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23 Valentine’s Day Paper Crafts for Kids

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The holidays are a great way to inspire creativity in your children. Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for kids to make personalized gifts to give. 

These 23 personalized Valentine’s Day paper crafts are creative and entertaining for kids. It will also give their holiday gifts a more special meaning and provide skill enhancements like coloring, cutting, and gluing. 

Valentine paper craft activities for kids

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Supply List for Your Paper Valentines Crafts

Before jumping into the crafts, let’s review some basic materials you will need for these Valentine’s Day crafts. Most of these items can be found in your home or at a local store. Pick and choose what supplies you use for which projects.

Most importantly, have fun!

23 Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids

Enjoy this assortment of fun Valentine’s paper heart crafts and other easy crafts made out of paper! The link to each specific craft under each image! Enjoy!

1. Valentine Puppy Heart Craft

Get ready for some heartwarming Valentine’s Day crafting fun with our adorable puppy heart craft for kids! This delightful project is not only cute but also a fantastic way to engage your little ones in a creative activity.

Using simple materials like colored paper, glue, and googly eyes, children can craft their own lovable puppy faces inside heart-shaped frames. It’s a perfect opportunity to teach them about shapes, colors, and coordination while fostering their artistic expression.

valentine paper puppy

By Kidz Craft Corner

2. Valentine Gnome Handprint

Gnomes are fun graphics for all seasons. These adorable handprint gnomes are easy to assemble for school-aged children practicing cutting and gluing. And you can re-use the template for every holiday by changing the paper color.

valentine gnome handprint craft

By Kidz Craft Corner

3. Heart Fish Craft

Dive into the sea of creativity with our heart fish craft – the easiest and most delightful Valentine’s Day project for kids! This simple and charming fish craft requires just a few materials, making it perfect for little hands eager to create.

Using heart-shaped cutouts, children can transform them into adorable fish bodies, adding colorful fins and googly eyes for that extra underwater flair.

valentine heart fish paper craft for kids

By Kidz Craft Corner

4. Puppy Paper Bag Card Holder

This paper bag craft can be a great project to finish before the big V-day to hold all their Valentine’s gifts and treats. Or it can be a great gift for your kids to create and fill as a gift for their favorite people. You’ll need a paper bag, construction and red glitter paper, a marker, some glue, and the template in the link below.

paper bag puppy to hold your valentine cards

By Crafty Kids Play

5. Valentine Potato Prints

Potatoes are a versatile starchy root vegetable. Not only can you cook them, but you can also use them to create crafts. This neat Valentine’s project can be interesting for kids to complete. It has a simple supply list of russet potatoes, tempera paint, mini pie tins, paper towels, and paper bags. You’ll also need something to cut the potatoes into slices.

potato heart stamp for kids

By Fluxing Well

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6. Adorable Valentine Panda Craft

Cute animals are as much a part of Valentine’s as heart candies and chocolate. This hands-on craft requires assembling different piece shapes to create adorable pandas. Gather craft supplies like scissors, colored paper, glue, and this cute panda template

panda bear valentine craft

By Simple Everyday Craft

7. Pretty Valentine Fingerprint Card

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with our delightful fingerprint Valentine cards – a fun and personalized craft for kids! Capture the essence of tiny fingerprints by turning them into adorable heart shapes on cards, creating a unique and sentimental touch.

This craft not only allows children to express their creativity but also offers a wonderful opportunity to explore different colors and textures. Whether it’s for parents, grandparents, or friends, these fingerprint Valentine cards are a heartwarming way for kids to showcase their affection through art.

fingerprint heart card for kids

By Kidz Craft Corner

8. Say Happy Valentine’s with a Perky Mouse

Valentine’s Day can make anything seem cute and loving—including big-eared mice. This adorable project uses a mouse holding a heart to deliver a custom message. You’ll need colored paper, markers, glue, scissors, and this mouse template.

mouse valentine

By Simple Everyday Mom

9. Crafty Countdown to Valentine’s Day

Countdowns can be fun to teach your kids about numbers. This neat Valentine’s Day craft makes it easy to track V-Day. For this project, you’ll need to cut out 14 hearts that you’ll tape down and write on with markers.

valentine hearts with sweet messages count down to valentines day

By Fox Farm Home

10. Printable Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards

Printable lacing cards can be a great craft for all ages to practice fine motor skills. These printable lacing cards are cool Valentine’s activities. Print out the templates, laminate, and punch holes around the template. Use a string—thread, rope, shoelace, or ribbon—to weave through the holes.

fun valentine lacing activity for kids

By Living Life and Learning

11. Colorful Printmaking Heart Crafts For Preschoolers

What’s so amazing about this colored heart craft is that it works for kids of all ages and is easy to complete with minimal supplies. Essentials include coffee filters, a spray bottle, markers, and white paper. Then customize with extras as you want.  

