19 Magical Unicorn Crafts for Kids

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Unicorns capture the imagination like nothing else—a symbol of magic, mystery, and endless possibility. It’s no wonder that kids are utterly enchanted by them! If you’re looking to sprinkle a little bit of that mystical charm into your family’s life, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re diving into the colorful world of unicorn crafts for kids. From sparkling slime to majestic masks, we’ll share a treasure trove of magical ideas that will not only keep your little ones entertained but also spark their creativity and transport them to a whimsical world where anything is possible. So grab your glitter and get ready for an adventure in crafting that’s as enchanting as it is fun!

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Supplies Needed for Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Before we get started, let’s make sure you have all the supplies you need for these fun unicorn crafts. Don’t worry, most of the supplies are easily found at your local craft store or even in your own home.

Here’s what you’ll need for these magical unicorn crafts:

19 Unicorn Arts and Crafts to Try

With your supplies at the ready, it’s time to dive into the enchanting world of unicorn crafts! From sparkling decorations to playful accessories, each craft is designed to bring a little more magic into your day. So, let’s unleash our creativity and explore some fun unicorn arts and crafts that will surely capture the hearts of young crafters everywhere.

1. Fun Unicorn Puppets

Unicorn lovers everywhere will adore these adorable puppets! With just a few basic supplies, you can create your very own unicorn puppet show. Cut out a unicorn head shape from paper and glue it on googly eyes for some added fun. The unicorn’s mane can be made out of colorful washi tape or yarn, and the horn can be fashioned from glitter cardstock paper!

puppet unicorn

by Kidz Craft Corner

2. Unicorn Finger Puppets

These playful unicorn puppets are the perfect craft for little ones to play with. Using cardstock, scissors, and glue, cut out a simple unicorn shape and attach it to a pipe cleaner to make the perfect unicorn puppet. You can also add embellishments like glitter or sequins for some extra sparkle.

paper unicorn craft

by Kidz Craft Corner

3. Paper Plate Unicorn Craft

This easy and fun craft is perfect for a rainy day activity. Simply grab a paper plate to get started! Then, using construction paper, cut out a unicorn horn, ears, and mane to attach to the top of the plate. Add some googly eyes or draw them on yourself, and you’ll have one adorable unicorn puppet!

paper plate unicorn craft

by In the Bag Kids Crafts

4. Handprint Unicorn Craft

This fun unicorn craft idea is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. All you need is some colored cardstock paper, glue, the free printable template in the link below, and a little creativity!

Simply have your child make their handprint on the paper, then cut out the details like a horn, mane, and eyes to create a magical handprint unicorn.

purple handprint unicorn craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

5. Paper Bag Unicorn Puppet

This cute unicorn puppet is easy to make and provides imaginative play for kids. Start with a white paper bag and cut out a hole for your child’s hand to fit through. Then, use construction paper to create the unicorn’s features such as a horn, ears, and mane. Your child can also color or paint the bag to add their own personal touch.

When you are finished, be sure to check out these paper bag crafts!

cute unicorn puppet made from a paper bag

by Simple Everyday Mom

Other fun craft ideas:

chore chart

6. Magial Unicorn Craft

Transform a plain white paper plate into a magical unicorn with this simple craft. Cut out ears and a horn from gold or rainbow-colored paper and glue them onto the top of the plate. Then, have your child use markers to draw on the eyes, a nose, and a mouth. They can also add glitter or sequins for some extra sparkle.

unicorn art and crafts

by Mama of Minis

7. Polymer Clay Unicorn

For older children, this polymer clay unicorn figurine is a fun and creative project. Start by shaping the clay into a basic unicorn shape, then use smaller pieces to add details like the mane and horn.

unicorn clay craft

by Me and My Inklings

8. Unicorn Ornaments

Bring some magic to your Christmas tree with these DIY unicorn ornaments. Follow along in the directions below to turn simple materials into a sparkling addition to your holiday decor.

