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15 Terrific Turkey Crafts For Kids

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Hey parents! With Thanksgiving coming up, you’re probably looking for a few activities to keep the kids busy. That’s why we’ve put together 15 of our favorite turkey crafts for kids that are sure to be a hit with young ones on your holiday guest list.

These spectacular projects will help your little one celebrate Thanksgiving in style and craft their own special memories of this wonderful time of year. From easy paper turkeys to thankful turkey crafts that help kids think about what they’re thankful for, you’re sure to find something your kids will love to make.

Happy crafting!

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Fun winter crafts:

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    15 Turkey Crafts For Kids

    1. Potato Stamp Turkey

    You can’t do a more fun or easier craft idea for Thanksgiving than this Potato Stamp Turkey Craft! A fresh potato, paint, cardstock, and some googly eyes are all you’ll need.

    Check out the tutorial above for a complete guide with fun tips to make this project even more fun for your kids!

    stamping turkey craft made with potato and paint
    by Our Kid Things

    2. Paper Turkey

    Captivate your little one’s mind for hours with this Paper Turkey Craft!

    Even though it looks amazing, it is actually quite easy to put together and requires almost no prep time.

    paper craft featuring a turkey
    Easy Peasy and Fun

    3. Pine Cone Turkey

    Using leftover scraps of ribbon, pinecones, and googly eyes, you can help your children to make a super unique and adorable craft. In addition, even the youngest children can follow the easy steps!

    turkey craft made with pine cones and fabric for thanksgiving
    by Fireflies and Mud Pies

    4. Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Bags

    These turkey treat bags are an ideal craft to make with the whole family! It is a simple and fun DIY project kids of all ages will enjoy. Plus, it makes for an excellent gift!

    Thanksgiving craft for kids featuring turkey treat bags
    by Artsy Fartsy Mama

    5. Quilled Paper Turkey

    If your little ones are paper crafts fans, they will love this quilted turkey craft!

    fun kid craft for thanksgiving featuring a quilled paper turkey
    by Artsy Craftsy Mom

    6. Button Turkey

    Make this fun and easy Thanksgiving craft to help your kids improve their fine motor skills while having lots of fun. You’ll just need tons of colorful buttons!

    fun craft for kids featuring a turkey papercraft with buttons
    by Crafts by Ria


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      7. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

      Making this craft is a wonderful opportunity to spend some bonding time with your kids and teach them the meaning of being grateful. You’ll need toilet paper rolls, a bit of glue and paint, cardstock, and some google eyes!

      turkey craft, Thanksgiving craft idea using toilet paper rolls
      by The Best Ideas for Kids

      8. Folded Paper Turkey

      Add a special touch to your Thanksgiving crafts ideas with this charming turkey craft! In this tutorial, the step-by-step instructions are simple to follow and show you a super easy technique to make the accordion feathers.

      Plus, if you’re not into drawing turkeys, don’t worry because this DIY includes a free printable!

      papercraft of turkey with folded feathers
      by Real Life at Home

      9. Chalk Pastel Turkey

      Tap onto your kid’s creativity with this one-of-a-kind turkey craft! Children will be fascinated by this colorful craft that uses chalk pastels and black paper.

      craft for kids of turkey using chalk pastel and paper
      by Projects with Kids

      10. Handprint Turkey

      During this holiday, some little ones can get a bit fussy with so much going on.

      That’s why we love this Thanksgiving handprint craft option! It’s a simple activity that encourages quiet creativity time.

      handprint turkey craft made with paper for kids
      by Simple Everyday Mom

      11. Pattern Block Turkey

      Give your kids a chance to practice math in a fun and hands-on way by creating this cute turkey craft.

      It’s a perfect way for kids to explore their creative side while learning about shapes and rotational symmetry!

      If you want more practice with shapes, check out these pattern blocks!

      pattern block thanksgiving turkey craft for preschoolers and toddlers
      by Buggy and Buddy

      12. Shape Turkeys

      Add a fun spin to your math lessons by making these fun turkey crafts, and let your kids learn about shapes in a fun and hands-on way!

      Thanksgiving easy and fun kid's turkey craft
      by Messy Little Monster

      13. Thankful Turkeys

      Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, and this Thankful Turkey Craft is a fun way to celebrate this holiday’s spirit with the little ones.

      Go grab some paper, cut out some feathers, and make this fun gratitude turkey.

      thankful turkey craft made with paper
      by A Dab of Glue Will Do

      14. Yarn and Paper Plate Turkey

      Looking for a special and unique-looking craft to make with preschoolers this Thanksgiving? Give this Turkey craft a try!

      This craft will surely be a total success at home using yarn, construction paper, and a paper plate. Let the fun begin!

      Also, don’t forget to check out our favorite paper plate turkeys here!

      Turkey craft for kids made with paper plates and yarn
      by Non-Toy Gifts

      15. Bottle Cap Turkey Puppets

      You can’t get a cuter DIY project than this turkey puppet with colorful feathers!

      This DIY craft is a wonderful and easy-peasy craft even the littlest ones in the family can make. So go grab some feathers and make this fun turkey puppet together!

      fun craft for kids featuring a turkey puppet with feathers
      by The Joy of Sharing

      Turkey Crafts For Kids Summary

      I hope you found some great turkey crafts for kids to make this season. Let us know in the comments below which turkey craft was your favorite!?

      If you enjoyed this craft, make sure to save it for later and follow us on Pinterest for more fun craft ideas.

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