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Popsicle Stick Valentine Heart Craft for Kids

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Looking for a fun, easy craft to do with your kids this Valentine’s Day season? This easy Popsicle Stick Valentine Heart Craft is the perfect way to get creative with your little ones this holiday season.

Gather up some supplies, turn on their favorite tunes, and bring all of that incredible joy to fruition as you create a heart-filled craft masterpiece together! Not only will it be loads of fun for everyone involved, but you’ll also end up with a keepsake filled with colorful memories from this special day!

popsicle stick heart

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Materials Needed For The Valentine Popsicle Heart

Below is a list of the supplies you will need to make your Valentine popsicle heart. Collect the items on the list, and let’s get started!

Popsicle sticks: Grab a handful of popsicle sticks depending on how many popsicle hearts you want to make. You can either buy colored craft sticks or take the time to paint your craft sticks with Valentine’s colors.

Pipe cleaners: We used pink, blue, and purple pipe cleaners for this project.

Tip: When working on these popsicle hearts, feel free to alter the craft as needed. My daughter added different color beads to her pipe cleaner hearts.

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Instructions For Your Valentine’s Heart Craft

Step 1:

Once you have collected your supply list, it’s time to start this fun Valentine’s craft! Start by taking your pipe cleaners and folding them in half. Make sure they are all equally folded.

Then paint each of your popsicle sticks. You can paint them different colors, or the same. You can also buy colored popsicle sticks at the store!

what to do with popsicle sticks

Step 2:

Now, to form the heart. Gently bend each side of the pipe cleaner to form a heart. Make sure you have extra fuzzy wire to attach to the popsicle stick.

valentine craft popsicle stick

Step 3:

Attach the pipe cleaner to the popsicle stick by wrapping the pipe cleaner around the popsicle stick. If you don’t have pipe cleaners, these are fun to do on the end of pencils!

heart popsicle sticks

Step 4:

How did your hearts turn out? If you like them, make more!! Try different colors or patterns or even double up on pipe cleaners.

popsicle stick valentine crafts

Finished Popsicle Stick Activity

There you have your Valentine’s heart craft. You did it! 

Once finished, my daughter used these as bookmarks in her books. My six-year-old put his in a vase to display on the table.

popsicle stick heart

Summary Popsicle Stick Heart Craft

I’m sure your kids will love making these popsicle stick Valentine’s hearts! It’s a simple and fun craft they can do with minimal supervision. And you probably have all the supplies you need right at home.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Valentine’s Day craft and that your kids have as much fun making them as mine did.

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