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20 Handmade Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

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The holiday season is coming up fast, but it’s the perfect time to slow down and spend some quality time with the kids. One easy way to do that is by making handmade ornaments with the kids. No matter their ages, there are plenty of cute Christmas ornaments kids can make.

From pipe cleaner wreaths and trees to wood slice snowmen and more, there’s something here for every skill level. Even your babies and toddlers can enjoy the fun with a salt dough ornament or a cut-and-paste ornament. 

christmas ornaments

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Get ready to deck your halls with loads of kid-made ornaments. Grab your craft supplies, and let’s get started! Accelerate the fun by reading 101 funny Christmas would you rather questions to your child while they craft!

Materials Needed for These Christmas Ornaments

Here are some of the common materials needed for many of these Christmas ornaments crafts listed below. Keep in mind, this list is not all-inclusive; specific crafts may require additional items.

christmas elf

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

1. Santa Hat Ornament

You can simply customize your Christmas tree with these cute Santa hat ornaments! This is an excellent activity for the whole family, especially for the youngest ones. Both toddlers and preschoolers will love making these cute hats!

Also, be sure to this fun paper cup Santa craft!

Santa hat Christmas tree ornament craft made with popsicle sticks

by Buggy and Buddy

2. Cork Snowman Ornaments

Grab a few wine corks, paint, and pipe cleaners in colorful shades, and invite the kids to have a fun-filled time making these cork snowman ornaments!

You’ll be surprised at how much fun your kids will have making this budget-friendly Christmas craft.

Be sure to try out these 20 snowman crafts as well!

Christmas snowman ornaments made with cork with a white backdrop

by The Best Ideas for Kids

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3. Lego Penguin Ornaments

Got a little LEGO fan at home? Turn your child’s favorite activity into a fun holiday ornament with these adorable LEGO penguins!

It takes just a few LEGOS, felt, foam, some googly eyes, pom-poms, and glue to make these LEGO penguins. Easy Peasy!

penguin Christmas ornaments

by Non-Toy Gifts

4. Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

These recycled egg carton ornaments make a wonderful holiday crafting project to show kids how fun recycling can be. Plus, these ornaments are too cute not to do!

Be sure to check out these egg carton crafts while you are at it!

Christmas ornaments made with egg carton

by Hello, Wonderful

5. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments

Looking for kid-friendly Christmas activities? Then you should make these pipe cleaner ornaments for your Christmas tree! The kids will surely have an absolute blast with this budget-friendly Christmas project.

Small Christmas tree ornaments shaped like a tree made with pipe cleaner

by Our Kid Things

6. Cut and Paste Christmas Ornaments

Pick your paint, scissors, and the free printable character design from Handmade Charlotte, and get crafty!

These ornaments will add a fun pop of color to your tree. Kids of all ages can participate in the process because it’s so simple!

animal themed DIY Christmas ornaments featuring a reindeer and a purple penguin

by Handmade Charlotte

7. Popsicle Stick Reindeer Ornament

Make your Christmas tree extra special with these charming reindeer ornaments! Additionally, these cuties also make a wonderful gift to give to loved ones!

Christmas reindeer ornaments craft made with popsicle sticks

by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

8. Mini Yarn Hats Ornaments

Looking for a quick and fun-filled project? We got you! Give these adorable mini hats made with yarn a try. Your children will have heaps of fun cutting and mixing yarn colors and assembling these adorable hats!

mini hat ornaments for Christmas made with yarn hanging in a pink background

by Easy Peasy and Fun

9. Craft Stick Ornaments

Popsicle sticks and paint are all it takes to make these adorable Christmas-themed ornaments.

Let your children get creative and spend a relaxing afternoon making these cute ornaments after their favorite Christmas characters!

ornaments craft sticks

by Kids Activities

10. Crystal Snowflake Ornaments

These sparkly crystal snowflake ornaments will add a whimsical and magic touch to your Christmas tree. This craft project is perfect for encouraging kids’ creativity, but it also doubles as a fascinating winter science experiment!

