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20 Best Winter Books For Preschoolers And Beyond

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Gearing up for winter? Get your child ready for the chilly days ahead with this list of amazing books that will help foster a love of reading and provide hours of entertainment. From classic tales to interactive picture books, these winter books for preschoolers and beyond are perfect for getting cozy on a snowy afternoon and sparking the imagination.

Whether you’re looking to introduce characters like Frosty the Snowman or Santa Claus or discover new ones, these winter-themed favorites come highly recommended by moms worldwide!

Read on for warm-hearted stories that explore snow days, celebrate seasonal rituals, and more – all while entertaining young minds!

winter books for preschoolers

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The Best Winter Books For Preschoolers & Beyond

Depending on where you live, winter can be LONG. Reading the best books for winter makes winter more magical, especially if you live somewhere cold.

If you live somewhere warm, well, reading winter-themed books brings out a child’s imagination, especially if they’ve never seen snow before.

So grab your kids some hot chocolate, and let’s check out the best books about snow, winter, and everything in between.

Click through each of these best winter books to read the descriptions and get a peek inside.

1. How To Catch A Snowman

2. What’s A Season

3. The Biggest Snowman Ever

4. The Snowy Day

5. The Mitten

6. Pete The Cat: Snow Daze

7. The Three Snow Bears

8. The Snowy Nap

9. The Wild Christmas Reindeer

10. Who Was Here?

11. The Story Of Snow

12. Snowflake Bentley

13. Winter Sleep

14. Snow

15. Tracks In The Snow

16. Animals In Winter

17. A Loud Winter’s Nap

18. Sneezy The Snowman

19. The Snow Globe Family

20. The Giving Snowman

Books About Snow For Preschoolers & Beyond- Summary

These are only a handful of the best winter books for kids. You can never read too many books to your young ones! Reading is an important part of cognitive development and a great way to bond with your children.

So snuggle up together under a cozy blanket, grab one of these great winter reads, and enjoy some quality time reading together.

Also, do you have any favorite books about snow? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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