Cute Paper Plate Cow Craft for Kids

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Moo-ve over, boring afternoons! If you’re on the hunt for a delightful and easy craft that will keep little hands busy and spark creativity in your mini artists, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect solution. Today, I’m thrilled to share an udderly fantastic animal craft: the paper plate cow craft for kids.

This simple yet incredibly fun activity is not just about creating something adorable (which it certainly achieves); it’s also about spending quality time together, learning a bit about these fascinating farm animals, and developing fine motor skills along the way.

black and white paper plate cow craft

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So gather your supplies because we’re about to embark on a crafting adventure that promises heaps of laughter and creativity. Let’s get moo-ving

Supplies Needed for Paper Plate Cow Craft

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions for creating this adorable cow craft, let’s take a look at the supplies you’ll need. Feel free to change out any colors or materials to make your paper plate cow unique and special!

Here are the supplies you will need for your cow craft:

Cow Paper Plate Craft Instructions

Crafting a cow from a paper plate is the perfect activity for the classroom or a fun playdate with friends. Follow these simple steps to create your own cow—the perfect farm animal craft!

Step 1: Print Out the Cow Template

First things first, you’ll need to print out the kids’ free template for the cow. You can print the template here! Or, if you don’t have a printer, you can hand draw the different parts of the cow.

Once you have your cow template ready, gather all of your supplies in one place so everything is within easy reach! Then grab your kiddo and get started with this fun paper plate cow craft!

supplies and cow template for paper plate cow craft

Step 2: Cut out the Eyes, Nose, and Spots

Using scissors, carefully cut out the cow template along the outer lines. Place the different template pieces on black construction paper and trace around them with a pencil or marker. Then, cut out the traced cow spots and glue them onto your paper plate.

Grab your pink piece of construction paper and have your child cut out an oval for the cow’s nose. Lastly, cut out two small circles for the cow’s nose holes.

paper plate cow

Step 3: Attach the Cow’s Ears

Grab some white construction paper and cut out two ears! I purposely left these ears off the free template so that your child could get creative and personalize their own ears.

add ears to your paper plate cow

Step 4: Attach the Cow’s Eyes and Horn

Finally, it’s time to add the cow’s googly eyes and horns! Use the template to trace out a pair of horns on your black construction paper. If you have googly eyes, let your kiddo place them where they feel fit. Or let them draw them on with a marker for a more personalized touch.

finished paper plate cow

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Step 5: Finished Cow Craft

Now, it’s time to add some personality to your cow craft! Using markers, crayons, or colored pencils, shade in the paper plate as you please. For some extra fun, you can even give your cow a name and write it at the bottom of the paper plate.

Once all the details are added, find a spot around your home or classroom to display your masterpiece. You can also take a photo and share it with friends and family.

paper plate cow craft

Extension Ideas for This Cow Craft for Kids

Not ready for the fun to stop! Here are more cow activities you can try!

  1. Use different colored construction paper for the cow’s spots to create a more colorful and unique cow.
  2. Cut out multiple paper plates and create a whole herd of cows or other farm animals.
  3. Create a farm scene using other craft materials such as popsicle sticks, cotton balls, or felt to make a barn and other farm animals.
  4. Research different breeds of cows and try to recreate their distinct features in your craft.
  5. Create other cow crafts, such as a cow headband.

Another fun extension activity could be creating a cow-themed snack with your child. Use ingredients like chocolate chips for eyes, pretzels for horns, and whipped cream for spots on top of graham crackers or cookies. This allows children to not only have a tasty treat but also use their creativity and learn about the parts of a cow.

Let’s read about farm animals!

Take a trip to the library and check out books about cows and other farm animals. Learn more about their habitats, behavior, and how they contribute to our lives.

Here are some great reads all about farm animals:

When the Leaf Blew In – Follow along to see what happens when a leaf blows into the barn.

Gobble Gobble Crash – See what happens when noisy turkeys fly through the barnyard in the middle of the night!

Counting Animals on the Farm – Learn to count by counting farm animals.

Paper Plate Cow Craft – Summary

Engaging in this cute cow craft not only brings joy and simplicity to children but also presents a wonderful chance for them to explore and discover intriguing facts about cows and various other farm animals.

So, next time you’re looking for a fun activity for your little ones, why not try this adorable cow craft?

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cow paper plate

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