19 Easy Back to School Crafts for Kids

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Going back to school can affect kids in different ways. Some kids may get excited, while others feel afraid, nervous, or anxious. 

Back to school crafts are a great way to help your children adjust to the idea of summer ending. We’ve found 19 back to school crafts for kids to do in the weeks leading up to school or once school is back in session.

back to school crafts for preschoolers

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19 Back to School Crafts for Kids

These crafts are ideal for kids of all school ages. You’ll need to provide your kids with the necessary craft supplies to complete them. 

You may need to assist younger kids with some projects, but many can be done solo with minimal supervision. 

Necessary craft supplies start with a craft trio of glue, a permanent marker, and scissors.

Other materials you can need include:

You’ll also need a printer to produce printables and paper. Other random supplies you might need include Perler beads, yarn, string, cardboard, paper plates, and boxes.

A few of these crafts will have special supplies not listed above, such as making slime. 

Back-to-School Craft Ideas

1. Craft Stick Pencil Craft 

Kids will love creating this large pencil, and you’ll love that it requires few materials. You’ll need yellow markers, four craft sticks or popsicle sticks, a pencil, several colors of cardstock, your trusty trio, and the pencil template.

craft pencil

By Darcy and Brian

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2. Felt Apple Pencil Toppers

Pencil toppers can be fun to keep your kid cheerful while doing their work. These toppers can be made with a variety of materials and customizations. You’ll need felt, your craft trio, a pencil, and googly eyes. 

Also, check out this apple bird feeder, this fun apple template, and apple crafts!

apple pencil toppers

By Two Kids and a Coupon

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3. Kindness Pencil Toppers

These kindness pencil toppers are sure to make your kids make friends fast. Getting a kind message during the stress of school can make a kid’s bad day better. The simple craft is easy to do alone, or you can assist with writing the message if your child’s script isn’t easy to read yet.

pencil toppers

By Coffee and Carpool

4. Back to School Printable Matching Game

Printables are always great; you can print them at home whenever needed. This matching game can be great for homeschooled kids or as a project to get them excited about going back to school.

matching game

By Homemade Heather

chore chart

Other fun craft ideas:

5. Back to School Themed How to Draw Printables

These how-to-draw printables are a great way to teach your kids how to follow directions and draw school-themed items like scissors, a bus, or a backpack. You can print them at home and watch your kids get creative.

back to school printable

By Homemade Heather

6. Teacher Gift for Back-to-School

If your kids like to surprise their teachers with a gift on the first day, they’ll love creating these easy pencil vases. You’ll need a container like a 16 oz coffee or oatmeal can, four dozen wooden pencils, raffia, this printable, hot glue, and a hole punch.

pencil vase

By Juggling Act Mama

7. Popsicle Stick Pencil Bookmark

This popsicle stick pencil bookmark is easy to create and fun to use. Once assembled, kids can customize it as they prefer. To create this project, you’ll need five popsicle sticks, a pen, pink and white cards, and Bostik Mirco dots

pencil bookmark

By The Gingerbread House

8. Back to School Slime

If you have kids that love slime, they’ll enjoy making this school-themed gook. You’ll need clear glue, pieces of crayons, paper clips, erasers, a tablespoon of contact lens solution, water, and baking soda.

back to school slime

By The Soccer Mom Blog

9. Unicorn Pencil Holder

This unicorn pencil holder will stun fantasy lovers with its theme and crafters with its ease of creation. You’ll need a metal pencil holder, craft felt, white twine, glitter foam sheets, a hot glue gun, scissors, and ribbon flowers.

pencil holder

By The Soccer Mom Blog

10. Back to School Gnome

These school-themed gnomes are easy to make with colored construction paper or cardstock, this gnome template, scissors, and glue. Let your kids color the gnomes to their liking, cut, and paste. They make great decor pieces.  

gnome craft

By Simple Everyday Mom

fall bingo cards

11. Adorable Crayon Box Craft

Kids will enjoy making this crayon box craft, whether they color, cut, or paste. It can also be a great way to teach your kids how to cut, assemble, and follow directions. If you want to do the assembly method, you’ll need scissors, glue, the crayon template, and colored paper.

crayon box

By Simple Everyday Mom

12. School Bus Paper Craft

This simple printable paper craft is easy to assemble: cut the shapes from the template and glue them together. Kids can have fun coloring the sheets before cutting them out and giving their take on a school bus before school starts.

paper craft bus

By Simple Everyday Mom

13. Printable Handprint School Crafts

Handprint crafts can be fun projects for kids of all ages, and you can do a lot of different things. Along with washable paint and brushes, wipes and a tablecloth can make cleanup faster. Print these back-to-school pages and let your kids have fun adding their handiwork. 

back to school

By Rock Your Homeschool

14. School Themed Perler Beads

Perler bead crafts are great for older kids who like to color-match designs. These bead pattern sheets make it easy for your kids to create different school themes, like a bus, apple, pencil, and crayon. You may want to help with heating the beads to prevent injuries for younger children, but a Cricut Mini Press can make crafting easier.

fuse bead tempate

By Rock Your Homeschool

15. Make an Apple Handprint Design

Apples are synonymous with school, making this apple handprint craft perfect for exciting your kids to get ready to go back to school. And what kid wouldn’t want to get their hands dirty? All you have to do is paint your kid’s hand red and green and press it onto paper.

apple handprint

By Crafting with Kids

16. Yarn-Wrapped Pencil Craft

This large yarn-wrapped pencil is easy to assemble. It uses cardboard, scissors, markers, a hot glue gun, and yarn in tan, yellow, gray, and pink. Then, you can cut out a pencil shape from the board and wrap it in the yarn.

yarn pencil

By Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

17. Apple Marble Painting

Marble painting can be a fun project for kids to do with minimal supplies. You’ll need scissors, cardstock, washable paint, a box, glue, colored paper, and some marbles. Marbles can make interesting painting methods. 

marble apple paint

By Simply Full of Delight

18. School Bus Paper Plate Craft

When your kids make this easy bus craft, they are sure to get excited about riding on the big yellow bus to school. You only need a paper plate, yellow craft paint, glue, and black paper. 

When you are finished, check out our paper plate cat, cow, lion, bee, ladybug, and bear craft!

bus made out of a paper plate

By Mommy Evolution

19. Printable Color Sheet Bus Paper Craft

This paper bus project is a perfect back-to-school project for preschoolers, helping them with their coloring and cutting skills. The only things you need for this paper craft are scissors, coloring tools (crayons or colored pencils), paper fasteners, and a printable bus template.

bus made out of paper

By Simply Full of Delight

Must Read Back to School Books

Keep the fun going with these must-read back-to-school books. Reading aloud to kids has so many benefits, and the advantages of instilling a love for reading early on should not be overlooked.

The Night Before Kindergarten – Prepare for the first day of kindergarten with this fun and interactive story!

Time for School, Little Blue Truck – Follow along as the Little Blue Truck is excited to meet the bus on the road.

Get Kids Excited with Back-to-School Crafts

Explore these 19 engaging back-to-school crafts designed for young kids! These fun and creative back to school ideas are perfect for getting children excited about the new school year. From personalized pencil holders and colorful drawings to marble paintings and slime, each craft is easy to make and uses simple materials.

Whether for preschoolers or elementary school students, these crafts are ideal for enhancing creativity, fine motor skills, and back-to-school excitement. Dive in and discover step-by-step instructions to make the school year memorable and fun!

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Fun craft ideas:

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