25+ Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

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When you have kids, having a go-to list of craft ideas is important when your children need something to do. 

Paper crafts for kids can be easy projects enjoyable for all ages. You can use easy paper crafts for a fast activity when you need a few free minutes. Or there are more detailed paper arts and crafts that can take several hours, perfect for keeping your kid entertained for a long time.

easy paper crafts

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Supplies Needed for Simple Paper Crafts

The best thing about paper craft ideas is that other than paper, you can get by with basic craft supplies like glue, scissors, and writing tools.

However, there are many easy crafts with paper that use extra supplies, including:

  • Brown paper bags
  • Paint and brushes
  • Hole puncher
  • String or yarn
  • Googly eyes
  • Paper (construction or craft)
  • Cardstock
  • Paper plates
  • Cupcake liners

23 Paper Crafts for Kids

Enjoy these easy paper crafts for kids! Instructions for each specific craft are located under each image.

1. Torn Paper Rainbow

Rainbows are a natural wonder that never fails to fascinate both children and adults. The vibrant colors and the magical arc in the sky are truly a sight to behold. It’s no wonder why rainbow-themed crafts are always a hit, especially for kids.

One of our favorite rainbow crafts here at Kidz Craft Corner is the torn paper rainbow craft. It’s easy, simple, and requires minimal materials – making it perfect for a quick afternoon activity or a rainy day project.

easy paper rainbow craft using construction paper

by Kidz Craft Corner

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2. Handprint Cactus Craft

If you are looking for a fun keepsake paper craft you can do along with your kiddos. Then you have to try this fun handprint cactus craft! It’s a perfect way to get creative and make something together that you can display in your home.

paper handprint cactus

by Kidz Craft Corner

3. Convert a Paper Bag into a Penguin Puppet

Another neat project to make using paper bags is this cute penguin puppet. Along with your paper bags, you’ll also need different colored craft paper, glue, and a drawing utensil like a pencil or black marker. You’ll also need to grab the template to cut the penguin pieces to glue onto the bag.

If you love penguins, you’ve got to give these fun penguin crafts a whirl!

penguin paper craft made from paper bag

by Leap of Faith Crafting

4. Underwater Ocean Scene Paper Craft

With some simple craft supplies like googly eyes and colored craft paper, your little one can create this colorful underwater scene. This paper project has various shapes to cut out, making it a good cutting practice project for younger kids. 

When you’re done, try these fun octopus crafts!

ocean theme paper craft

by Messy Little Monster

5. Get Creepy with Cute Beetle Paper Puppets

Your kids will enjoy creating and wearing these wonky paper beetle hand puppets. And with the printable template and your kids’ favorite colors, they can develop beetles as unique as them. Then give your go at these other fun bug crafts.

beetle paper puppets

by Easy Peasy and Fun

6. Pretty Paper Tulip Flower Craft

You can create this pretty, colorful paper flower bouquet with nothing more than colored card stock, scissors, glue, and a pencil. It makes the perfect non-perishable gift for Mother’s Day. This project has many steps to make each flower, so it’s a good craft for a rainy day when you need to keep the kids busy for a while.

paper flower craft

by Thriving in Parenting

7. Paper Plate Flower Craft

This papercraft incorporates multiple types of paper, from plates to cupcake liners. You also need paints, brads (split metal pins), and craft sticks. You may want to help with some parts for younger kids, but it’s a project all ages will enjoy.

paper flower

XOXO Bella

8. Rolled Paper Spring Tree Paper Craft

Download the printable tree template onto white cardstock. Then, use black paint to make the tree trunk and blue paint to paint the background like a sky. Cut out strips of colored paper that you wrap around a pencil or chopstick to make paper coils that you glue onto the tree. 

paper tree made of rolled up paper

by Projects with Kids

9. Make a Rainbow from a Paper Plate

This easy paper craft uses a paper plate and cotton balls to make a cheerful spring rainbow with puffy clouds. You’ll also need six different colored square paper scrap pieces and glue – or use paint to create the squares for each line of color. 

paper rainbow craft

by The Best Ideas for Kids

10. Make a Unique Unicorn Corner Bookmark

Readers will love using this adorable unicorn bookmark to keep their place. The project requires a lot of folding, so it may be better for older kids. You’ll need construction and glitter paper, card stock, double-sided tape, a black marker, scissors, and glue. 

If you love unicorn crafts as much as we do, be sure to try this fun unicorn puppet or unicorn ring craft!

paper unicorn bookmark craft

by The Gingerbread Pony

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11. Create a Cute Hamster Bookmark

For this textured bookmark, you’ll need colored card stock, Sharpies, glue, and scissors. Trace the template onto your card stock and use scissors to cut out the pieces. Then, follow the instructions to assemble the hamster into a fun, functional bookmark.

hamster craft made of paper

by Sustain My Craft Habit

12. Have Some Fun with a Shark Headband

Your kids can have fun wearing these shark headbands and creating them. You can assemble the headband with a gluestick, stapler, or tape. You’ll need white or colored card stock, depending on if you want to print out the colored or blank versions so you can color it.

shark headband craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

13. Make an Earth Day Handprint Paper Craft

Download this template and print it at home for your kids to create a personalized Earth Day craft. You’ll also need paint and a brush. Your child’s handprint goes onto the top of the tree trunk to make the tree, and fingerprints go onto the leaves.

handprint paper craft

by Fox Farm Home

14. Momma and Cub Bear Handprint Craft

This adorable paper bear craft captures the handprints of momma and child on paper in the sweetest way. You’ll need double-sided tape, a marker, construction paper, and the bear template.

