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Adorable Valentine Gnome Craft For Kids

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Valentine’s Day has never been more fun than with this adorable Valentine’s Gnome craft! You and your kids can create the perfect gnomes craft with just a few supplies and a little imagination!

Gnomes have always been known for their playful personalities – let your kiddos tap into that energy by making these whimsical homemade characters.

gnome craft

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From glittery gems to rainbow hearts, there are endless variations to make each one special. Plus, it’s an easy way for all of you to come together as a family, share your creative skills and create something meaningful together in time for Valentine’s Day!

Ready. Set… Craft!

Materials Needed For Your DIY Gnome

It’s time to gather the materials needed to create your magical gnomes. Here’s what you need to get started.

Pipe cleaner: Any color you like; we recommend using pink and red.

Glittery paper: Grab a piece of red and pink glitter paper.

Scissors: Kid-friendly scissors for cutting.

Pen: You’ll need a pen or pencil to trace your hand.

Glue stick: A simple glue stick will work great for gluing together this craft.

White cardstock: You’ll use cardstock as the gnome’s body.

Tip: Feel free to alter this craft as needed depending on the age of your kiddos. If they’re younger, you may want to pre-cut the paper for them. However, the goal is always to let them do as much as the craft they can themselves.

As the parent, caregiver, or teacher, feel free to make your own DIY gnome with the child.

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Make Your Own Gnome

Now that you have all the materials ready, here’s how to make the perfect Valentine’ gnomes.

Step 1. First, trace your hand on the cardstock paper to make the body of the Valentine handprint gnome. Once you’ve traced your handprint, carefully cut it out.

valentine gnome

Step 2. Grab a piece of glittery pink paper and cut a rounded cone (like the one pictured) to make his hat.

valentines gnome

Step 3. Cut a small circle from the glittery red paper.

diy gnome

Step 4. Once you have every part of the handprint gnome, assemble it using a glue stick—the red circle at the center of the handprint.

Above it, attach the pink hat.

gnome diy

Step 5. Lastly, attach the pipe cleaners to the corner of the hat.

valentine's day gnome

Let your creativity work, and add other designs you may like to your gnome handprint.

How To Make A Gnome – Summary

Creating Valentine’s Gnomes with your family is a great way to come together, share creative skills and make something meaningful in time for Valentine’s Day.

With just a few supplies, such as pipe cleaners, glittery paper, and scissors, you can easily craft these magical characters that bring laughter and joy into any home. So this year, why not take some time out of the hustle and bustle of life to get crafting!?

It will be an activity everyone in the family will enjoy long after February 14th has passed.

Happy Crafting!

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diy valentines gnome

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