How to Make Homemade Bubble Solution (Fun for Kids)

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Easy homemade bubble solution!

Bubbles are a classic childhood pastime that never seems to get old. And luckily, making your own bubble solution is easy and affordable. This week, I’ll show you how to make your own bubble solution using just a few simple ingredients.

So your kids will love playing with bubbles all summer long!

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How To Make Bubbles At Home

This homemade bubble solution is easy to make, so you’ll be blowing bubbles in no time. You probably have all of the ingredients you need already in your kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need to make homemade bubbles:

Ingredients for DIY Bubble Solution

– 1 cup dish soap

– 6 cups of warm water (works best with distilled water)

– 1/4 cup corn starch (or corn syrup)

– Large Tupperware dish

Pipe cleaners

How to Make Your Own Bubble Solution

Once you have collected the ingredients above, it’s time to make your DIY bubble solution!

Step 1. Start by combining dish soap and warm water into a dish or bucket. I recommend doing this outside, as it can become quite a mess.

how to make bubble solution

Fun Summer Craft Ideas:

Step 2. Gently stir dishwashing liquid and water until combined. To make the best bubbles make sure to stir the mixture slowly (this can be hard for younger kids to do).

You will know if you are stirring too fast because small bubbles will appear on the surface. For me, half the fun is letting the kids make the bubbles before they use them. If you want some good-quality bubbles, you might want to take over the stirring process.

homemade bubble solution recipe

Step 3. Now it’s time to add the cornstarch to the mixture. Then stir gently until fully it’s fully dissolved.

bubbles solution

Step 4. The longer you let your homemade solution sit, the bigger the bubbles turn out. However, we tend to use this homemade bubble recipe right away, and we still get some pretty big bubbles.

how to do bubbles

Step 5. Now it’s time to make some bubbles. We like making different shape DIY bubble wands out of pipe cleaners. Or, if you have other bubble tools, that works too.

Once you have your bubble wands, start blowing bubbles!

how do you make a bubble

How Do You Make Giant Bubbles?

Want to learn how to make giant bubbles? The bigger the bubble wand, the bigger your bubbles will be.

If you have a small kiddy pool, you can double or triple the above recipe, then grab a hula-hoop to use as a giant bubble wand. Dip the hula hoop into the bubble solution and bring it up. It will create some massive bubbles.

Learn How To Make A Bubble Wand?

We usually make our bubble wands using pipe cleaners! These are super easy to make. Simply grab a pipe cleaner of your choice and shape it however you want. These are by far the easiest homemade bubble wands to make.

bubble blowing solution

There are other ways to make simple DIY bubble wands, but these pipe cleaner wands literally only take a minute to make.

Popular QuestionsMake your Own Bubble Solution

Can you make bubbles with glycerin?

Most bubble recipes actually call for glycerin in place of corn syrup. The above recipe calls for basic ingredients you probably have around your home.

How do you make strong bubbles?

To make strong bubbles, let your bubble mixture sit out overnight.

Can you make a homemade bubble solution with dish soap?

Yes, the above recipe calls for dawn liquid dish soap.

Want More Bubble Fun?

Homemade Bubble Solution- Summary

So now that you know how to make bubble solution, grab the kids and some bubble wands and get ready for hours of fun. With a little bit of science and a whole lot of imagination, you can create bubbles that are bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever before.

What kind of shapes will your bubbles take on? Will they be solid or liquid? The possibilities are endless! Go ahead and give it a try – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

So, are you ready to make your own homemade bubble solution? If you come up with any great variations on this recipe, be sure to let us know in the comments below. We always love trying out new bubble solutions!

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