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25 Bumble Bee Crafts For Kids

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Welcome to a hive of imagination and creativity! If you’re on the lookout for engaging and educational crafts for your little ones, look no further than our buzzing collection of 25 bee-inspired crafts for kids. These delightful projects are not only a fantastic way to keep children entertained but also serve as a hive of learning opportunities.

From buzzing bees to adorable beehives, these crafts promise to spark the imagination of your young ones while providing a hands-on experience that combines fun and education. Let’s dive into the world of bees and crafting, where every project is a delightful adventure waiting to unfold!

bee crafts for kids to try

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Supply List for Bumble Bee Crafts for Kids

Before jumping into the crafts, let’s review some basic materials you will need for these bumble bee crafts. Most of these items can be found in your home or at a local craft store. Pick and choose what supplies you use for which projects, and change things out as needed. Most importantly, have fun!

Some of our favorite educational books about bees!

Pairing books with crafts for kids offers a wealth of developmental benefits. Beyond the joy of storytelling, this dynamic combination promotes literacy skills by integrating reading with hands-on activities.

Here are a few books all about bees to pair with these bumble bee crafts!

  1. All Things Bees for Kids
  2. The Life of a Honey Bee
  3. The Bee Who Lost Her Buzz

Bumble Bee Crafts for Preschoolers and Beyond

Get ready for a hive of fun with these buzzing bumble bee crafts, perfect for our little crafting enthusiasts! Let your imagination take flight as we dive into a world of yellow-and-black creativity, where adorable bees come to life through exciting and easy-to-follow crafting activities.

1. Paper Bumble Bee Craft

Transform a simple sheet of paper (free template below the image) into a cute and cheery bumble bee with this easy craft! All you need is yellow and black construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, and some markers for added details.

Glue everything together, then use the markers to draw a happy smile and any other additional details you’d like. This simple craft is perfect for preschoolers and can be hung up as a decoration or used as a puppet for pretend play.

Paper bee craft

By Mom Brite

2. Bumble Bee Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a fantastic way to engage young children in imaginative play while also stimulating their senses. For this bumble bee-themed sensory bin, you’ll need beads for the base, along with some plastic bees, flowers, and other garden-themed items such as these fun sensory bin tools.

Let your child explore the different textures and shapes in the bin while also learning about bees. If you love sensory bins, check out the sensory bin kits!

bee sensory bin for kids

By The Mindful Toddler

3. Bumble Bee Kindness Craft

If you are looking for an easy bee craft, look no further! This bumble bee kindness craft is the perfect way to teach children about the importance of being kind and spreading love. All you need is some yellow and black paper, scissors, glue, and a black marker.

Cut out the bee’s body from the yellow paper and use the black paper to add stripes and a happy face.

kindness bumble bee craft for kids

By Coffee and Carpool

4. Bee Paper Craft

These honey bees come with their own free printable template, making it easy for even the youngest crafters to join in on the fun! Simply print out the template and use scissors and a crayon to create these adorable bees.

This is a great activity for developing fine motor skills and creativity, as children can decorate their bees; however, they’d like to use markers or stickers. Or maybe even add some glitter!

paper bee craft

By Simply full of Delight

5. Cardboard Tube Bumble Bee

Experience the delight of crafting with this adorable cardboard tube bumble bee activity, a perfect way for kids to recycle while bringing creative ideas to life. Grab your nearest toilet paper roll and give this simple and fun bee craft a try.

bumble bee craft made out of a toilet paper roll

By In the Playroom

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6. Easy Bee Craft for Kids

This adorable craft bee is fun to make and doubles as a toy for imaginative play. Grab the supplies necessary and give this fun craft a try!

easy paper bee craft for toddlers

By In the Bag Kids Crafts

7. Paper Plate Bee Craft

If you are looking for an easy spring craft, look no further than this little bee craft! Using a paper plate, some yellow and black paint, and pipe cleaners, your child can create their very own bumble bee with minimal mess.

This is a great opportunity to teach children about symmetry and patterns as they paint one half of the plate yellow and add or paint black stripes on the other half.

paper plate bee craft for kids

By Simple Everyday Mom

8. Handprint Bee Craft

Looking for a bumble bee craft for young kids? This fun bee craft allows little ones to get creative while also incorporating their handprint as the bee’s body.

Have your child make a yellow handprint on the paper for the body and then add details such as stripes, antennae, and a face. Oh, and don’t forget to add the bees’ wings!

