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21 Adorable Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

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Mothers deserve to be honored and celebrated every day of the year, but every May, there’s one special day set aside for making a fuss over Moms. To help kids surprise their mothers (and grandmas and aunties) with something heartfelt, we’ve made a list of 21 totally adorable Mother’s Day cards kids can make.

There’s something here that will appeal to any child—from macaroni art to photo projects to a card made of Legos. Scan this list, pick a few projects, and help the kids make them for the special women in their lives.

pin collage of Mother's Day cards that kids can make

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Supplies for Homemade Mother’s Day Cards

Here are common supplies you will need for a majority of these crafts. Pick and choose what supplies you use for which projects. Most importantly, have fun!

Cute Ideas for Mother’s Day Cards from Kids

Let’s dive into these cute cards that moms are sure to love.

1. Macaroni Art Mother’s Day Cards

Painted pasta has never looked more beautiful! These whimsical cards take macaroni art to a whole new level. Recreate the floral designs you see here or use them as inspiration to make a flower design of your own.

flowers made with various pasta shapes

by Handmade Charlotte

2. 3D Tulip Card

Use the printable template to craft a Hallmark-worthy card for Mother’s Day. With cardstock, pipe cleaner stems, scissors, and glue, you can assemble a beautiful and heartfelt card in no time.

Write a special message on the flower pot to show Mom how special she is.

tulip card for Mother's Day

by The Best Ideas for Kids

3. Cactus Handprint Card

Succulents and cacti have been popular for years now, but this craft has a sentimental touch—cute little handprints! Turn those sweet handprints into a beautiful cactus card that Mom can add to her scrapbook and treasure forever.

cactus handprint Mother's Day card

by Simple Everyday Mom

4. Q-Tip Flower Art Mother’s Day Card

We’ve mentioned this card in our post on spring flower crafts, but it’s also worth mentioning here. Teach kids the pointillism technique while making a lovely card for Mom.

Not only is painting with Q-tips fun, but it’s easier for toddlers and preschoolers because they don’t have to worry about brushstrokes. All they need to do is dip the Q-tip in the paint and then dab it on the page.

flower card made with pointillism technique using q-tips

by Artsy Craftsy Mom

5. Printable Fingerprint Flower Cards

Those fingerprints that dot windows and walls won’t be small forever. Preserve them just as they are now with this flower card for Mother’s Day.

Grab the template that includes the flower stems and centers, and then let the kids get to work adding their fingerprint petals.

i'd pick you flower card for mom

by Messy Little Monster

Other fun crafts:

6. Rainbow Heart Mother’s Day Card

Give Mom a beautiful rainbow heart card for her special day. Use foam shape cutouts to make this rainbow silhouette craft easier.

rainbow heart card for mom

by Powerful Mothering

7. Whale Mother’s Day Card

With this whale-themed photo craft, mom will have a whale of a time on Mother’s Day. It reads, “We Whaley love you,” but you can change the phrase to whatever you want.

“You’re a Whaley great mom” is a great idea, too!

whale-themed Mother's Day card

by The Soccer Mom Blog

8. Tulip Heart Card

Here’s another pretty tulip-themed card that’s sure to be a hit on Mother’s Day. This time, it’s a 3D tulip inside a heart-shaped card. Mom will enjoy displaying this card for a long time after May.

heart shaped card with paper tulip inside

by Easy Peasy and Fun

9. Flowers in a Jar Card

Any mom who loves mason jars will enjoy this card featuring pretty blooms in a jar. Each flower has a kind word that describes Mom’s character or personality.

What a thoughtful way to show her how much her children care for her!

jar of flowers mother's day card

by The Best Ideas for Kids

10. Dandelion Mother’s Day Card

Have you ever picked a dandelion, made a wish, and blown the seeds away into the wind? That magical moment is captured in this dandelion-themed card for Mom wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day.

dandelion card for Mother's Day

by Projects with Kids

11. Heart and Flower Card

This lovely card fills a simple heart with 3D flower petals and leaves. Once the craft is finished, write a special message inside to tell your mom how much she means to you.

3d flower on a heart shaped card

by Buggy and Buddy

12. Lego Mother’s Day Card

Kids who enjoy building will get a kick from this Mother’s Day card built with Legos. With a heart on the front and a sweet message inside, this creative project is sure to make Mom smile.

card for mom built out of Legos

by Steamsational

13. Plastic Cap Flower Card

This eco-friendly card is easily made using basic craft supplies and recycled plastic lids. The lid serves as the flower center. Add petals, stems, and leaves, and complete the rest of the picture with grass and sunshine.

flower card made with plastic lid and paint

by Kids Activities

14. Butterfly Kisses Art

Pair a photo with butterfly cutouts, and you get a gorgeous piece of art Mom can display all year.

Although technically, it’s not a card. We’re including it in this list because you can easily turn it into one. Fold a piece of cardstock in half, add the butterflies and photo to the front, and write a special message inside.

Of course, it’ll look just as lovely on canvas. You’ll need a butterfly hole punch to complete this craft.

butterfly art for Mom

by Hello Wonderful

15. Footprint Butterfly Card

What a sweet way to remember tiny baby feet! This is the perfect card for moms who are celebrating their first year of motherhood with their babies. It’s also a cute choice for toddlers to make, too.

The sweet poem on the template is sure to bring about a happy tear or two.

footprint butterfly card for mom

by Messy Little Monster

16. Unicorn Flower Art

Like the butterfly art above, this unicorn art idea can be turned into a large card. Simply staple or glue another sheet of cardstock to this one to write a special note to Mom inside.

Decorating with real flowers is a fun way to incorporate nature into this spring project.

unicorn art for mom

by Hello, Wonderful

17. Heart Fingerprint Card

We love the simplicity and sentimentality of this card. Use fingerprints and a pen or marker to make a bundle of heart-shaped balloons on a piece of folded cardstock. Write your personalized message inside for Mom, and you’re all set.

fingerprint heart balloons on cardstock

by Kiddy Charts

18. 3D Flowers Card

This 3D flower craft is made with coffee filters and is perfect for moms and grandmas. Even if you don’t drink coffee, keep some filters on hand to make simple, beautiful crafts like this one.

coffee filter flowers on a watercolor paper card

by Projects with Kids

19. Fingerprint Bird Card

What could be more fitting for spring than a mama bird and a baby bird? This multimedia craft incorporates paint, buttons, and sticks for a charming card that’s simple enough for all ages.

mama and baby bird card

by Artsy Craftsy Mom

20. Cupcake Pop-Up Card

Here’s another delightful photo card—this time with a cupcake theme. Kids can embellish the cupcake and add a photo that pops up using the popsicle stick. Sweet!

pop-up cupcake card for mom

by The Soccer Mom Blog

21. Tissue Paper Flower Card

Grab some tissue paper from your stash of gift-wrapping supplies to make these simple flower cards. Use scraps of green yarn to make the stems, or substitute green construction paper or pipe cleaners if you don’t have yarn.

tissue paper flowers on yellow cardstock

by Buggy and Buddy

Summary- Homemade Mother’s Day Card Ideas

That rounds out our Mother’s Day Cards list for kids to make. We hope you find an idea or two so you can surprise Mom with a beautiful card on her special day.

Must-try spring crafts:

Must-read Mother’s Day Books

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The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Mom

Join the Bears as they search for the perfect gift for Momma Bear!

Don’t forget to share and pin it to come back when you’re in a crafty mood!

collage of kid-made Mother's Day cards

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