Sparkly blue and white snowflake ornaments with a white backdrop

by Natural Beach Living

11. Fingerprint Penguin Wood Slice Ornament

If you’re going with a winter wonderland-themed Christmas tree, this rustic penguin craft is just what you need. This craft project is a wonderful activity for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to engage their fine motor skills.

Ornament featuring a penguin on a wood slice ornament hanging from a Christmas tree

by Messy Little Monster

12. Buddy the Elf Printable Ornament

Without Buddy The Elf, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same! Bring this adorable character to life and make it the center of attention on your Christmas tree with this hassle-free ornament.

Are you looking for more fun elf crafts and activities? Try these 20 fun elf crafts, this fun “What is your Elf name game,” or try these fun Elf on the Shelf ideas.

buddy the elf ornament made with printable hanging from Christmas tree

by Simple Everyday Mom

13. Burlap Reindeer Ornaments

Inspired by the enchanting children’s book The Reindeer Wish, this DIY ornament has to be one of the cutest and easiest ones on this list. Making these adorable reindeer with your child will be super simple and fun!

Reindeer ornament made with burlap

by Kids’ Craft Room

14. Pipe Cleaner Wreath Ornaments

A 10-minute eye-catching craft? Yes, please! This wreath ornament craft is just perfect when you’re running out of time and need to entertain energetic little ones. Plus, you’ll probably already have all the materials needed!

Christmas tree wreath ornaments made with pipe cleaner craft

by Artsy Craftsy Mom

15. Pom Pom Ornaments

Invite your kids to make these colorful pom pom ornaments and add a festive and unique touch to your Christmas tree!

Colorful pom pom ornaments hanging from a Christmas tree

by Crafts by Amanda

16. Pasta Christmas Ornaments

Is there anything better than pasta crafts? We don’t think so!
That’s why we love this eye-catching pasta Christmas ornament wreath. It has all the ingredients to turn any cold afternoon into a fun and creative one for kids of all ages!

framed pasta portrait ornament with picture of girl hanging from a tree

by The Best Ideas for Kids

17. Button Star Ornaments

Children will love making these cute button star ornaments inspired by the book Corduroy. Perfect for little hands to make, these ornaments will add a cheerful touch to the Christmas tree (or to any room!).

Homemade button star ornament hanging from Christmas tree

by Buggy and Buddy

18. Wood Slice Snowman Ornaments

Yes, these stunning wood slice snowman ornaments look tricky but don’t be fooled. These cuties are incredibly easy to make and a great activity for preschoolers!

Snowman ornaments made with wood slices

by Artsy Momma

19. Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

Make your Christmas canes stand out with these DIY candy cane ornaments made with pipe cleaners and beads!

The result is simply gorgeous, and kids will have so much fun making them. Kids can hang these on a tree or give them as gifts on their own. A win-win!

White and red beaded candy cane ornament hanging from Christmas tree

by Arty Crafty Kids

20. Handprint Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament

Turn your precious little one’s handprint into a sweet keepsake and Christmas ornament! In this DIY project, you can find an easy homemade salt dough recipe and the steps to recreate this adorable ornament at home with your tiny tot!

DIY salt dough handprint ornament hanging from Christmas tree

by Kids Activities

Let’s Read About Christmas!

Let’s keep the fun going with these fun reads! There are so many benefits to reading aloud to kids. It’s even been found that reading books to toddlers can help build their empathy, aiding in social-emotional development.

Here are some of our favorite Winter stories to supplement along with these fun Christmas crafts!

Christmas Ornaments – Summary

There you have it! 20 handmade Christmas ornaments your kids can make this winter. Last year, we decided only to decorate our Christmas tree with handmade ornaments. Hence, a new tradition was born. I hope you enjoy these Xmas ornament crafts.

If you enjoyed this craft, make sure to save it for later and follow us on Pinterest for more fun ideas.

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