3 Creative And Easy Projects To Do With Blue Painters Tape

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We’ve got a great list of easy projects for you today using painters tape.

There are 3 projects here that require minimal effort and supplies from you but will keep your kids entertained for hours!

I don’t know how this happens but we always seem to have blue painters tape laying around the house.

If you’re like us and have painters tape in your house, grab it and let’s get busy!

painters tape

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Blue Painters Tape Craft Details:

Age Group: 2+ yrs

Difficulty: Super Easy

Time To Complete: 15 min

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    Hot Wheels Race Track

    This simple project will be a hit with your kids!

    Grab some painters tape, a couple pieces of cardboard, and a empty toilet paper roll. That’s it! That’s all you need.

    Take the tape and make a track on the floor.

    blue painters tape

    It can be any shape you want it to be, just get creative!

    I let my son decide the path, he wanted it to be wavy and challening.

    Once you have the track laid out on the floor, use the toilet paper roll as a tunnel and the cardboard to make ramps and jumps.

    Here’s how ours turned out.

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    Hop Scotch

    Another really simple activity idea is creating hop scotch in the house. Painter’s Tape makes it really simple to set up a hop scotch template on the floor.

    We created one in our Daughter’s room and the kids spend an hour a day practicing.

    The best part about using painter’s tape is that it sticks really well, even to carpet.

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      Chalk Murals

      This was a really fun one and created a nice piece of art in our garage.

      The only supplies you’ll need for this is your Blue Painter’s Tape and a box of sidewalk chalk.

      Start by creating the outline of a square, hexagon, or octagon on the ground. Honestly any shape will work.

      With the outline created, use tape to break it up into smaller blocks.

      painting tape

      Once you have your outline created and broken up into smaller blocks, give your kids the chalk and let them have at it!

      painter tape

      Have your child color each block a different color or create patterns. This is where their creative minds come into play!

      Once they have colored every block, remove the painter’s tape and you’ll be left with a pretty chalk mural.

      craft with painters tape

      There you have it. Three really simple but fun activities you and your kids can do using painter’s tape!

      These crafts require a very minimal time commitment from you but will give your children hours of fun activities!

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