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20 Wonderful Winter Nature Crafts For Kids

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It’s winter time! Time to bundle up and explore the outdoors to gather materials for some fun crafts. After all, what better way to spend time with your kids when you’re spending most of your time indoors than crafting?

Here are 20 wintery nature crafts for kids that will keep them entertained, encourage them to get into nature even in cold weather, and help you bond as a family.

outdoor crafts for kids

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These crafts are perfect for days when you all feel like you’re getting cabin fever. Movement and crafting can go a long way toward getting rid of the winter blues! Enjoy!

Nature Craft Supplies

Here are some of the supplies you might need to create some of these fun winter craft ideas.

Fun Winter Nature Crafts

Here are 20 fun nature art projects that I’m sure you will enjoy this winter!

1. Pinecone Snowman

Head outside with your little ones and gather some pinecones to make this cute little snowman. This winter craft project is an excellent option if you’re looking for a relaxing activity to keep the kiddos busy and having fun.

snowmen made with pine cones and pom poms

by Look, We’re Learning

2. Ice Ornaments

My, oh my! Isn’t this ice ornament just gorgeous? You can make one of these dreamy ornaments with your kids with just a few nature finds and the help of this easy-to-follow tutorial. Give it a try!

ornaments made with ice and nature elements hanging from a tree outdoors

by Red Ted Art

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3. Winter Sensory Garden

Inspired by the Montessori learning method, this enchanting sensory winter garden bin is a wonderful option that allows our little ones to engage their creative side through their senses. Plus, it’s super simple to put together!

Winter themed sensory garden featuring a green bin and fake snow

by Barley & Birch

4. Q-Tip Painted Winter Tree Art

Take painting crafts up a notch with this winter-themed tree project! Kids will love making this winter tree using various q-tips as paintbrushes.

winter tree art

by Fantastic Fun & Learning

5. Stone Advent Spiral

Looking for a craft project that the whole family can have fun making? If yes, give this Waldorf-inspired spiral advent calendar a try! Using stones or other natural elements, you can make this calendar with the kids.

advent stone spiral made with stones

by Rhythms of Play

6. Frosty Pinecones

Add a fun spin to this winter craft classic! These sparkly frosty pinecones are such a cute craft to make with kids of all ages and budget-friendly too!

three pinecones with frosty paint

by Kids’ Craft Room

7. Winter Ice Jewels

Bundle up the little ones and take playtime outside, making these Ice Jewels in the snow!

child playing with winter ice jewels in the snow

by Fireflies and Mud Pies

8. Pinecone Winter Owls

Whether you have pinecones lying around in your backyard or get them from a craft store, this pinecone owl craft makes for a fun and creative winter art project that little ones will love!

owls made with pine cones for winter play

by Non-Toy Gifts

9. Snow Igloo

Snowy day? No worries! Take advantage of winter and help your little ones build this snow igloo! Kids of all ages will be thrilled to make this little igloo out of the snow with their own hands.

snow igloo idea for kids

by Frugal Coupon Living

10. Pinecone Bird Feeder

This homemade pine cone bird feeder is an ideal project to tackle with your kids during wintertime. It’s incredibly easy to make, and it’s a hands-on way for kids to learn about birds!

bird feeder hanging from a tree made with pinecone

by Natural Beach Living

11. Snowflake Painted Rocks

If going outside is not on the cards, these lovely snowflake-painted stones may do the trick. Using just a few polished rocks, a paintbrush, and paint, your children can enjoy a quiet indoor activity during those cold winter days!

light blue painted stones with a white snowflakes drawings

by Non-Toy Gifts

12. Twig and Pinecone Holiday Card Display

Leaves, twigs, and pinecones make this whimsy cardholder that’s just too cute not to do. This activity is great to do with children to display your kid’s favorite nature items and could even be a gift to loved ones!

holiday card display made using twigs and pinecones

by Barley & Birch

13. Pom-Pom Pinecones

Put some pizzazz into your Christmas decorations with these eye-catching pom-pom pinecones! Whether used in crafts or displayed alone, these cute ornaments are perfect for a fun crafting session.

colorful pinecone craft using pom pom

by Kids’ Craft Room

14. Mini Pine Tree Farm

Explore this dazzling Christmas tree farm with your kids and allow them to engage in a magical sensory experience! Get all the details to recreate one just like this one at home in this post.

imaginary play of mini pine tree farm for kids

by Barely & Birch

15. Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments

Invite the kids to explore the outdoors and find some natural elements to make this adorable DIY Twig Tree!

Christmas ornament made of twigs and yarn

by That Kids Craft Site


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    16. Snowman Bird Feeder

    If your little ones love building a snowman, this adorable bird feeder is just what you need.

    This is such a great spin to a winter classic! Kids can enjoy building a snowman and feeding their feathery friends at the same time.

    a snowman bird feeder seating outdoors with a scarf, carrot as a nose and hat

    by Fireflies and Mud Pies

    17. Winter Stick Tree Craft

    This winter tree craft uses sticks and yarn, making it super fun for little ones to explore creativity using nature elements and develop their fine motor skills. It’s a win-win!

    Winter white Christmas tree craft

    by Buggy and Buddy

    18. Winter Wonderland Fairy Garden

    There’s something fairy-like about winter, so we can’t think of a better winter project than this wonderland fairy garden! Using twigs and tons of Epson salt, your little ones can create their own snowy fairyland and play for hours!

    play winter fairy garden for kids

    by Rhythms of Play

    19. Ice Bowls

    Playing with these colorful and bright ice bowls is the perfect winter activity! Children will have so much fun exploring all the possibilities these bowls have to offer.

    colorful ice bowls made with ice stacked on top of snow

    by Non-Toy Gifts

    20. Glow Stick Ice Luminaries

    With these Glow Stick Ice Luminaries, you can turn any snowy winter playtime into a winter fantasy! These are super easy to make, and kids will swoon over how magical the result is. Perfect for some imaginary outdoor play!

    luminaries of glowing in the dark on top of snow

    by Crafts by Amanda

    If you enjoyed these winter nature crafts, make sure to save them for later and follow us on Pinterest for more fun craft ideas.

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