27 Cute Farm Animal Crafts for Preschoolers

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If you’re looking for fun and easy farm animal crafts for preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place. These crafts are a perfect blend of creativity, simplicity, and hands-on learning that your little ones will absolutely adore. From cow headbands to origami chickens, these activities provide an entertaining way to spend time together while working on fine motor skills, creativity, and knowledge about farm animals.

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This list of crafts uses common household items, like toilet paper rolls, paper plates, or simple printables. As a bonus, many of these crafts also make adorable decorations or keepsakes. Get ready for some farmyard fun with these adorable farm animal crafts. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, you’re sure to find the perfect project for your little artists.

Materials Needed

While not all-inclusive, this list of materials provides a general overview of items you’ll need for many of these farm animal crafts.

Now that you’re all set with materials, let’s dive into these fun animal crafts!

Cow Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Strips Cow Craft

This craft is cute enough for preschoolers to love but also challenging enough for your K-3rd graders. Kids will cut paper into strips, draw cow-print patterns on them, and then assemble them into a 3D ball shape to make the cow’s head and body. What a fun way to work on scissors skills and dexterity!

3D cow made out of paper strips

by Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Cow Headband

Kids can rock this cute cow headband while visiting a farm, petting zoo, or just learning about all the curious critters that you can find on a farm. The printable includes a craft version or a colorable version, depending on the kids’ ages and abilities.

printable cow headbands

by Simple Everyday Mom

3. Paper Plate Cow

Turn a paper plate into an adorable cow with a few art supplies like construction paper, scissors, glue, and googly eyes. Attach a paint stick to the back if you want to turn it into a puppet for playtime.

paper plate cow craft

by Kids’ Craft Room

4. Foam Cup Cow

Use styrofoam or paper cups to make a charming little cow that’s chewing on grass! You’ll need some black paint for the spots, two colors of pink paint for the nose, and pipe cleaners to make the ears and grass.

cow made out of a foam cup

by Kids Activities Blog

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5. Printable Cow Craft

Want a low-prep fun activity? You only need a printer, scissors, and glue for an easy printable craft kids can cut out and assemble. What a cute little barnyard cow!

cut and paste cow craft

by Simple Mom Project

6. Toilet Roll Cow

An empty toilet paper roll is a wonderful blank canvas for a craft like this toilet roll cow. Cut out the pieces of the printable template, add spots where needed, and glue it all on the cardboard tube to make a cow that stands up on its own. This is a great project to pair with the book, “Click, Clack, Moo.

toilet paper tube cow craft

by Meaningful Mama

7. Cow Corner Bookmarks

Bookworms will have a blast making a cow-themed bookmark to save their spot in their favorite books. Follow the simple tutorial to fold your way into a cool corner bookmark!

cow corner bookmark

by Easy Peasy and Fun

Pig Crafts for Kids

8. Pig Toilet Roll Craft

Turn cardboard tubes into pretty pink piggies! Cover them in pink construction paper or paint them pink, then add a snout, googly eyes, ears, and a curly paper tail on the back if you want.

pig toilet roll craft

by Artsy Craftsy Mom

9. Rocking Paper Plate Pig

Interactive crafts are loads of fun. This paper plate piggy rocks back and forth, which makes it way more interesting! You only need paint, scissors, glue, and construction paper for this simple project.

paper plate pig craft that rocks back and forth

by Red Ted Art

10. Coffee Filter Pig

Grab a coffee filter and color it pink to start this super simple craft. Add it to a brown background to make it look like a pig in mud. This one is simple enough for all ages.

pig craft made with a coffee filter

by Look, We’re Learning

11. Cardboard Pig Craft

Upcycle a cardboard box to make this happy pig adorned with a flower. Of course, you can leave the flower off if you want. It’s cute enough to hang in the nursery or to decorate the playroom with.

cardboard pig craft with flower

by Hello, Wonderful

12. Handprint Pig

Make a cute memento and a fun pig craft all in one. Kids can trace their handprints, and embellish them with a black marker and a snip of the scissors to make the hooves. Add the face and some brown spots to make it look like the pig has been rolling in mud.

handprint pig craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

Horse Crafts

13. Paper Roll Horse

Harness your child’s creativity with this cute paper roll horse. Transform a paper roll into a galloping companion with some cardstock, glue, and a bit of imagination. Add a mane and tail made with yarn or cut paper, and don’t forget to draw a friendly horse face. This project even has a saddle and bridle! Make it a black horse to pair with a read of “Black Beauty.”

horse craft with paper roll

by Arty Crafty Kids

14. Paper Plate Horse

Who knew a simple paper plate could transform into a whimsical horse? Paint the plate brown or any color your child fancies for their horse, add paper cutouts for ears and snout, and a swish of hair for the mane up top. Don’t forget the big, expressive eyes! It’s super simple using the template.

paper plate horses

by Simple Everyday Mom

15. Cut and Paste Horse Craft

Ideal for those rainy days, this printable horse craft is quick, fun, and requires minimal supplies. Just print the template, let your child color it in, cut out the pieces, and assemble a majestic horse. The template includes both a craft version and a colorable version, depending on how much time you have and the skill level of the kids.