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handprint bee craft for preschoolers

By Simple Everyday Mom

9. Bumble Bee Recycled Egg Carton Craft

Isn’t this egg carton bee craft fascinating? Not only does it look adorable, but it’s also a great way to use up those old egg cartons. When you’re done, be sure to give these egg carton crafts a try!

egg carton

By A Little Pench of Perfect

10. Yarn Bumble Bees

Are you looking for a fun way to create a bee? This is a great bee craft for the older kids. Using yarn and a few other supplies, they can create their own fluffy yarn bee to hang up as a decoration.

yarn bumble bee craft

By Me and My Inklings

11. Cut and Paste Bee

This easy-peasy bee craft is great for younger kids of all ages. Simply print out the template, let them cut and paste the pieces together on a sheet of paper, and voila! A cute little bumble bee to display proudly or gift as a gift to a grandparent.

cut and paste bee

By Tamming Little Monsters

12. 3D Bumble Bee Card

This super fun bee card is perfect for anyone wanting to celebrate the first signs of spring! Follow along with the instructions in the link below the image, and with some simple supplies, you’ll have yourself a bee card!

bee card

By Red Ted Art

13. Easy Bee Hand Puppet

Are you looking for a bee finger puppet to join your crew of puppets? Use this fun puppet craft to teach kids all about BEES! Don’t forget to give these delightful puppet crafts a try, too!

hand puppet

By Red Ted Art

spring busy book

14. Duct Tape Twirling Bee

Are you looking for a great craft for little kids? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This fun duct tape bee is absolutely adorable and will be the talk of the house.

duct tape bee

By Crafts By Amanda

15. Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Toilet rolls always make for great crafts, and this is no exception. Grab some toilet paper rolls, add some paint, a face, and wings. Lastly, don’t forget about the bee’s antennae.

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toliet paper roll bee

By The Best Ideas for Kids

16. Rock Bees

If you are looking for an easy bee craft that doesn’t involve craft sticks, pom poms, bottle caps, or cupcake liners, this is the perfect craft for you! Simply paint some rocks yellow and black, add some googly eyes and paper clips for antennae, and your cute little bee is complete!

rock bees

By Crafts By Amanda

17. Bee Slime

Combine two favorite activities – crafting and playing with slime – with this fun bee slime recipe! Using glue, buttons, and some tiny bees, your child can create their own bumble bee slime to squish and play with.

bee slime for kids

By Fun-A-Day

18. Paper Bee Craft

This craft paper bee is perfect for preschoolers! With simple shapes and easy-to-follow instructions, kids can create their own buzzing bee, in no time.

paper bee craft for kids

By Living Life and Learning

19. Coffee Filter Bumble Bee

These cute bumblebees are made with clothespins and coffee filters! Your kids can create these adorable flying bees with just a few simple materials and steps.

coffee filter bee craft

By Darcy and Brian

20. DIY Cork Bumble Bee

Got a few corks lying around? Use them to create this cute and easy bumble bee craft! This is a great activity for kids of all ages and can even be turned into a game by having them fly the bees through obstacles around your home.

bee cork craft

By Plate in 28

21. Glass Pebble Honey Bee

These crafty things are downright adorable! If you want a little bee craft, this might be it! This would make a cute craft for your garden.

pebble bee craft

By Little Ladoo

22. Honey Slime

Honey slime, need I say more? This honey slime is on my kids’ must-try list for summer. If you have older kids, I recommend giving it a try!

honey slime

By The Typical Mom

23. Paper Cone Bee Craft for Kids

This cute paper cone bee craft is perfect for little ones who love insects and bugs. With just a few simple steps, your child can create their very own bumble bee to play with or display as decoration.

cone bumble bee craft for kids

By Attachment Mummy

24. Paper Cup Bumble Bee

We have so much fun making crafts out of paper cups! And we recommend that you should give it a try! When you are done, check out this fun paper cup craft.

paper cup bee

By The Inspiration Edit

25. Bumble Bee Paper Plate Craft

Are you ready to paint a paper plate yellow? Give this fun craft a try! When you are done, your child will have a cute little bee to display in their window. This is a great bumble bee craft for toddlers!

paper plate bee craft for preschoolers

By Two Kids and a Coupon

Bumble Bee Facts for Kids

Bumble bees play an integral role in the ecosystem due to their pollinating abilities. Here are a few fun facts about bumble bees to read to your kids!

  • They are known for their distinctive large bodies and fuzzy appearance.
  • Unlike honeybees, bumble bees can fly in cooler weather and at higher altitudes, making them vital pollinators in certain climates and altitudes that honeybees cannot reach.
  • They undergo a fascinating lifecycle, beginning as a tiny egg and eventually metamorphosing into an adult bee.
  • Lastly, did you know that a bumble bee’s buzz is produced by its flight muscles, not by flapping its wings?

Learn more about these captivating creatures by visiting The Bumblebee Conservation.

Bee Crafts for Kids – Summary

From adorable paper plate and paper cup crafts to slime and hand puppets, there are countless bee crafts that your child can enjoy making. Not only do these crafts promote creativity and imagination, but they also provide fun learning opportunities about bees and their importance in the ecosystem.

So gather some crafting supplies and get buzzing with these fun bee crafts for kids!

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bumble bee crafts for preschoolers

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