21 Fun Winter Sensory Bin Ideas For Preschoolers

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It’s that time of year when it starts to get cold, the snow falls, and we spend more time indoors. This can make for a long and dreary winter season. But don’t let this discourage you!

Winter is also a great time for sensory activities that will keep your kids entertained and active while helping them learn at the same time.

sensory bin ideas

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With these 21 fun winter sensory activities, you’ll have lots of ideas that’ll keep them smiling! From making Frozen slime and playing in bins with fluffy cotton balls and sparkly snowflakes, your child will love exploring their senses in these winter-inspired activities.

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21 Winter Themed Sensory Bins You Must Try This Winter

1. Snow Sensory Bottle

This sensory bottle helps little ones enjoy a calming experience while they enjoy a glittery winter wonderland in a bottle! Snow Sensory Bottle is the perfect way to add some magic and sparkle to your home this holiday season.

winter snow sensory bottle with glitter and sparkles
by Natural Beach Living

2. Melted Snowman Sensory Activity

Stuck inside during those cold winter days? No problem! Make this melted snowman sensory activity and bring the magic of snow days inside!

melted snowman recipe for sensory play
by Preschool Inspirations

3. How to Make Fake Snow

When it comes to making fun sensory bins, nothing beats this fake snow tutorial! Using everyday items, you’ll create a smooth DIY snow mixture that will give kids hours of entertainment

DIY fake snow recipe for sensory bin
by The Best Ideas for Kids

4. Hot Chocolate Playdough

Playdough is one of the best materials for sensory play, and this easy homemade recipe shows you how to make hot chocolate playdough for some delicious sensory play!

sensory playdough pretend hot chocolate featuring a cocoa cup
by Fireflies and Mud Pies

5. Preschool Snow and Ice Cube Sensory Bin

Encourage your little ones to explore and strengthen their sensory skills using this eye-catching snow and ice cube sensory bin!

colored ice cubes in sensory bin for kids
by Life Over C’s

6. How to Make Snow Dough

Capture your kid’s imagination and attention with this awesome snow playdough! Perfect for sensory play and exploration, this snow playdough homemade recipe is easy to make and budget-friendly!

snow dough recipe for winter indoor sensory activities
by Buggy and Buddy


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    7. Winter Sensory Bin

    Whether you’re looking for fun indoor winter activities for your kids or just some easy sensory bin ideas, this winter-themed sensory bin made of pretend snow checks all the boxes.

    sensory win with pretend snow
    by Mommy’s Bundle

    8. Frozen Elsa Slime

    If your kids are mini-fans of Elsa from Frozen at home, this sparkly slime will surely be a big hit at home!

    frozen inspired blue glittery slime
    by Crayons and Cravings

    9. Polar Bear Sensory Bin

    Dive into the wild world of polar bears with this adorable sensory bin and invite your kids to a spectacular experience in this magical polar land!

    polar bear themed sensory bin
    by Living Life and Learning

    10. Snowman Sensory Squish Bag

    Add a little extra something to your sensory bins collection with this adorable squishy bag idea. You can make this slime in no time, thanks to a zip-top bag and lots of fun items like pom-poms and glittery!

    sensory squish bag featuring snowman
    by Fantastic Fun and Learning

    11. Fluffy Snowman Slime

    This fluffy snowman-inspired slime recipe is easy to make and needs only a few simple ingredients. With these simple steps, kids can help out and learn a little about the science behind slime!

    Fluffy Slime featuring a snowman
    by The Best Ideas for Kids

    12. Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough

    Try a hot chocolate fun spin to the classic cloud dough recipe. Your little ones will love crumbling, kneading, and digging into this super soft and airy dough!

    hot chocolate cloud dough recipe featuring a bear shape
    by Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

    13. Painting Snow

    Use this fun snow painting activity to encourage your kids to express their creativity while improving their sensory skills!

    painting snow winter activity for kids
    by Projects with Kids

    14. Winter Nature Sensory Bin with Cloud Dough

    This adorable nature sensory bin is such a cute idea to recreate at home! Preschoolers can immerse themselves in nature through a sensory bin. The best? There’s an excellent snow cloud dough recipe in this sensory bin to add that winter sparkle to this nature activity!

    DIY fake snow recipe for sensory bin
    by Natural Beach Living

    15. Penguin Sensory Play

    Have little penguin lovers at home? Then, this cute penguin sensory play bin is just what you’re looking for. Using salt Epson as the snowflakes, this bin has tons of different pretend play options that your kids will love to discover.

    fun winter activity for kids featuring penguin sensory play
    by Fantastic Fun and Learning

    16. Insta Snow Winter Sensory Play

    Sensory play can be an amazing tool to teach young minds color theory and science in a hands-on way, and this cute winter sensory play can do just that!

    insta snow recipe for sensory play for kids
    by Buggy and Buddy

    17. Snowman Sensory Bottle

    This is a great indoor calming sensory activity. Kids will love watching the glittery water swirling around inside this Snowman Sensory Bottle!

    DIY snowman sensory bottle
    by Life Over C’s

    18. Winter Play Dough Recipe

    Enhance early childhood skills in a fun-filled way by making this icy-themed play dough! This playdough no-cook recipe is an easy and super cute version. Kids will have lots of fun playing with this snowy dough!

    white and blue winter play dough recipe for sensory play
    by Steam Powered Family

    19. Hot Chocolate Soap Foam Sensory Play

    A fantastic recipe for sensory play, this frothy chocolate soap foam will delight your kids! The best? You can whip this foamy soap up in a few minutes and start having fun!

    sensory bin for indoor play featuring chocolate soap foam
    by And Next Comes L

    20. I Spy Winter Wonderland Sensory Bag

    This sensory bag is a wonderful mess-free option when it comes to sensory activities! It helps children build their cognitive skills and explore their sense of curiosity as they play.

    Winter wonderland sensory bag DIY inspired by I Spy Winter
    by Mama Instincts

    21. Arctic Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

    Winter is the perfect time for this mess-free arctic-themed sensory bag.
    You can switch up some of the items in this sensory bin and create different themes depending on your children’s latest craze. Kids will have a blast!

    artic winter sensory play
    by Fun-a-Day

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    winter sensory bin ideas

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