaves the nest for the first time!

Summary- Homemade Bird Feeder For Kids

I hope you enjoyed these 16 different easy-to-make bird feeders kids can make at home! Hopefully, at least one of these ideas caught your child’s eye! Now, start crafting! =)

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