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19 Easy Easter Activities for Preschoolers

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Hop into the springtime fun with our egg-citing Easter activities for preschoolers! From egg hunts to adorable crafts, we’ve rounded up the perfect collection of ideas to make this holiday extra special for your little ones.

Get ready for a basketful of joy and laughter as we dive into a world of colorful eggs, fluffy bunnies, and endless smiles. Let’s make this Easter a memorable celebration filled with creativity, laughter, and lots of sweet treats!

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Materials Needed for Easter Preschool Activities

Before jumping into these Easter activities, let’s review some basic materials you will need for these activities. Most of these items can be found in your home, at a local craft store, or on Amazon.

Pick and choose what supplies you use for which activities, and change things as needed.

Supplies for these fun preschool Easter activities include:

19 Entertaining Easter Activities for Preschoolers

Children love to celebrate Easter with arts and crafts, as it adds another layer of excitement and creativity to the holiday.

While Easter is, first and foremost, a religious holiday, it has also become a time for fun and festivities. And what better way to celebrate with your children than by getting crafty? Enjoy these fun Easter crafts and activities with your little ones to add some color and joy to the holiday season.

1. Create an Easter Suncatcher from Melted Crayons

If you have a lot of broken crayons cluttering your space, this is the perfect Easter activity for your preschoolers. You will need wax paper, an old cheese grater, a hard surface, and iron. Having old towels that you don’t mind messing up is also a good idea.

melted crayon

By Fox Farm Home

2. Easter Egg Lacing Crafts

Lacing crafts are great projects to keep preschoolers busy while enhancing their fine motor skills. These printable cards require preschoolers to thread a string in and out of holes along the paper to create a design.

You will need to create the hole pattern in these easter eggs with a hole puncher, but your preschooler will enjoy weaving the strings of yarn to create patterns. 

easter lacing craft with yarn

By Ruffles and Rain Boots

3. Fun Fizzy Easter Preschool Science Activity

It’s never too early to inspire a love of science in your children. This project requires Easter cookie cutters, vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring. Use a tray to hold the cutters and a spoon to add baking soda to each one.

Then, add five to eight drops of food coloring, all one color, or spread out with different colors to create a pattern. Use a small vinegar bottle on top of each food coloring drop and watch the scientific reaction. Also, here is another must-try vinegar experiment!

fizzy bunny science experiment

By Conserva Mom

4. Easter Egg Rainbow Explosion

Using this fun plastic egg project, you can repeat the vinegar and baking soda experiment. But you can also use lemon juice for a better-smelling chemical reaction. You’ll need a small dropper and an egg tray with plastic eggs.

Apply several drops of food coloring to the eggs. Then, add a spoonful of baking soda on top of each. Finally, let your preschooler squirt the acidic liquid into each egg and watch the rainbow eruption.

plastic egg experiement

by Little Bins for Little Hands

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chore chart

5. Blown Egg Decorating Craft

Blown eggs are a great accessory for preschoolers to decorate; there’s no mess if they break their eggs. You can blow eggs using a needle or tack to make a hole and straw to push the contents out of the eggshell while leaving it intact.

Then, your preschooler can glue tissue paper to the shells to create intricate looks while strengthening the shell. 

easter egg activities

By Red Ted Art

6. Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

This easter egg craft uses pieces of tissue paper to create textured easter eggs. You may want to cut the tissue paper into small pieces and help your preschooler draw the patterns with a pencil. Then, glue each piece of the crumbled tissue to create a fluffy, textured look. 

tissue paper easter egg activity

By That Kids Craft Site

7. Easter Themed Painted Rocks

Painting rocks can be a fun craft for preschoolers, resulting in fun keepsake crafts. You can use them for seasonal indoor decor or place them outside in the garden. They can even be fun to hide around your town as part of the Kindness Rocks Project treasure hunt. You’ll need beach stones, multi-surface satin paint, paint pens and brushes, and Sharpies.

painted easter chick on rocks

By Sustain My Craft Habit

8. Form Easter Lily Flowers Out of Handprints

This creative paper flower bouquet idea is a genius for kids aged four to eight. You’ll need a yellow marker, a chopstick with a tapered end, a handprint cut from white construction paper, and yellow construction paper with a fringed side.

