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Heart Fish Craft – Perfect Valentine’s Day Craft

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with this cute heart-shaped fish craft!!

We love crafting in our home, so what better excuse to craft than an upcoming holiday? So go grab your kids and crafting supplies, and let’s make a fun fish craft for Valentine’s Day.

paper fish craft for kids to try on valentines day

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Valentine’s Day Fish Craft Details:

Age Group: 3+ yrs

Difficulty: Easy

Time To Complete: 10 min

This craft is quick and easy. Younger children can easily assemble the craft if an adult cuts out the hearts. However, I challenge you to let every kid cut out and decorate each of their own fish.

This is a great opportunity for kids of every age to work on their cutting and gluing skills.

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Supplies Needed For This Fish Made Of Hearts

This craft supply list for this fun fish heart is minimal. You might even already have all the crafting supplies at home. But if you don’t, here is what you’ll need.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this heart fish craft:

Create Your Heart Fish Craft

Alright, let’s dive in and begin crafting your delightful Valentine’s heart fish! With a few simple steps and a touch of creativity, we’ll create a unique and charming masterpiece that will surely make your loved one’s heart flutter with joy.

So gather your materials and get ready for a fun-filled crafting adventure filled with love and creativity!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

heart fish craft

You’ll need a piece of red, white, and pink construction paper to start this craft. However, if you have other colors on hand, feel free to mix up the colors.

You’ll also need glue, scissors, and something to write with. If you don’t have googly eyes on hand, you can paint or use color crayons or markers to draw them on.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Hearts

heart fish

Next, cut out four hearts of different sizes from your construction paper. If you want a red or pink fish, feel free to cut out a bigger heart in that color.

Suppose your child struggles with cutting out hearts. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a half heart on the creased side. This way, they have a line to follow when cutting, and you will have a perfect heart when you open it.

Step 3: Glue Together Your Heart-Shaped Fish Craft

heart animal craft

Lastly, grab your Elmer’s glue and glue together the hearts. Use the biggest heart for the body and the second-biggest for the tail.

Use the last two hearts for the fin and fish lips. Once the pieces are glued together, feel free to let your kids decorate their fish as they desire.

They can color your heart fish, add gems, you name it!

Fish Craft for Kids- Summary

Once your child finishes your Valentine’s Day craft, use a wall-hanging display to show it off. They take pride in their crafts and love it when you display their projects around your home.

heart shaped crafts for kids

If you enjoyed this craft, save it for later and follow us on Pinterest for more fun ideas.

Valentine fish heart craft

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