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21 Cute Snow Globe Crafts Kids Can Make

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Brighten a cold day with a hands-on craft for the kids. The perfect project for cold weather? Why, a snow globe, of course! It’s so relaxing to watch the glitter or faux snowfall through the glass around a cute scene. But don’t worry if you don’t have any spare jars on hand. We’ve found plenty of paper snow globe crafts to keep those little hands busy, too.

Pick a project from this list, grab your materials, and get started on one today!

pin collage of diy snow globes for kids

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DIY Snow Globes For Kids

Grab an empty jar or bottle (plastic or glass) to make your very own snow globe. There’s no need to run to the store. Many ideas can be made with elements you already have at home among your crafting supplies and household items.

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1. Snow Globe With a Picture

Want to incorporate a cute picture of the kids into your DIY snow globe? It’s super easy following this tutorial. You can make them any time of year, too — not just for Christmas.

You’ll need a picture of your child or family, some background elements like trees or animals or other scenery, and glitter, snow, or confetti to match the holiday or seasonal theme.

homemade snow globe with picture inside

by Messy Little Monster

2. Christmas Sensory Bottle

You don’t have to create an intricate scene to make a beautiful snow globe. This cute idea combines tinsel pom poms and fabric snowflakes in a plastic snow globe filled with glycerin. Kids can shake it up anytime they want to feel the magic of a snow day.

plastic jar filled with tinsel balls and snowflake charms

by The Best Ideas for Kids

3. Unicorn Snow Globe

Unicorns are still a major hit for young kids, tweens, and even teens. Make a colorful unicorn snow globe using a plastic unicorn figurine, glitter, glycerin, and mini plastic jars. If the unicorn is small enough, a baby food jar would be ideal for this.

Also, make sure to check out how your child can make these fun unicorn rings!

diy snow globes with unicorns inside

by Hello, Wonderful

4. Lego Christmas Snow Globe

How fun is this Lego snow globe, complete with a mini-figure of Santa and a beautiful Christmas tree? The toy block tape around the rim of the jar lid completes the look.

handmade snow globe with lego mini figure and tree inside

by Fireflies and Mud Pies

5. Waterless Snow Globes

Are you worried about your handmade snow globes leaking? We get it. Instead, try this practical waterless snow globe idea. You’ll use artificial snow and tiny foam balls to make the snow. Or you could even use white pom poms.

The kids can still shake up the jar to make it snow; it’ll fall down faster without water or glycerin.

If your child wants to learn more about snow, make sure to read these fun winter books, all about S N O W!

waterless snow globe with christmas tree and snowman

by Crafts by Amanda

6. Mini Snow Globe Ornaments

Want to spruce up your Christmas tree this upcoming holiday season? Make a few of these delightful snow globe ornaments. You’ll use those refillable ornaments (any shape will do) and fill them with some artificial snow and a tiny tree, Santa, reindeer, or whatever else you like.

snow globe ornaments for christmas

by No Biggie

7. Christmas Lights Snow Globe

Add Christmas light charms along with a branch, twig, or bottle tree decoration to a mason jar filled with glycerin to create a festive and beautiful snow globe for the holiday season.

diy snow globe with christmas lights charms inside

by The Soccer Mom Blog

8. Glittery Mason Jar Snow Globe

Don’t forget that you can turn recycled mason jars (or new ones) into snow globes; they’ll look fabulous and exude country charm. We like this version with the handle because it makes it easier for kids to hang onto while they’re giving the globe a shake.

mason jar snow globe with christmas tree inside

by Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

Paper Snow Globe Crafts

If you don’t have the materials to make a real snow globe or just want something to make with a group of children, these paper snow globe crafts are perfect for winter!