colorful heart craft for preschoolers to try

By Fun a Day

12. Versatile Coffee Filter Cutout Crafts

Coffee filters have many uses, from coffee preparation to cleaning tools to crafts. Grab this free template to cut out hearts on round coffee filters. Then, use washable markers to create your design and a spray bottle of water to blend colors into unique patterns.

different color coffee filter hearts for valentine day

By Darcy and Brian

13. Explore Originality with Cute Valentine Owl

These adorable owls have simple supplies like colored craft paper, scissors, glue, writing utensils, and this free template. Cut out the shapes on your chosen colored papers and glue them together. It’s a great project for kids to practice cutting and gluing skills.

fun valentine owl craft for kids

By Only Passionate Curiosity

14. Heart Paper Quill Balloon Card

Homemade Valentine cards can give your gifts an extra level of personalization. This craft project involves quilling papers to create a 3D card display. By combining two quilled pieces, you get a cute heart. Draw some lines on paper and have a neat heart balloon card. 

quilling heart paper craft

By Saving Dollars & Sense

15. Printable Valentine Butterfly Project

If you’re limited on craft supplies but still want to make a cute Valentine’s Day paper craft, this simple project is right for you. Grab the template—black and white if you want a color sheet or colored to print on white paper. Then all you (or your kids) need are a pair of scissors and some glue.

Check out this fun beaded butterfly craft as well!

butterfly heart craft

By Simply Full of Delight

chore chart

16. Hot Air Balloon Valentine Project

This paper craft project is great for kids who like hot air balloons and must practice writing skills. Print your hot air balloon template and choose from the three Valentine’s Day quotes to create a sweet custom card. 

hot air balloon craft

By Mama of Minis

17. Make It Exciting with Valentine Airplanes

Delivering a Valentine’s message via the excitement of a paper airplane can make the holiday more exciting for kids. This craft is perfect for all ages, whether you’re leaving a message for your kids’ or kids create messages to give. 

valentine airplanes

By Homan at Home

18. Valentine’s Day Kindness Countdown

This kindness countdown craft can help start the Day on a good note with positive daily reminders. And it’ll be fun to pull a ring off every day and read the message inside. You can have a creative kindness chain in minutes with strips of paper, printed messages, a glue stick (or stapler), and scissors.

kindness countdown using colorful paper chains

By Coffee and Carpool

19. Paper Weave Heart Project

Paper weaving is an interesting hands-on project that can be as fun for a Valentine’s Day craft as any other occasion. This project requires cutting along the lines inside the hearts with a utensil, such as a paper cutter or craft blade. So, it may be better for an adult or older child to cut and younger children to weave.

a paper heart weave project with different colors

By Little a Doo

20. Colorable Printable Valentine’s Cards

These printable Valentine’s coloring cards can be perfect for practicing coloring skills. You can print at home, so there’s no last-minute rush to the store the night before the class party to scrounge up Valentine’s Day cards

free valentine day cards that are printable

By Bravery and Belonging

21. Love You to Pieces Hand Crafts

Crafts incorporating your child’s hands can be a great keepsake for family Valentine’s gifts. This personalized project uses hand cutouts to create sweetheart messages. It’s a great way to use mismatched tissue paper and cardstock

handprint valentine craft

By The Best Ideas for Kids

22. Mosaic Heart on Heart Project for Preschoolers

The best thing about this mosaic craft is that even littles with chunky hands can create a card. You don’t need to stick to a pattern, and there’s no writing involved. It’s superb for a preschool Valentine’s Day paper crafts. 

mosaic heart art for kids

By Cobberson & Company

23. Craft Useful Origami Heart Bookmarks

This simple craft requires zero experience to create and minimal supplies. If you’re going to be doing a lot of origami projects, you may want to invest in inexpensive, thin-colored origami paper. But regular printer paper works as well, although this craft might use a lot of ink to create the colored hearts. 

origmai heart paper crafts

By DIY Candy

Easy Crafts With Paper for Valentine’s Day

Explore a world of creativity with our latest blog post featuring 23 Valentine’s Day paper crafts specially curated for kids! From charming heart-shaped animals to paper quilling projects, this collection offers a diverse range of crafts to keep little hands busy and hearts full.

Dive into the joy of crafting with simple materials like colored paper, glue, and scissors, as each project comes with easy-to-follow instructions and engaging designs. Whether it’s adorable heart shaped fish, fingerprint cards, or lovable puppy faces, these crafts promise endless fun and opportunities for artistic expression.

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valentine paper crafts for kids to try

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