Creative Ice Watercolor Painting Project for Toddlers

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This craft was super neat to do with my kiddo, and I’m sure you will have the same experience. Kids love painting. This craft offers a new sensory experience for them. 

I loved the finished product so much that I put it on display outside!!! Yes, it is cold enough here for it to last all winter long! 

Another perk of this one is the clean-up is super simple, and you don’t have to keep yet another piece of random paper. Also, the supplies are minimal, but the results are so CUTE!

watercolor ice cube

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Ice Cube Watercolor Painting Details:

Age group: 1+

Difficulty: EASY

Time to complete: Long enough for water to freeze, plus however long it takes for your kiddo to create their artwork.

This craft is so simple, and it is easy to make as many ice suncatchers as you want! These are beautiful in the sunlight, and you could light a candle outside at night for a fun and pretty artwork experience. 

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Supplies Needed For Painting With Ice Cubes:

Extra water to rinse your brush in between colors if desired (My son didn’t quite catch onto that concept)

Plastic containers seemed to work best for popping the ice out, but if you use a glass container or have trouble removing the ice canvas, let it sit out for a few minutes and try again. You can also play around with different shapes of ice for painting on.

watercolor painting

Create Your Watercolor Ice Cube Painting

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

Grab a container and water. Put about a half-inch to an inch of water in a container and freeze it. I set mine outside because Minnesota is FREEZING at this time of year. Otherwise, use the freezer.  

ice cube watercolor

Step 2: Start Painting

Gather painting supplies and your little artist. Remove the ice from the container. Place the ice on a baking sheet or tray to reduce the mess. Allow your child to create a beautiful Ice Suncatcher.  

Step 3: Display their artwork

watercolor ice cubes

Display your child’s artwork outside for others to enjoy, or let it melt away in your sink or in the tub during bathtime. Simple clean-up. 🙂

Another idea is you could place a couple of plastic toys (dinosaurs, animals, or trucks) in the water before it freezes for your child to chisel out with warm water. 

My son loves tools, so he would have a lot of fun using his toy hammer and paintbrush to rescue his vehicles.  

We stuck with the watercolor painting this time, and he is so proud of his creations every time we go outside! He tells me about painting it and the colors he used. 

painting on ice

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