19 Purr-fect Cat Crafts for Preschoolers

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Welcome to our colorful world of creativity, where tiny paws and curious minds collide! In this whimsical journey, we embark on a delightful exploration of cat crafts tailor-made for our youngest artisans – preschoolers! With simple materials and boundless imagination, we’ll whisker our way through a myriad of feline-inspired projects, each brimming with charm and educational fun.

So gather your little ones, and let’s embark on a purr-fect adventure filled with crafting joy and kitty-cat magic!

cat crafts for preschoolers

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Supplies Needed for Cat Crafts for Kids

Before we get started, let’s make sure you have all the supplies you need for these fun cat crafts. Don’t worry; most of the supplies can be easily found at your local craft store or even in your own home.

Here’s what you’ll need for these cat crafts:

19 Cat Arts and Crafts to Try

Get ready for some purr-fectly fun and adorable crafts for preschoolers! Our list of 19 cat crafts is sure to have your little ones and their parents meowing with excitement. These crafts are not only cute and creative, but they also provide an educational opportunity to learn about cats and their behaviors.

So grab your crafting supplies, and let’s get started on creating some feline-inspired masterpieces!

1. Paper Bag Black Cat Craft

This cat preschool craft is not just simple; it’s designed to bring joy to children of all ages.! If you are looking for a simple black cat craft for toddlers and beyond, this is the perfect activity.

To get started, gather all of your materials. You will need black construction paper, a paper bag, scissors, glue, and pipe cleaners.

paper bag crafts

by Mama of Minis

2. Paper Plate Cat Mask

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with our exciting paper plate cat mask craft! Using a simple paper plate as your canvas, along with paper, markers, and any decorative materials you fancy, you’ll embark on creating your own unique feline masterpiece.

This fun and easy craft is perfect for kids of all ages and will provide hours of imagination-satisfying entertainment.

cat mask

by Two Kids and a Coupon

3. Black Cat Clay Pot

Get ready for some spooky fun with our adorable black cat craft made from a clay pot! Using a clay pot as the base, along with some black paint, googly eyes, and pom poms, you’ll embark on a thrilling crafting adventure that’s perfect for Halloween or any time of year.

With just a few simple steps, kids can transform ordinary materials into a bewitching feline friend that’s sure to delight.

black cat clay pot

by DIY and Fun

4. Paper Plate Cat

Arent these paper plate craft cats adorable? If you are looking to make a cat craft, do let this one pass you by! Paper plate crafts are a favorite among kids and adults alike. They are easy to make, inexpensive, and can be customized in so many ways. Plus, they provide a fun opportunity for children to use their creativity and imagination.

To make these adorable paper plate cats, grab the necessary supplies in the link below, or get creative and let your kiddo create their own!

two paper plate cats

by Simple Everyday Mom

5. Paper Bag Cat Craft

Are you ready to create a kitty from a paper bag? This preschool cat theme craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or a fun addition to your cat-themed birthday party. Not only will your child have a blast making this cute and simple kitty craft, but when they are done, they can put on a little play with their new furry friend!

Be sure to check out these other fun paper bag crafts!

paper bag cat

by Simple Everyday Mom

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6. Handprint Cat

Are you looking for an easy way to make a cat with paper? Why not try this fun cat handprint craft? This cat handprint art makes for a great keepsake or gift for any cat lover. It also makes for a great Halloween themed craft.

handprint cat craft

by Mom Brite

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7. Free Cat Lacing Card

This preschool cat craft is great for practicing hand-eye coordination. Simply print about the free lacing card, punch out the holes, and then let your kiddo play with a shoestring, ribbon, or yarn and practice lacing it through the holes!

cat lacing card for kids

by Seam Whisperer

8. Perler Bead Cats

If you haven’t introduced your kiddo to Perler beads, now is the perfect time! Perler beads are tiny, colorful plastic beads that are melted together to create fun and unique designs. They can be used to make so many things, but most importantly, you can make C A T S!