cut and paste horse craft

by Simple Mom Project

Duck Crafts

16. Handprint Duck Craft

Add a personalized touch to craft time with this adorable handprint duck. Let your child trace their handprint onto yellow craft foam or construction paper, with fingers making the duck’s fluffy feathers. Cut out, add an orange beak, eyes, and webbed feet for the final touches. It’ll make a wonderful keepsake of their growing hands.

yellow handprint duck

by Fun Handprint Art

17. Cute and Paste Duck Craft

Make a dapper duck quick with this printable duck activity. Have your child color in the duck template, snip out along the lines, and assemble. This easy craft is an excellent way to discuss the life cycle of ducks or to pair with stories like “Make Way for Ducklings.”

cut and paste duck craft

by Simple Mom Project

18. Five Little Ducks Craft

Bring the classic nursery rhyme to life with the 5 Little Ducks Egg Carton Craft. The egg carton becomes the pond, and you’ll make cute little ducks out of soft yellow pom-poms. It’s an interactive way to strengthen counting skills while having fun, as children can play along while singing the rhyme.

5 little ducklings craft with an egg carton

by Messy Little Monster

Chicken Crafts

19. Geometric Chicken

Mixing art and math, the Geometric Chicken Craft is a fun and educational activity for preschoolers. Using different shapes cut from colorful construction paper, children can assemble a mama hen and three baby chicks underneath her wing. This craft is a fantastic way to introduce shapes and colors.

hen craft made with various shapes

by The Craft Train

20. Origami Tangram Chickens

Try your first origami project with this easy tangram chicken. Following step-by-step instructions, kids can fold colored paper into a perfect chicken shape. This craft is a simple introduction to the Japanese art of paper folding and a fun way to enhance spatial thinking.

origami chickens

by Red Ted Art

21. Paper Plate Chick

Little ones will adore this easy paper plate chick. Using a yellow-painted paper plate as a base, add orange feet and a beak, yellow paper feathers, and big eyes to bring your adorable chick to life. Check out our list of Easter Chick Crafts if you’re making these around springtime.

paper plate chick craft

by The Craft Train

22. Handprint Chicken

Make this Handprint Chicken craft as you learn all about some of the most important animals on the farm. Trace your child’s hand onto colorful construction paper, with the fingers as the chicken’s tail feathers. Cut out, then add eyes, a beak, a rooster comb, and little chicken feet for a creative keepsake. It’s an excellent craft for capturing the memory of those tiny hands!

handprint chicken craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

23. Rooster Egg Cup

Decorate sections of egg cartons to look like cute roosters, then nestle a boiled egg (or faux egg) inside. While this is a great project for Easter to make breakfast more special, there’s never a bad time to incorporate creativity into table settings.

rooster craft made with egg cartons

by Red Ted Art

Goat Crafts

24. Printable Goat Craft

It doesn’t get much easier than this cut-and-paste goat craft. Print the template, let your little one color it in, and then assemble the pieces. This hands-on project can be paired with a lesson about goats or farm life.

cut and paste goat craft

by Simple Mom Project

25. Goat Corner Bookmark

Make reading even more fun with a corner goat bookmark. With some construction paper and a marker, kids can create an adorable goat face that peeks out from the pages of their favorite book. It’s a simple craft that encourages a love of books. Plus, it makes a great companion for a reading of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”

corner bookmark made to look like a goat

by Red Ted Art

Sheep Crafts

26. Paint Splat Sheep Craft

Simply splat white paint onto colorful paper and fold it over for a perfectly symmetrical design. Once dry, add a face and legs for an adorable fluffy sheep. It’s a fun, tactile activity that also provides a surprise element when revealing the paint splat.

sheep craft created with a paint splat

by Crafts on Sea

27. Cupcake Liner Sheep

Who knew cupcake liners could be so baa-rilliant? Create an adorable sheep with a cupcake liner body, adding several layers of liners plus a layer of cotton to make it extra fluffy. Glue on a cute face made with construction paper and grass made of shredded paper.

sheep craft made with cupcake liners and cotton balls

by About a Mom

Let’s read about farmyard animals!

Let’s keep the fun going with these fun reads! There are so many benefits to reading aloud to kids. It’s even been found that reading books to toddlers can help build their empathy, aiding in social-emotional development.

National Geographic Kids Look and Learn

Come meet your favorite farm animals in this colorful board book.

I Spy on the Farm

Every child loves a good I Spy book! Follow along and see how many farm animals you can find.

Summary – Farm Animal Craft Ideas

Farm animal crafts for kids are a great way to get children creative and help them explore the world of animals. Not only do they provide loads of fun, but they also aid cognitive development in children.

Whether your child is crafty or just starting out with easy projects, there are plenty of farm animal crafts that offer something for all ages and abilities. Plus, they’re a great family activity, too – working on projects together helps build strong connections between individuals and can be an enjoyable way to spend quality time together.

So grab some paper, paint, glue, and pipe cleaners, then start exploring the amazing world of farm animals! Let’s get crafting and have some fun – let’s make farm animal crafts for kids!

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