9. Snowman Snow Globe Craft

Using the printable template below, construction paper, or cardstock, you can make this cool Frosty craft in no time. They’ll look absolutely adorable in your windows for all to see or on a bulletin board in your kindergarten classroom.

frosty snow globe craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

10. Photo Snow Globe Craft

Grab your laminator, and use it to make this wonderful 3D photo snow globe craft. We love that you can stand it on a shelf or fireplace mantel instead of hanging it on the fridge or a wall.

paper snow globe with photo

by Easy Peasy and Fun

11. Snow Globe Suncatcher Craft

Suncatchers are lots of fun to make, but typically we associate them with summer fun. Imagine how much the kids will enjoy making one of these snow globe suncatchers on a blustery winter day.

They can use their own pictures to create an adorable snowy scene. A different version of this with leaves for fall would also be beautiful.

snow globe window cling

by Twitchetts

12. Snow Globe Greeting Cards

Send the cutest Christmas cards to your friends and family this year! Gather around the table with the kids to make DIY cards to snail mail to those you love.

It’s simple, thanks to the printable template (below). Just add paint and a cute photo, and you’re all set.

handmade cards featuring a photo in a snow globe

by Messy Little Monster

13. Chalk Pastels Snow Globes

It’s a good idea to explore new forms of art media with the kids. For example, working with chalk pastels can ignite the imagination and spark creativity. Use them to draw frosty snowmen on a black pastel paper background. It’ll look magical — like a snowman at night!

chalk pastels paper snow globes

by Projects With Kids

14. Puffy Paint Snow Globe Craft

Don’t you love the fun texture you get with puffy paint? Use white puffy paint to add dimension and a pop of brightness to your paper snow globe crafts.

puffy paint christmas tree snow globe craft

by Simple Everyday Mom

15. Easy Paper Snow Globe Craft

Use the template to print all the pieces you need to pull this paper snow globe project together. You can make quick work of the circles if you have a couple of large circle punches. This is a terrific option for crafting in the classroom or library.

snowman and snow covered tree craft

by Artsy Craftsy Mom

Snow Globe Crafts Made With Other Materials

16. Plastic Plate Snow Globe Craft

Combining plastic plates and foam balls to create this cute craft is genius! Kids can color or paint the background scene, while the “snow” comes from either mini foam balls or artificial snow. Mini pom poms could work, too.

snow globe craft with plastic plates

by Fireflies and Mud Pies

17. Santa Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

Santa and his reindeer are flying over the rooftops in this adorable craft made with a paper plate, a plastic plate, a printable colorable scene, and some artificial snow.

santa and reindeer snow globe craft

by Kids Activities Blog

18. Snow Globe Cards With Recycled Lids

Save those plastic lids to make crafts instead of tossing them in the trash. It’s a creative way to teach kids about repurposing common household materials. Plus, grandparents will love getting a homemade card from the kids.

recycled materials snow globe craft

by Red Ted Art

Holiday or Seasonal Snow Globe Crafts

While not all snow globe crafts are made for the winter months, they still carry that magical feeling you get when you think of those sparkly snowy days. Here, you’ll find projects to make for various holidays and seasons throughout the year.

19. Valentine’s Day Snow Globe Craft

Pink and red are the theme for this adorable elephant snow globe craft for February. It’s carrying a heart-shaped balloon, and you can write your own special message below the globe. The sparkly heart stickers add a touch of whimsy!

paper valentines day snow globes

by Simple Everyday Mom

20. Fall Snow Globe

Perhaps this could be more accurately named the ‘falling leaves globe,” but nevertheless, it is beautiful. Autumn is a stunning season, so marking it with a beautiful craft with the kids is a wonderful idea. Foil leaf confetti is paired with some twigs or sticks from your own backyard to create this lovely scene.

fall leaves snow globe

by The Soccer Mom Blog

21. Halloween Snow Globe

Don’t let the spookiest day of the year pass by without a cute craft like this bewitching jack-o-lantern snow globe for Halloween. The black, orange, and purple glitter are excellent choices for this holiday.

halloween snow globe

by Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

Summary- Snow Globe Crafts For Kids

That rounds out our list of snow globe crafts for kids. Which one is your favorite? Share your DIY snow globes with us. We’d love to see them!

For more fun kid’s craft ideas, follow us on Pinterest!

collage of paper snow globe crafts

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