If you are looking for a fun cat craft for kids, grab the templates for making these can crafts below!

cat perler bead crafts

by DIY Candy

9. Paper Cat Craft

Get ready to create your very own playful paper cat using a paper bag, a free template, crayons, and some pipe cleaners! Simply download and print the provided template below, then follow the easy instructions to cut out the pieces and assemble your adorable feline friend.

With just a few simple steps, you’ll transform a plain paper bag into a charming cat character that’s full of personality.

paper cat crafts with free templates

by In the Bag Kids Crafts

10. Paper Bowl Cat

Using a simple paper bowl as the base, along with some craft supplies like construction paper, markers, and googly eyes, you’ll create a charming feline friend that’s as cute as can be. Start by decorating the bowl to resemble the cat’s face, adding whiskers, ears, and a cute little nose.

paper bowl cat crafts

by Crafts by Ria

11. Cat Softie

Soft toys, affectionately known as “softies,” hold a special place in every child’s heart. Why not embark on the delightful adventure of creating a charming cat face craft? Not only is this craft a fun activity, but it also serves as an excellent opportunity to introduce your little one to the art of sewing. Let your child’s creativity flourish as they bring this adorable project to life!

cat softies

by Sew a Softie

12. Free Cat Sewing Pattern

Aren’t these pocket cat craft for kids adorable? Let your kiddo work on their sewing skills with this mini kitty craft! Simply follow the instructions below to create your very own pocket cat. Try making several in multiple colors and patterns to create a whole litter of cute kitties! This craft is perfect for kids of all ages and can be a fun activity for a rainy day.

cat felt sewing crafts

by Swoodson Says

13. Paper Origami Cat

Are you ready to take your crafts to the next level? Then try these black cat crafts for kids! These origami cat crafts are perfect for Halloween, or anytime your little ones want to get creative. Follow the step-by-step instructions below and watch as you transform a simple piece of paper into a cute and spooky black cat!

black paper origami cat craft

by Red Ted Art

14. 3D Cat Card

Prepare to wow your friends and family with our charming 3D cat card! With just a few simple materials like colored paper, scissors, and glue, you’ll create a delightful greeting that pops right off the page.

paper 3d cat card

by Red Ted Art

spring busy book

15. Paper Bag Cat Puppet

Get ready to put on a purr-fect puppet show with our delightful paper bag cat puppet! Using a simple paper bag as the base, along with some craft supplies like paper, crayons, and the cat template below, you’ll create a charming feline friend that’s ready to take center stage.

paper bag puppet cat

by Simply Full of Delight

16. Free Cat Bookmark

Do you have a kiddo who is learning to read? Then grab this free printable and make a cat bookmark! These paw-some kitten bookmarks are perfect for young readers to use while keeping their place in their favorite books. Or use them to get your little one excited about reading!

kitten bookmarks

by The Benson Street

17. Cat Made of a Paper Plate

Looking to add another paper plate craft to your collection? Check out this easy and fun Paper Plate cat! With just a few simple materials, you’ll have this cute feline friend in no time.

paper plate cat craft

by In the Bag Kids Crafts

18. Cat Headband Craft

Get ready to unleash your inner feline with our adorable cat headband craft! Using simple materials like a headband, construction paper, and glue, you’ll create a charming accessory that’s perfect for dress-up play or themed parties.

cat headband craft for kids

by Frosting and Glue

19. Free Cat Coloring Pages

Do you enjoy coloring your favorite feline friends? Then give these free cat coloring pages a try! From unicorn cats to mermaid cats, these printables are purr-fect for any cat lover. Simply download an image, print it out, and start coloring!

cat printables for kids

by Two Kids and a Coupon

Cat Crafts for Preschoolers-Summary

From simple materials easily found around the house to step-by-step instructions that spark imagination, this collection of cat crafts offers a purr-fect blend of fun and learning. Whether it’s creating adorable cat masks, sewing mini kittens, or coloring playful cat-themed bookmarks, each project is carefully crafted to engage children’s creativity and develop their fine motor skills.

We hope you enjoyed these preschool cat craft ideas and stick around for more fun crafts!

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preschool cat crafts

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