Assembly is easy-peasy. Cut out the shapes in the template, draw the bear’s face, trace out the hands, and put them together with glue. 

paper plate bear craft

by Crafty Kids Play

15. Prepare a Paper Lantern Craft

Paper lanterns can be fun to make and nice to look at as decor. This project includes an easy-to-follow template that you can create from construction paper or cardstock. For assembly, you’ll need glue, scissors, and some decorative tape. Check out this video for help.

a paper latern

by Little a Doo

16. Make a Paper Eiffel Tower

This papercraft makes it simple and fun to create the legendary Eiffel Tower. Print the template and follow the instructions to cut, fold, and assemble your paper into the 3D model. You’ll need cardstock, paint, scissors, and glue.

eiffel tower made of paper

by Raise Curious Kids

17. Get Creative with a Lemonade Paper Craft

Lemonade is synonymous with summertime, making this paper craft a fun project when the weather gets warm. For this project, you’ll need colored construction paper, PVA glue, a gluestick, an orange pen, and a paper straw. Cut out the shapes and glue them to your cup base.

lemonade paper craft cup

In the Playroom

18. Woven Flower Basket Bouquet Paper Craft

This intricate, hands-on project creates a flower basket bouquet with minimal supplies. You’ll need multiple colors of craft paper, glue, scissors, and a pencil. That’s seriously it to create this colorful craft.

Once you cut out your template shapes, weave the paper pieces together to create the basket and assemble the flowers.

flower craft

by Mom Does Reviews

19. Colorful Customized Paper Snail Craft

Paper snails make a neat springtime craft. You can make them along with other seasonal insects. It can also be a great project to do with siblings or friends.

You’ll need strips of construction paper, glue, tape, a stapler, pipe cleaners, coloring materials, green construction paper, and a small hole punch. 

colorful snail craft made of paper

by Makes and Takes

20. Have Fun Making Farm Animals

These fat farm animals are easy to make with simple supplies like scissors, glue, construction paper, popsicle sticks (if you want to make them into puppets), and a black writing utensil. This project includes instructions for creating a sheep, cow, chicken, and pig.

farm animals paper crafts

by Mama of Minis

21. Construct a Paper Plate Aquarium Craft

You’ll need two paper plates (light blue), paper (craft or construction), colorful beads, googly eyes, glue, cereal, oatmeal, or sand for this paper plate aquarium. You’ll also need to print out your template. Glue your shapes to the bottom and overlap them with the cereal. Add the fish and glue to the eyes. 

fish aquarium craft for kids

by Crafts by Amanda

22. Customize a Handprint Caterpillar Craft

Customized handprint crafts like this cute caterpillar make great gifts for special occasions. You can make it however you’d like it to look, with as many handprints as you need to represent your family. For this craft, you’ll need craft glue, cardstock, pom poms, pipe cleaner, and black writing utensils. 

When you’re finished, check out this butterfly life cycle craft to learn all about the different stages of a butterfly’s life!

caterpillar craft made of paper

by The Soccer Mom Blog

23. Teach Directions with This Paper Plate Compass Craft

This interesting and easy paper craft converts a paper plate into a neat compass. You can use it for decor or as a lesson for kids. You’ll need a paper plate (colored or painted blue), scissors, construction paper, a pen, markers, card stock, double-sided tape, and glue.

paper plate compass

by Glamper Life

24. Design a Daisy Bouquet Paper Craft

This daisy bouquet is easy for kids of all ages and great for a spring craft. You’ll need construction paper, glue, scissors, and this template. Cut out the shapes and assemble the flowers. Then, fold up the paper to create the wrapping paper and seal it with the heart. 

paper daisy craft

by The Purple Yarn

25. Paper Bag Flip Book

This customizable paper craft turns brown paper bags into a blank book canvas your kids can decorate as desired. You don’t need any special supplies, and it’s easy for kids of all ages. Younger children may need help punching holes into the edges to lace the string to bind the book together. 

paper bag flip book

by Crafting with Kids

26. Paper Plate Rain Cloud Craft

Isn’t this simple paper rain cloud craft adorable? It’s the perfect paper craft for a rainy day or as a decoration for a weather-themed party. Follow along with the easy steps to create your own cute and colorful rain cloud! Then, let your child’s imagination run wild as they come up with creative ways to decorate and display their rain cloud craft.

paper plate rain craft

by Kidz Craft Corner

Benefits of Crafting with Paper

Not only are paper crafts fun and easy, but they also have many developmental benefits for your child.

First and foremost, paper crafts can enhance fine motor skills. Cutting, folding, and gluing require small muscle movements that help to develop hand-eye coordination. This not only improves their ability to manipulate objects but also prepares them for more complex tasks like writing and drawing.

Paper crafts also promote creativity and self-expression. By giving your child a blank canvas in the form of paper, you’re allowing them to explore their own ideas and create something unique. This boosts their confidence and encourages them to think outside the box.

In addition to these cognitive benefits, paper crafts can also be used as a teaching tool. You can incorporate learning concepts such as colors, shapes, and numbers into the crafts to make them more educational. This makes learning fun and engaging for children, as they are able to see and touch the concepts they are learning visually.

Entertain Your Kids with These 26 Paper Crafts

Paper crafting offers a plethora of creative opportunities for children to explore their imagination, enhance their fine motor skills, and foster a sense of accomplishment. From simple origami bookmarks to intricate paper sculptures, the possibilities are endless.

By engaging in paper crafting activities, children not only develop their artistic abilities but also learn patience, perseverance, and problem-solving skills.

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paper crafts for kids

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