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29 Fun Autumn Activities for Preschoolers

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Autumn is the perfect season, with cooler temperatures and stunning colors everywhere you look. There’s tons of inspiration to inspire your artistic creations.

We’ve collected 29 autumn activities for preschoolers to celebrate all things fall. This list includes pumpkins to scarecrows, leaves and corn, handprints, and painting. Gather your preschoolers and your favorite art supplies and get to crafting.

autumn crafts

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Supplies Needed for These Autumn Art Activities

Since these autumn projects are for preschoolers, you may need to provide extra assistance for completion. 

But you won’t need a variety of crafting supplies. You’ll need the basic trio – pencils, glue, and scissors.

You’ll also need to gather other standard supplies: 

  • Paper – construction, scrap, cardstock
  • Coloring utensils – crayons, markers, paint
  • Miscellaneous – googly eyes, ribbon, craft sticks, popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls
  • Pumpkins
  • Leaves

Some of these projects, like templates, also require printing, so you’ll need access to a printer.

29 Autumn Activities for Preschoolers

From pumpkins to scarecrows, fall is a time full of fun and creativity for kids. We have gathered some of our favorite autumn craft ideas for kids to keep them entertained all season long.

1. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Give this fun popsicle stick scarecrow craft a try! It’s perfect for kids of all ages and is a great way to use up any extra popsicle sticks you may have lying around.

Scarecrows are an iconic symbol of the fall season and with just a few simple materials, you and your child can create your very own popsicle stick scarecrow to add some festive flair to your home.

scarwcrow craft

By Kidz Craft Corner

2. Nature Frames

Let your child capture the stunning fall season colors by making this lovely frame! This fun nature frame is perfect for displaying their favorite fall nature finds. All you need is a few basic supplies, like cardboard, leaves, glue, and whatever you can find outside.

Have fun making this one-of-a-kind frame that will surely bring out the best in those memories! Go get started!

Children's DIY art project using natural elements featuring rocks, leaves and twigs.

By The Crazy Outdoor Mama

3. Paper Plate Owl

This cute paper plate owl craft is perfect for little ones to make at home or in the classroom. It’s a simple and fun activity perfect for autumn or any time of year.

orange owl paper plate craft

by Kidz Craft Corner

Check out our Fall Busy Book, which is full of educational entertainment! This book includes creative craft activities, games, puzzles, and more – perfect for a rainy day!

4. Fall Bingo

Give these free fall bingo cards a try! Just print them out and have fun playing with your friends and family. Fall is the perfect time for cozy indoor activities, and bingo is a great game to enjoy together.

To start, you will need to download and print the bingo cards here. We have five different designs featuring classic fall images such as pumpkins, leaves, and apples.

bingo for fall

By Kidz Craft Corner

5. Butterfly Fall Leaf Craft

Follow along with this craft’s instructions using the link below the image to make these enchanting butterflies made with real fall leaves! If your child loves butterflies, check out our fun tie-dye butterflies and beaded butterfly crafts. Also, use this fun craft to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly!

butterfly craft template colored with real leaves

By Crafts on Sea

6. Nature Mask

Top off your next nature craft project with these fantastic nature masks! This autumn craft is such a simple but super fun project to make! In addition, the mask printable is free and ready to print!

girl wearing a DIY mask made with leaves and flowers

By Rhythms of Play

Grab our free fall bucket list printable and see how many activities you can check off!

7. Play Around with Pumpkin Painting

Autumn is the perfect time to get creative with planted harvests like pumpkins. This fun fall craft is ideal for preschoolers because it doesn’t require many materials or supervision. Besides pumpkins – real or faux – and paint, this project leaves you free to get as creative as your kids want.

painted pumpkins

By Gennifer Rose

8. Alternative Activities to Halloween Trick-or-Treating 

Many parents are deviating from the tradition of trick-or-treating with their younger children in search of more friendly activities. This list has many fun ideas that preschoolers would love, including an advent calendar, costume parties, a pinata, cookie and cake decorating, or a haunted gingerbread house.

halloween decor

By Gennifer Rose

chore chart

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9. Press and Paint Leaves

Leaf collecting is a great autumn activity for preschoolers. You can teach your kids about the different types of trees in your area and teach them colors. You can also get creative with the leaves your kids find by pressing them flat and painting fun designs on them. 

Explore these REAL leaf craft ideas for kids! Don’t miss out!

pressed leaf craft for kids

By Sustain My Craft Habit

10. Make Your Own Leaf Puppets

The best autumn activities for preschoolers use easily found and affordable materials. In the fall, there’s nothing more abundant and free than leaves. You’ll need craft sticks, glue, a thin ribbon, googly eyes, paint, markers, and leaves for these leaf puppets. 

leaf puppets

By Rediscovered Family

11. Construction Paper Folded Fan Leaf

Your preschooler will have a fun time making this easy leaf project. You will need colored paper, glue, scissors, and a pencil. The easy steps allow preschoolers to practice their cutting and gluing skills with little supervision and the paper leaf template.

leaf fan for kids

 by Two Kids and a Coupon

12. Adorable Corn on the Cob Craft

Your preschooler can enjoy assembling this easy corn-on-the-cob craft. Provide them with popsicle sticks, googly eyes, glue, a pen, and construction paper. You may need to provide help with the gluing and cutting for younger kids.

corn and cob

By Two Kids and a Coupon

13. Inspire a Love of Cooking with No Bake Pumpkin Pies

Cooking can be a fun project for preschoolers, and it’s never too early to teach them proper kitchen safety. But if you want to introduce your preschoolers to food prep without the hazard of cooking, these mini no-bake pumpkin pies are just the thing.

