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30 Free Printable Valentine Cards for Kids

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As we enter the season of love and warmth, what could be more delightful than igniting the sparks of creativity and affection in your little ones? Let’s introduce them to the charming tradition of exchanging Valentine’s cards.

This collection of free printable Valentine cards for kids is designed to inspire their artistic side while spreading messages of friendship and love. So sit back and watch your kiddos as they dive into this exciting journey toward creating their very own personalized printable Valentine’s Day cards.

free printable valentines

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These are great to be used as classroom Valentines or just for anyone who wants to add a little extra love to their greetings. With endless possibilities, these printable Valentine’s cards will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Supply List for Your Printable Valentines Cards

Before jumping into the crafts, let’s review some basic materials you will need for these free printable valentines. Most of these items can be found in your home or at a local store. Pick and choose what supplies you use for which projects. Most importantly, have fun!

30 Free Printable Valentine Cards for Kids

Let’s make some memories and have a blast with these 30 creative Valentine’s Day cards, suitable for every age! Each one of these printable Valentine’s Day cards is FREE; simply follow the link under each image to print out your very own Valentine Cards.

1. Free Donut Valentine Cards

With squishies being all the rave with young kids, these super cute donut Valentine cards are perfect for anyone who loves donuts! They are easy to make, kids love the bright colors, and they will make your Valentine smile.

Simply print, download, and print out these Valentine’s Day cards using the link below. Grab your donut squishes here! Then, let your kiddo start assembling their Valentine cards to give to friends.

free donut printable valentine cards

By Happiness is Homemade

2. Star Wars Valentine’s Party

Star Wars is all the rave these days, so there is no doubt your child won’t love these printable Star Wars cards. Your child will have a blast cutting them out and personalizing them! And then, handing them out to friends at school.

star wars printable valentines day cards or kids

By Juggling Act Mama

3. Free Printable Puppy Valentines

Who wouldn’t love receiving one of these cute puppy Valentines? These cards come with different adorable dogs printed on them, making them perfect for any dog lover. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spread love and kindness to those around you.

Download and print yours out today!

free puppy valentine cards

By Artsy Fartsy Mama

4. Printable Paint Valentine Cards

This heartwarming Valentine’s card idea is perfect for kids ages 3-7! Simply download your Valentine cards on cardstock. Grab a set of heart-shaped watercolors to tie to your cards. This is such a fun way to celebrate the holiday, as every child loves to paint.

paint valentine printable cards

By Happiness is Homemade

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5. Valentine Slime With Free Printable

Dive into the ooey-gooey fun of Valentine’s Day with our free slime printable Valentine cards for kids! These adorable cards are not only a fantastic way to spread love but also a guarantee for hours of slime-tastic enjoyment. Simply download and print these charming designs, and voilà – you’ve got the perfect valentine to share with classmates and friends.

Then, choose to make or purchase small containers of slime to stick to each card. We like using these fun slime cups to stick to our Valentines! They make great party favors, too!

free slime valentine and printable

By DIY with my Guy

6. Printable Pencil Valentines

Gear up for a scribble-tastic Valentine’s Day with these free pencil Valentine cards for kids! These charming printables are not only a delightful way to share the love but also a practical and fun gift for classmates and friends. Simply download and print these adorable designs, and attach a colorful pencil to create a unique Valentine that’s both sweet and functional.

pencil printable valentine cards

By The Benson Street

7. Free Printable Pop It Valentines Cards

Get ready for a popping good time this Valentine’s Day with these free Pop It Valentine cards for kids! These interactive and trendy printables are a playful twist on the traditional Valentine, adding a touch of sensory fun to the celebration. Download and print these adorable cards, and attach a small Pop It fidget toy for an extra element of excitement.

free pop it valentines cards for kids

By Creatively Beth

8. Printable Candy Wrappers for Valentines Day

Indulge in a sweet celebration of love with our free chocolate Valentine DIY wrappers! Elevate your gift-giving game by downloading and printing these charming designs to transform ordinary chocolates into delightful, personalized treats. These wrappers add a touch of creativity and flair to your Valentine’s Day surprises.