If you want to create a full bouquet, cut out multiple hands. You should get three to four handprints per piece of paper. 

easter lily craft

By Crafts By Amanda

9. Peeking Bunny in a Carrot Craft

This project gives your preschooler an interactive project with some assembly required. Print the template and use scissors to cut out the individual pieces. Then, fold a piece of rectangle paper and glue it to the carrot. Connect the other end to the bunny’s head. You’ll attach the half carrot piece to create the peeking bunny.

bunny crafts

By The Purple Yarn

10. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 

This Easter Egg scavenger hunt lets you hide plastic Easter eggs around the house or yard. Put clues to the location of their Easter baskets inside each plastic capsule. If you have multiple kids participating in the hunt, you can assign each kid a color; that way, they don’t end up with clues to the wrong basket.

easter scavenger hunt

By The Savvy Sparrow

11. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Kids always love a game of pin the tail on the poster. Since it’s Easter, it’s the perfect time to turn this fun game with the cute fluffy bunny into an Easter theme. Print out the template in the link below, assemble and hang the poster, blindfold your kid, and give them a stickable tail to try placing on the bunny.

pin the tail on the bunny

By Room Mom Rescue

12. Design a Marshmallow Peep House

This Easter activity combines all your kid’s favorite sweets and Easter goodies to create an adorable, edible Easter bunny house. You’ll need frosted confetti cupcake pop-tarts, strawberry frosting, pastel sprinkles, Easter grass bubblegum, M&M’s peanut butter eggs, and Peeps marshmallow bunnies.

marshmallow peep house

By Bear Haven Mama

13. Easter Paper Plate Wreath

This simple craft converts a paper plate into a classy Easter wreath with minimal work. This project needs paper plates, printable artwork, and basic art supplies: glue, scissors, and coloring tools (paint, markers, crayons). The project’s simplicity makes it great for all ages, especially younger kids, and you don’t need special craft tools.

easter wreath craft

By Two Pink Peonies

14. Build a Bunny Nose Mask

Preschool kids are sure to enjoy creating these adorable bunny nose masks. You’ll need craft supplies like popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, different-sized pom pom balls, and different paint colors. You’ll also need crafting tools like a black Sharpie, glue, a white card, and a pair of scissors.

bunny nose mask for kids

By Kids Craft Room

15. Create an Easter Origami Card

This simple Easter paper project can inspire your children to get into the interesting art of origami paper folding. You will need origami paper for this project; pastels are very Eastery. If you don’t have origami paper, you can use a thin material like wrapping paper, but it must be a perfect square.

easter origami card

By Fluxing Well

16. Easter Bunny Handprint Craft

This simple and adorable craft converts your child’s handprints to bunny ears to create this cute Easter bunny. With simple supplies like cardstock, glue, a pencil, scissors, and the easter bunny template, your preschooler can have their bunny assembled and ready to decorate.

easter bunny craft

By Simple Everyday Mom

17. 13 Easter Themed Tracing Worksheets

Tracing worksheets is a great activity for preschoolers to practice crucial fine motor skills like writing and line tracing. These worksheets have different lines to trace, offering varying levels of challenge. There are also coloring sections to practice staying in the lines with their coloring.

easter worksheets

By Healthy and Lovin It

18. Colorable Printable Easter Bookmarks

These cute Easter bookmarks are printable from your home printer, with bold black lines for easy cutting. Your preschoolers are sure to have fun decorating each slip. You can leave them as paper once done or laminate them to make them last longer. Give them away as memorabilia, or let your kids use them for their books.

easter bookmarks for kids

By Cobberson & Company

19. Easter Egg Paper Plate Wreath

This interesting craft uses paint sample cards to create multi-colored Easter eggs that you glue to the wreath by cutting the center from a paper plate. You can help your preschooler cut out and assemble the project or let them do it alone. There’s also the option to add your child’s photo for an extra personal touch.

paper plate wreath

By The Soccer Mom Blog

Need more Easter fun? Try these 23 easy Easter egg crafts for kids, these non-candy ideas for your children’s Easter basket, and these cute Easter chick and bunny projects.

Fun Preschool Easter Activities- Overview

These fun preschool Easter activities are a great way to engage young children in the holiday season while also helping them develop important skills. By incorporating arts and crafts, cutting, and scavenger hunts, children can learn about Easter traditions and have a blast while doing it.

These Easter activities promote creativity, motor skills, and social interactions, making them perfect for preschoolers. So gather your little ones and get ready to hop into some egg-citing fun this Easter!

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