pumpkin pie making

By Fluxing Well

14. Prepare a Fingerprint Pointillism Art Painting

This easy painting project is excellent for teaching your children about art. Pointillism is an art style that starts with dots painted in different colors blended to create perfect pictures. Preschoolers can have fun creating a tree with their hands as the trunk and fingerprints for the leaves.

handprint art

By Fluxing Well

15. Create Leaves Out of Handprints

The best autumn preschool activities allow kids to be hands-on and uniquely creative. Projects that allow personalism, such as handprint crafts, are excellent keepsake decor pieces. This project does not need anything other than colored paper, finger paints, markers, and your kid’s hand.

autumn handprints

By Homan at Home

16. Create a Handprint Craft from Acorns

If your preschoolers enjoy crafting with their hands, they’ll have much fun making these adorable acorn handprints. With simple steps and minimal supplies, your preschoolers can complete this project with little help. Gather scissors, a marker and pencil, colored paper, glue, and the acorn template to cut out. 

acorn handprint

By Simple Everyday Mom

17. Design a Cute Corn Cob Project

This cute corn-on-the-cob project will entertain preschoolers, and it’s easy enough not to drive parents crazy. Your preschooler can complete it in a few hours with little help. You’ll need paper, scissors, a marker, glue, and the corn template to cut out and trace.

corn on the cob

By Simple Everyday Mom

18. Turn a Toilet Paper Role into an Owl

Instead of throwing away your leftover toilet paper rolls, save them to turn into fun owls. You’ll need the owl template, empty TP rolls, brown paint, yellow paper, scissors, glue, and a marker for this project.

toilet paper owl

By Little Ladoo

19. Decorate a Pumpkin with Paper Pieces

What kid doesn’t love tearing stuff up, and what parent doesn’t mind? Parents should encourage their children to do this paper pumpkin crafts to get the best of everything. Print the pumpkin template, tear up pieces of orange paper – or let your kid do it – and glue the torn bits to the page.

paper pumpkin craft

By Little Ladoo

20. Convert Popcorn Kernels into a Fall Leaf Project

This creative project lets your kids color and assemble an autumn leaf using ingredients you likely have on hand. You’ll need plain paper, five small cups, white vinegar, unpopped popcorn kernels, craft glue, and food coloring. 

fall leaf project

By Glue Sticks + Gumdrops

21. Create a Jar of Autumn Leaves Potpourri 

Handmade gifts are always popular, as are things that smell good. This simple craft can be an easy project to do with your preschoolers. You don’t need much regarding materials, but you’ll probably want to help your kids handle the potpourri. You’ll need a battery-operated tealight, some colorful faux fall leaves, wired ribbon in fall colors, and scented potpourri. 

leaf potpurri craft

By Craft Bits

22. Fall in a Bottle

Your preschooler will have a good time creating this autumn activity. You’ll need a clear plastic bottle, glue, markers, tissue paper, and a popsicle stick. You’ll also need a picture of your kid and some outdoor fall items, like acorns, leaves, seedpods, and twigs.

fal in a bottle craft

By The Crazy Outdoor Mama

23. Make a Fall Wreath from Leaves

Your preschoolers will have a great time collecting leaves outdoors to turn into a creative fall wreath. Then, you’ll need to gather string or ribbon, a paper plate, gluestick, acrylic spray, and scissors. You also want leaves of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

fall wreath

By Mama of Minis

24. Pack of Fall Themed Printables

This printable pack has five fall-themed pages that you can print at home. The pack includes sheets with acorn, leaf, pumpkin, maple leaf, and apple images. You’ll need dot markers to decorate each sheet. 

fall themed printables

Two Pink Peonies

25. Paper Plate Leaf Wreath

This easy project is perfect for preschoolers because it allows them to practice their coloring, cutting, and gluing skills. You’ll need crayons, scissors, paper plates, glue or tape, and the leaf template. 

fall wreath craft

By Two Pink Peonies

26. Make a Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Popsicle scarecrows can be fun preschool autumn activities that appeal to older children. You can teach your children about shapes, work their fine motor skills, and enhance their imagination. Along with popsicle sticks and double-sided tape, you’ll also need scissors, glue, a black marker, and different colors of construction paper.

scarecrow craft

By In the Playroom

27. Build a Fall Themed-Birdhouse

This easy autumn project lets your preschooler build a birdhouse with fun themes using fall scrapbook pieces, autumn acrylic paint colors, glitter, craft feathers, glue, scissors, and Mod Podge.  

bird houses

By Craft Bits

28. Fall Bucket List

The fun doesn’t need to stop this fall! Keep the creativity going with these fun autumn-themed bucket list ideas for kids. From outdoor activities to cozy indoor crafts, to jumping in leaves, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this season.

bucket list for halloween

By Kidz Craft Corner

29. Fall Tissue Paper Suncatcher

Every child loves leaves, so why not give this neat leaf suncatcher a try!? You will need some tissue paper, printer paper, glue, and scissors. Cut out the shape of an leaf from the paper.

Then, cut up small pieces of tissue paper for your child. Let them arrange the pieces on top of the paper leaf. Glue them down and let it dry.

fall nature leaf craft

By Darcy and Brian

Welcome Autumn with These Fun Preschool Projects

As the air turns crisp and leaves begin to change color, it’s the perfect time to incorporate some autum themed activities into your preschooler’s routine. So grab your craft supplies and get ready for some fun fall crafting with your little one.

With plenty of easy and enjoyable crafts that are perfect for this time of year. From pumpkin decorations to popsicle stick scarecrows, there’s something for every child to enjoy.

Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration for your next crafting project!

autumn crafts

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