This is such a fun way to give chocolate on Valentine’s Day!

candy wrapper valentine cards for kids

By Creatively Beth

9. Star Wars Printable Valentines

Embark on an intergalactic crafting adventure with our free Star Wars Valentine cards! These epic printables bring a galaxy far, far away to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Download and print these fantastic designs, and take the fun to the next level by attaching a glow stick to each card.

printable valentine cards

By The Benson Street

10. Kids Printable Valentines Cards

Unleash your little artists’ creativity! These delightful printables not only spread love but also offer a blank canvas for your kids to express their unique style. Download and print these charming designs, and let the coloring adventure begin.

free printable colorable valentine cards

By Healthy and Lovin It

11. Printable Farm Valentine Cards

Get ready to cultivate some love on the farm with these free farm-themed Valentine cards! These charming printables bring a touch of rustic charm to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Download and print these delightful designs featuring adorable farm animals.

Whether your little ones are animal enthusiasts or have a fondness for the countryside, these cards are a perfect fit. Share the love with classmates and friends by personalizing each card with heartfelt messages. Also, make sure to check out these fun farm animal crafts.

farm printable valentine cards for kids

By Simple Everyday Mom

12. Free Printable Pokemon Cards

Embark on a Pokemon-filled Valentine’s Day adventure with our free Pokemon Valentine cards! These electrifying printables feature everyone’s favorite pocket monsters, adding a dose of Pokemon magic to the season of love.

Share the joy of friendship by crafting personalized messages on these Pokemon-themed cards to exchange with fellow trainers and friends.

printable pokemon cards for kids

By Simple Everyday Mom

13. Straw Valentine Cards

Sip into the sweetness of Valentine’s Day! These whimsical printables not only spread love but also double as a delightful drink accessory. Download and print these charming designs that feature heartfelt messages. Then, attach colorful straws to transform these cards into interactive and festive valentines.

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straw valentine

By Mama of Minis

14. Free Printable Valentine Kit

Nothing says “I love you” like a handmade Valentine’s card! This printable free Valentine kit comes with everything your child needs to make a Valentine- even an envelope.

free valentine printable kit for kids

By Red Ted Art

15. Free Baby Yoda Valentine Printables

Who doesn’t love a baby Yoda! With multiple Yodas to choose from, these cute Valentines will be all the rave. Print them off, let your kiddo cut them out, and write their friends’ names on them. It’s a simple and fun way to spread love and joy this Valentine’s Day.

Take your baby Yoda to the next level and attach a baby Yoda pop it to your Valentine!

baby yoda valentine cards

By Heathered Nest

16. Printable Lollipop Valentine Cards

Sweeten up your Valentine’s Day with this collection of 48 free lollipop Valentine cards! These delightful printables are designed to turn ordinary lollipops into charming and personalized treats. Download and print these colorful designs, featuring everything from cute animals to heartwarming messages.

Attach your favorite lollipops to these cards for an instant burst of sweetness that will make hearts flutter.

lollipop valentines day cards

By Crafty Kids Play

17. Gnome Printable Valentine Cards

We all love gnomes. These little creatures have been a part of folklore and fairy tales for centuries. Their whimsical and magical nature makes them perfect for Valentine’s cards.

When you’re finished, make sure you give this fun gnome handprint craft a try!

gnome printable valentine

By Two Kids and a Coupon

18. Free Dinosaur Valentine Cards

Roar into Valentine’s Day with our ferociously fun Dinosaur Valentine cards! These free printables bring a prehistoric touch to the season of love, featuring adorable dino characters that are sure to captivate young hearts.

