How To Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes With Markers

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Do you have a child that loves snowflakes and snow? Is it too chilly outside for him/her to play outside? 

Here is a craft that is super simple and neat to make. Creating snowflakes out of coffee filters was a fun and pretty craft to make, and it looked beautiful catching the sunlight from the window.

how to make snowflakes from coffee filters

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Coffee Filter Snowflakes Details:

Age group: 1+

Difficulty: EASY

Time to complete: 15 minutes 

My son had a blast coloring the coffee filters. He had even more fun getting them wet for the colors to create a tie-dye effect. The dry time can take a bit longer depending on how saturated your child makes the filter.

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    Supplies Need For Coffee Filter Snowflake Craft:

    This craft supply list is minimal, and all of the crafting supplies you should have at home. But if you don’t, here is what you’ll need.

    Here is what you’ll need to make snowflakes with coffee filters:

    I used a Tylenol syringe for my son to drip water onto the filters. It was a bit more controlled than giving him the cup of water. 

    You could also use a spray bottle, but again I didn’t want to have my son spraying himself and everything else in range. That’s toddler life. 

    Older children could probably handle using a spoon to dribble water onto the filter.

    How To Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

    Step 1:

    Gather your supplies listed in the supply list above. Next fold the coffee filters into ¼ looking pie slices.  

    Step 2: 

    Let your child color the filter. I had my son use blue, pink, and purple marker colors, but allow your child to be as creative as they want. 

    Step 3:

    Fold the coffee filter one more time, and drip water on it. The colors will start to bleed together, making a neat tie-dye effect. It doesn’t take much water to achieve the effect.

    coffee filter snowflake

    Unfold the coffee filters and set them aside to dry. (I used a cookie cooling rack to place ours on)

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      Step 4: 

      Once filters are completely dry, refold them into ⅛ slices and cut them into snowflakes. Unfold them and hang them in a window, on the fridge, or from the ceiling.

      snowflake out of coffee filters

      This craft was so simple and easy; my son could have colored snowflakes forever! We hung them up on his bedroom window, and he admired his artwork and wanted to show everyone who would follow him.

      He loved showing us the colors he saw and telling us all about snowflakes…. Or as much as a toddler knows about snowflakes. 😉

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