15 Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids

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One of the most memorable events for children can be spending time at summer camp. But having a bunch of kids gathered together can spell chaos if you don’t have enough things planned for them to do. 

We’ve created a list of 15 fun summer camp activities to make things interesting. Some activities are interactive, requiring kids to make them. And other games will keep campers busy when the weather is uncooperative and prevent outdoor activities. 

Whether there are only a couple of campers or an entire summer camp to entertain, this list has camp activities for all occasions.

camp activities for kids

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Supplies Needed for These Summer Camp Activities

Before jumping into the activities, let’s review the basic supplies you will need for these fun activities for summer camp. Most of these items can be found in your home or at a local store.

Pick and choose what supplies you use for each summer camp idea.

Most importantly, have fun!

15 Must-Try Summer Camp Activities List

Summer is the perfect time for kids to enjoy outdoor fun and games. From running around in the sun to making new friends, summer camps provide a great opportunity for kids to learn, grow, and have a blast!

If you’re planning on sending your child to summer camp or just looking for fun activities at home, we’ve got you covered with our list of kid-friendly games and activities. Enjoy this assortment of kid’s summer camp outdoor games and activities!

1. Explore Paint Brushes from Nature

Painting and nature are two hobbies that can often overlap. But instead of letting nature inspire you to paint a beautiful gift, use nature to create the painting. There are multiple natural components you can use in place of paintbrushes. Take a nature walk and find pinecones, sticks, pine needles, and leaves

summer camp painting activity

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2. Complete a Nature Word Search

Word searches are great activities to have on hand when the weather gets frightful, and minds get bored. This fun nature-themed word search can be a hit at any summer camp for all ages. Print some copies, pass them out with crayons or other writing utensils, and start a contest with a fun prize for the first person done.

camp free printable word search

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3. Create a Camping Themed Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun, interactive activity for all ages. You can use them as a group activity to teach campers to work together. Or you can turn it into a competition between each of the campers.

This printable scavenger hunt tests campers’ power of observation and encourages camping interactions. Also, be sure to take along a scavenger tray on your hunt!

camp scavenger hunt

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4. Keep Campers Busy with Printable Activities

Keeping printable activities on hand can make quick work of entertaining campers when there’s no opportunity for physical activities. These camping-themed printable activities include a word search, word scramble, mazes, and coloring sheets. 

camp coloring pages

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5. Break the Ice Between Campers with This or That Questions

The start of camp can be awkward for campers who don’t know each other. Games that help break the ice are great ways to get everyone introduced and learn a few fun facts. This printable has over 400 icebreaker questions for kids of all ages. Need something for older kids? This list has over 75 questions for teenagers.

this or that camper ice breakers

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6. Build a DIY Cornhole Board

Throwing things is a favorite pastime for children. But not all kids enjoy throwing balls. Cornhole is a bag toss game to entertain campers of all ages and interests. Give your campers the opportunity to paint their own cornhole boards (an adult should do the cuts and assembly) and stitch cornhole throwing bags.

diy cornhole board

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7. Shooting Star Bag Toss Game

Bag toss can be a fun game to play indoors or outside, whether you’re using dedicated cornhole boards or laundry baskets. This fun activity has a star template to cut from the fabric, fill with rice, and stitch closed. Add a few ribbons, and you’ll have tossing bags to use for any fun pastime.

star toss activity for kids

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8. Entertain Preschools with Balloon Tennis

This summer camp game can be a great hands-on project for the youngest campers to play inside while encouraging creativity. For this fun project, gather your supplies and let each camper decorate their tennis racket. Then, superglue the pieces together, blow up a balloon, then let the games begin.

balloon tennis activity

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9. Have Some Fun with Giant Bubbles

Bubbles can be an inexpensive source of entertainment for camping. This formula for giant bubbles is easy to create with typical household ingredients and one secret ingredient. Store your bubble soap in any container and buy or create bubble wands for the kids to use to create giant bubbles.

Try making our homemade bubble solution here!

giant bubbles

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10. Get Imaginative with Story Stones

Story stones can be an interactive way for children to explore their imaginations. This project allows campers to do a nature walk to collect stones. Then, they can use paint and markers to draw imagery on the stones that depict a story. An optional activity is to have the children tell the story out loud using the rocks for illustrations.

story stones camp activity

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11. Get Things Started with Camp Bingo

Camp bingo can be a fun activity for the entire camp to participate in, no matter the age. It’s even more fun when there are prizes to win. This neat camp-themed set comes with ten printable bingo cards and 24 bingo pieces. 

camping bingo

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12. Spend Time Outdoors with Tic Tac Toe

This cool tic tac toe game can be a fun game to do outdoors, or it can be a neat project for campers to create from outdoor materials. You can create the board base from old reclaimed wood. You can leave it in its natural state or let campers personalize them. Then gather ten rocks, paint five with X and five with Os, and you’ve got a board game for all-weather outdoor use.

ourdoor tic tac toe

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13. Teach Science with a Backyard Insect Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a time-filling activity for kids at camp. Since nature is all around, use this printable insect scavenger hunt to introduce campers to the local bugs in the area. There’s less for kids to fear if they’re familiar with what’s around them. 

backyard scavenger hunt

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14. Form a Ring Toss From Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are a staple at most summer camps. And you inevitably end up with some damaged noodles that can no longer work in the water. Rather than throw these broken tubes away, recycle them into rings to create a game of ring toss. You’ll also need posts to use for your ring toss.

pool toss

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15. Hide Caches for Geocache Games

Knowing how to navigate the wilderness is an important skill for campers to have in their arsenal. And let’s face it, most kids aren’t going to be without their cell phones, even during camp. So, combine the two by hiding cache deposits around camp and give campers the coordinates to find with their phones.

geocahe games

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Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids – Summary

Nothing is worse than having bored kids, especially during camp. Having a list of fun summer camp activities can be the difference between a trip of misery and a trip of happy memories. Keep this helpful list of camp activities handy to entertain your campers this summer.

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