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17 Best Halloween Sensory Bins For Kids

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Halloween is the perfect time of year for kids to get creative and explore their senses.

A sensory bin can be a fantastic way to do that! Sensory bins are containers filled with materials like rice, sand, beans, or other fillers that allow children to explore textures, shapes, and colors hands-on.

They’re also great tools for teaching basic concepts like counting and sorting and motor skills such as pouring, scooping, and grasping.

And even though it might seem intimidating at first, making one of these colorful trays is surprisingly easy—just use these Halloween sensory bins to inspire some spooky sensory fun.

halloween sensory bins

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Here Are 17 Spooky Sensory Bins For Halloween

1. Spaghetti and Eyeballs Sensory Bin

Looking for a Halloween activity that’s spooky, slimy, and super fun? You’ve found it!

This sensory bin filled with purple spaghetti and squishy eyeballs- will keep your kids happily entertained for hours.

Halloween-themed sensory bin with purple spaghetti and spooky toy eyeballs

by Simple Everyday Mom

2. Witches Potion Sensory Bin

Halloween is spooky witches’ season, and this fun (and budget-friendly) Witches Potion is the perfect sensory bin for some otherworldly fun!

Put a fun educational twist on this witch potion and read these awesome spider facts to your child while they are mixing their potion!

Sensory bin for Halloween showing a witches potion bin

by Taming Little Monsters

3. Beans and Rice Halloween Sensory Bin

Toddlers can work on their fine motor skills with this Halloween-themed sensory bin! Made with rice and beans, this bin is easy to put together, and little ones can play in different ways!

Click the link above and read how to make one at home.

Halloween sensory bin showing a child playing with orange, purple and white rice and beans

by Simple Fun for Kids

4. Orange Rice and Creepy Crawlies Sensory Tray

Younger kids can get scared fast, but they can still enjoy Halloween fun. This option offers all the spookish fun for the younger kids in the family.

Spooky sensory tray featuring orange rice and creepy crawlies

by Finding Myself Young

5. Creepy Crawly Sensory Bin with Water Beads

This sensory bin option made with water beads and creepy Halloween toys guarantees your little ones will have a spooktacular time!

Halloween themed sensory bin with toy spiders and water beads

by Messy Little Monster

6. Melt the Witch Sensory Bin

This post includes tips for setting up your own melting witch sensory bin at home. It’s perfect for exploring some fizzy textures and introducing little ones to science in a fun way.

Halloween sensory bin showing a melting green witch potion

by Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

7. Yarn and Pom Poms Sensory Bin

Is your child not a big fan of slimy textures? No worries! Use yarn and pom-poms to make a Halloween-themed sensory bin. Click the link above and follow the step-by-step instructions to set one up at home.

Halloween themed sensory bin featuring black yarn and orange pom poms

by My Bored Toddler

8. Spooky Spaghetti Sensory Invitation to Play

Colored spaghetti and a couple of spookily cute Halloween props are all you need to make this awesome sensory bin!

Halloween themed orange and green spaghetti sensory bin

by Finding Myself Young

9. Jello Eyeballs Sensory Bin

Short on time? Try this sensory bin! You can make this in no time, and your children will have a blast playing with the jiggling jello eyes.

Halloween sensory bin featuring jello eyeballs

by Taming Little Monsters

10. Edible Halloween Sensory Bin

Halloween would not be complete without a sweet edible sensory bin. All you need is jelly and some Halloween-themed candy for this one.

Edible Halloween themed sensory bin in orange, green and red

by The Inspiration Edit

11. Halloween Cloud Dough Sensory Bin

Invite your kids to explore textures with this cloud dough sensory bin in Halloween colors!

Toddler playing with Halloween orange and black cloud dough sensory bin

by Simple Fun for Kids

12. Halloween Sensory Soup

This sensory soup takes little prep time, which makes it an ideal last-minute Halloween activity for the little ones.

Kids playing with Halloween themed soup sensory bin

by And Next Comes L

13. Spider Soup

This spider soup screams Halloween fun! Your kids can work on their measuring skills while enjoying a spookish good time!

Halloween Sensory Bin showing an orange spider soup

by The Keeper of the Memories

14. Fizzing Science Sensory Bin

Bring the Halloween magic to your little one’s playtime with this bubbly sensory bin! To make this, you will need baking soda, vinegar, and a few everyday items you probably already have. To create your own, click on the link to see the instructions.

Fizzing science sensory bin experiment for Halloween

by My Bored Toddler

15. Black Bat Witches Brew

Your kids will have lots of fun making their own magical witches brew this Halloween. You can make this sensory bin using a few ingredients. Kids will have loads of fun strengthening their fine motor skills as they dig and scoop!

Orange witches brew with Halloween toys for kids

by Natural Beach Living

16. Spider Sensory Bin

Got packaging paper to spare? Use it in this adorable spider sensory bin where kids can experiment with textures!

Click the link to get the full instructions and more fun ideas on using this spider-themed bin.

A fun and spooky Spider Sensory Bin for Halloween

by Sugar, Spice, & Glitter

17. Fluffy Slime Sensory Bowl

Sticky fluffy slime and Halloween are a match made in sensory bin heaven! This bin is awesome for kids who love slime and explore spooky textures.

Halloween sensory bin with purple and green fluffy slime

by The Chaos and the Clutter

Halloween Sensory Bin Summary

There you have it. Seventeen different sensory bins to make your Halloween extra special. Make sure to try out one or a handful of these sensory bins this Halloween season!

If you enjoyed this craft, make sure to save it for later and follow us on Pinterest for more fun craft ideas.

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