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How To Make Pumpkin Stamp Art With Apples

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It’s that time of year again! The leaves are beginning to change into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow.

This season is by far a favorite as pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins begin to appear on doorsteps. What better way to celebrate the change in seasons than by with some fun arts and crafts?

Let’s start this season right with some awesome pumpkin stamp art.

paint apples this fall

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Pumpkin Stamp Art Details:

This is a simple stamping art project that can be done by kids of any age!

Age Group: 3+ yrs

Difficulty: Easy

Time To Complete: 10 minutes

Supplies Needed To Make Pumpkin Stamps

You can really tailor these pumpkin stamps and use the supplies you already have at home.

Here’s what you’ll need for this craft:

If you are missing something from the supply list, it’s okay! For example, if you don’t have googly eyes, let your child draw some on with a marker. Or use buttons. If you don’t have pipe cleaners, use string, twine, or anything else you can find lying around your home.

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How To Make Awesome Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Here’s where things start to get fun. It’s time to let your child get creative with these pumpkin stamps.

Step 1: Collect the supplies need for your apple stamps

Use the list above to collect your supplies. Cut the brown pipe cleaners into small pieces to use as stems.

Next, chop in half an apple or two, depending on how many kids will be doing the project and how many different paint colors you will use.

Step 2: Paint your apple

Have your child use a paintbrush and paint the entire apple surface. Make sure to cover the apple with a thick coat of paint.

We used blue and orange paint for this craft, but that was only because that’s what I had on hand. Keep in mind water-based paints won’t work well because the apple is already wet.

how to paint an apple

Step 3: Press your painted apple onto cardstock paper

Take your apple and press them firmly onto your paper. I recommend using cardstock paper because it is thicker. However, construction paper or computer paper will work fine if that’s all you have on hand.

Once you start doing the apple stamps, you will be able to tell if you do or don’t have enough paint on the apple.

art with apples

Step 4: Let your artwork dry

Once your child is done stamping, have them set aside their artwork until it’s dry. Depending on how much paint was used and the thickness of the paper. It shouldn’t take long to dry.

pumpkin apple stamps

Step 5: Assemble Your Pumpkin Stamp Craft

It’s time to assemble your craft!

Let your child place the googly eyes and stems where they want. This is a perfect time if they want to add additional decorations to their pumpkin.

apple stamping

Here is the finished product! Now it’s your turn. Let us know how your apple stamping project turned out in the comments below.

apple pumpkin stamping

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pumpkin stamping

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