Also, check out these fun Handmade Christmas ornaments!

unicorn ornaments

by Swoodson Says

9. Unicorn Slime Jars

Slime is a popular trend among kids, and why not add some unicorn magic to it? Create a basic slime recipe using clear glue, liquid starch, and food coloring. Then, add in small foam balls or glitter for texture and top it off with a mini unicorn figurine. Store the slime in a mason jar decorated with unicorn stickers or flowers like the one below.

unicorn slime jars

by The Best Ideas for Kids

10. Sew Your Own Unicorn

Are you looking for a great project for the whole family? Try sewing your own unicorn plushie! You can find this easy pattern below or create your own design. Use a colorful felt for the body, add on a mane of rainbow yarn or felt, and sew on a glittery horn. This is a fun and unique way to bring some unicorn magic into your home.

pink unicorn

by Fun Cloths Crafts

11. Felt Unicorn Garland

Unicorns are known for their enchanting presence, and one way to capture that is through a felt unicorn. Simply cut out shapes of unicorns from colorful felt, add on some sparkly details like sequins and glitter, and colorful yarn! Hang it in your child’s room or use it as a party decoration for a magical touch.

diy felt unicorn

by Me and My Inklings

12. Valentine Unicorn Box

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to spread love, and what better way to do that than with a handmade unicorn box! Follow along with the link below to create your own. Then, fill the box with treats or small gifts for your loved ones. This cute and thoughtful gift will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Then go check out these 30 free printable Valentine’s Day cards!

valentine unicorn box craft

by Mom Brite

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13. Paper Unicorn Craft

Unleash your child’s creativity by letting them create their very own unicorn’s face on a piece of paper. Provide them with various art supplies like paint, markers, glitter, and stickers to decorate their unicorns. This not only allows for creative expression but also helps improve fine motor skills. Encourage your child to come up with unique designs and give them free rein to explore their imagination.

paper unicorn craft

by Crafts by Ria

camping scavenger hunt

14. Easy Unicorn Paper Craft

Ready to work on your gluing skills? Have a unicorn-themed craft day, and give this unicorn design a go! Grab the printable template below and give this fun unicorn paper craft a try!

easy unicorn craft made of colored paper

by Crafts by Ria

15. Unicorn Coloring Shirt

If your child loves to color, then they will love this unicorn coloring shirt! Follow the instructions on how to get this unicorn outline printed on your shirt! Then with special fabric markers that allow your child to color in the design themselves.

draw a unicorn on a shirt

by Artsy Fartsy Mama

16. Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet

Another fun and easy craft to make with your child is a unicorn paper bag puppet. All you need is a paper bag, some construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers. This simple unicorn craft would make for a fun craft for kids for a unicorn-themed birthday party! Simply let everyone create their own and have a puppet show afterward.

unicorn paper bag

by Darcy and Brian

17. Unicorn Paper Plate Puppet

If you don’t have a paper bag, you can also make a unicorn puppet using a paper plate. This is a great activity for younger children as it involves simple cutting and pasting. You will need a paper plate, construction paper, scissors, glue, the free template, and markers or crayons. If you love paper plate crafts, give this fun paper plate unicorn a try.

paper plate unicorn craft

by Crafty Kids Play

18. Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

This is one of our favorite paper plate crafts because of its simplicity! Give your kids a paper plate and art supplies, and let them create their own unicorn how they see fit! They will be so proud of their creation!

paper unicorn craft with yarn hair

by Two Kids and a Coupon

19. Free Unicorn Printables

Unicorns have been all the rage lately, from birthday party themes to school supplies. And it’s no wonder why – these mythical creatures are full of magic and wonder. So why not bring some of that enchantment into your home with these printable activities?

Click the link below to grab these 15 free unicorn printables. Also, check out our selection of free printables!

free printable unicorn templates

by Two Kids and a Coupon

Let’s read about unicorns!

Let’s keep the fun going with these fun reads! There are so many benefits to reading aloud to kids. It’s even been found that reading books to toddlers can help build their empathy, aiding in social-emotional development.

Here are some of our must-read books about unicorns!

Uni the Unicorn – Uni the unicorn is told there is no such thing as little girls! Follow along as Uni goes on a magical adventure to prove that little girls do exist. Along the way, she meets new friends and learns important lessons about believing in herself and standing up for what she knows is true.

Uni in the Real World – Follow along as Uni visits his best friend, a little girl, in the real world.

Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids – Summary

Incorporating unicorn crafts into your day can be a fun and creative way to engage with younger children. From simple activities like creating a unicorn puppet using paper bags to free printable options for coloring pages, there are many ways to bring the magical world of unicorns into your home or classroom.

So why not give it a try and let your imagination run wild with these easy unicorn crafts?

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