For more dino fun, be sure to check out these dinosaur crafts, and this fun dino wash activity!

dino valentine cards

By Two Kids and a Coupon

19. Emoji Valentine Cards

These vibrant Valentine printables feature a range of adorable and expressive emojis that add a playful touch to the season of love. Download and print these delightful designs, and let your little ones bring their favorite emojis to life with a personal message.

valentine printable emoji cards

By Honey and Lime

20. Free Valentine Sunglasses Printable

Shade the day with love and style with our free sunglasses Valentine cards! These cool and trendy printables bring a touch of sun-soaked fun to Valentine’s Day. Download and print these charming designs, then add these adorable sunglasses!

sunglasses valentines cards

By Where the Smiles Have Been

21. Free Printable Race Car Valentine Cards

Rev up the excitement this Valentine’s Day with these free race car Valentine cards! These high-speed printables are perfect for little ones who love the thrill of the race. Personalize each card with your name. Then, tape a fun colorful car to each card.

race car valentines cards for kids

By Where the Smiles Have Been

22. Printable Minecraft Valentine’s Day Cards

Get ready to spread some pixelated love with these awesome free Minecraft Valentine cards! These printable cards are perfect for sharing with your friends and classmates, featuring your favorite blocky characters and elements from the beloved game.

Whether it’s Steve, Creeper, or a heart-shaped diamond, these cards are sure to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Just print them out, add your personal touch, and get ready to surprise your fellow gamers with a touch of Minecraft magic.

By Honey and Lime

23. Dog Valentine’s Day Cards

These bright-colored pups make for an awesome Valentine. They feature the cutest pups and heartwarming messages that will make tails wag and hearts flutter. From paw prints to dogs, these cards are a pawfect way to show your friends and family some puppy love.

dog valentine day cards

By XoXo Bella

24. Cute Balloon Valentines Cards

Are these not the cutest Valentine cards? Just print them out, grab string, and these neat heart balloons, and create these adorable Valentine cards!

balloon valentine crds

By A Country Girls Life

25. Free Printable Valentine’s Cards for Kids to Make

Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot more colorful with these fantastic printable coloring Valentine cards! Get ready to unleash your artistic flair and spread love in every shade imaginable.

You can have your child color these Valentines themselves to give to a friend and let them color them! Let your child sign the back or leave a sweet message for a friend.

free printable valentines

By Rediscover Family

26. French Bulldog Valentines Cards

Everyone loves a Frenchy! Enjoy this set of 4 colorful French bulldogs!

free dog valentine printables for kids

By Made in a Day

27. Sea Creature Valentine’s Day Cards

If your child loves all things sea creatures, they will love these printable sea creature Valentines. Print them off and have your child write their name at the bottom.

free valentine day cards for kids that are sea creatures

By Made in a Day

28. Fruit Snack Valentine Cards

Take your Valentine’s Day to a tasty new level with our adorable printable fruit snack Valentine cards! These cards not only deliver sweet messages but also come with a yummy surprise – attach your favorite fruit snacks for an extra delightful treat. From berry cute puns to tropical-themed designs, these cards are bursting with fruity fun.

fruit snack valetines cards for kids

By Leap of Faith Crafting

29. Pop Goes My Heart Valentines

Get ready to add a burst of excitement to your Valentine’s Day with our incredible printable pop-it Valentine cards! These cards bring together the joy of popping and the sweetness of heartfelt messages. Each card features a playful design along with a pop-it toy that’s ready to entertain.

pop goes your heart valentine cards

By Simply Designing

30. You Blow Me Away Valentine Cards

These cards not only deliver heartfelt messages but also come with a whistle for a tuneful surprise. Grab this printable Valentine, attach these whistles, and add a little fun to your friend’s day.

free printable valentines cards for preschoolers

By Simply Designing

Free Valentines Cards Printables- Summary

As we wrap up our creative journey through these 30 delightful Valentine’s card printables, I hope you and your little ones have found the perfect cards to share love and joy with friends and family.

Whether you choose a whimsical design, a heartfelt message, or a playful illustration, the act of crafting and giving these cards adds a special touch to the celebration of love. Happy crafting, and may your Valentine’s Day be filled with love and laughter!

Come join me on Pinterest for more fun kid’s craft ideas and printables.

free valentine printables for kids

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