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17 Fun Crafts With Real Leaves You Need To Try This Fall

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Fall is here, and with it come the beautiful colors of autumn. Kids love to rake leaves in their yard and jump into piles of crunchy fallen leaves. But there are so many other things that kids can do with real fall leaves, too!

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating a piece of art or getting your hands dirty by making something yourself. You’ll find 17 kids’ crafts with real leaves as the main materials in this list.

leaf crafts for kids

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17 Leaf Crafts For Fall

Ready to start crafting with leaves? To start, head outside and pick out some leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Make sure you collect a variety from around your yard or neighborhood.

Once you have gathered enough leaves, head back inside and lay them flat on a table. Now it’s time to get creative! What can you make with the leaves?

You’ll be surprised at all the fun, beautiful things you can make with a handful of leaves and a headful of creativity.

1. Turkey Leaf Craft

This adorable turkey craft is one great idea to keep little ones happy and busy during fall! The best? It comes with a free printable template! To get started with your fall leaf turkey, head to the link below the image.

cute fall turkey craft made with orange and red real leaves

by Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Autumnal Suncatcher

Easy to put together and super fun for the little ones, this whimsical suncatcher makes a great activity for any autumn afternoon!

fall craft autumnal suncatcher made with real leaves on window

by The Gingerbread House

3. Fall in a Bottle

Bottle up that precious fall spirit with this original leaf craft idea! Making this fall-themed bottle is a great fall activity that kids will love. Plus, you can treasure it forever.

kids craft for autumn made with real leaves and bottle

by The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Other fun fall craft ideas:

4. Clothespin and Leaf Turkeys

To make these delightful clothespin turkeys, you’ll only need glue, googly eyes, clothespins, and some real leaves.

fall themed clothespin crafts made with orange leaf
by Our Kid Things

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5. Watercolor Leaf Printing

Looking for a fun and colorful last-minute craft to make this fall? You’ve found it!

This watercolor painting project is perfect for giving little ones a chance to explore nature and colors.

fall craft using watercolors and real leaves for fall

by Fantastic Fun & Learning

6. Tracing Autumn Leaf Veins

Your kids will love making this tracing craft inspired by fall colors!

Besides having lots of fun, little ones can discover the fascinating shapes and lines leaves are made of.

leaf themed craft panting idea for kids

by Go Science Kids

Check out our Fall Busy Book, which is full of educational entertainment! This book includes creative craft activities, games, puzzles, and more – perfect for a rainy fall day!

7. Apple Suncatchers Made with Leaves

Using leaves to create the shape of this delicious autumn staple, this eye-catching apple suncatcher is a fun-filled activity for celebrating the fall spirit!

apple suncatcher fall craft made with real leaves

by Fireflies and Mud Pies

8. Rainbow Leaf Prints

This hands-on rainbow activity is a terrific idea that will keep little ones busy while engaging their creative skills. Go grab some paint and leaves, and let’s get started.

printing craft using real leaves fall themed

by Grace Giggles and Naptime

9. Lion Leaf Craft

Get ready to hear your kids roar with laughter with this adorable lion craft! The steps are included in the post using the link below and a template to make things even easier for you.

lion craft made with real leaves

by Easy Peasy and Fun

10. Fall Leaf Crown

This fairy-like leaf crown has all the ingredients to be a favorite at home.

Because it’s so easy to make, this craft is a great kid-friendly activity to do outdoors.

an autumn themed crown made with real fall leaves

By Red Ted Art

11. Fall Leaf Triceratops

If you have a dinosaur fan at home, this fantastic craft is exactly what you need! Each step is super simple, and little ones will love the entire process of making triceratops with fall leaves!

Also, check out these 25 fun Dinosaur crafts along with this fun Dino wash activity!

triceratops craft made with real fall leaves

by Our Kid Things

12. Leaf Lanterns

With this kid-friendly project, your kids can make their own lanterns using leaves and candles. It’s a super cute idea to make this season extra cozy and magical for the little ones.

real leaf lanterns for autumn themed crafts for fall

by Red Ted Art

13. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets

Making finger puppets has never been so easy (or so much fun!)
This craft project uses real leaves and toilet paper rolls to make these cute little puppets.

Perfect for a fall weekend project!

finger puppets autumn themed craft using natural leaves

by Crafts by Amanda

14. CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

Add some recycling to your fall-themed crafts using old CDs, like in this fantastic idea by Our Kid Things. You’ll need CDs, real leaves, and some simple craft supplies. Budget-friendly approved!

turkey fall craft using real autumn leaves and cds

by Our Kid Things

15. Quirky Leaf Friends

Stop the boredom in its tracks! Your child will be able to transform leaves from the outdoors into cute little friends in just a couple of steps.

cute and quirky friends made with real leaves kid's craft
by Handmade Charlotte

16. Hedgehog Fall Leaf Craft

Want to add some pizzazz to your fall crafts? Try this adorably cute hedgehog made with leaves!

If you love hedgehogs, try these 15 fun hedgehog crafts!

cute hedgehog craft for kids, autumn themed made with real leaves

by Arty Crafty Kids

17. Fall Tree Craft with Real Leaves

This easy tree craft is made with real autumn leaves and a (free!) template, making it a fun and relaxing crafting activity for the whole family!

tree craft made with real leaves for fall

by Crafts on Sea

Easy Leaf Crafts- Summary

Next time you wonder what craft to do with leaves, I hope you venture into this article and enjoy these fall leaf craft projects.

With a few items from around your home, you can make some of the most beautiful fall crafts ever! From leaf garlands and wreaths to wall art and wind chimes, there are many fun ways to use leaves in autumn projects.

So grab your leaves and get started! Have fun crafting! πŸ™‚

If you enjoyed this craft, save it for later and follow us on Pinterest for more fun craft ideas.

Fun craft ideas:

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