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20 Easy Leprechaun Crafts for Kids

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March is affectionately known as the month of green for its association with the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Along with everything green, St. Patty’s Day consists of rainbows, a pot of gold, four-leaf clovers (shamrocks), and leprechauns. 

Leprechaun crafts can be a great way to entertain your kids, get them into the festive spirit, and improve their creative skills. These 20 leprechaun projects can work for all ages and require varying levels of adult assistance. Grab your craft supplies, round up your kids, and browse the list to find which kids’ leprechaun-themed crafts interest your kiddos the most!

leprechaun crafts

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Supplies Needed for These Leprechaun Crafts

For most leprechaun crafts, you’ll need construction paper and paint in green, brown, gold, and orange colors. Gold and glitter are also common looks for these crafts. 

Other craft supplies to have on hand include:

20 Leprechaun Crafts for Kids

Leprechauns, those mischievous and elusive creatures from Irish folklore, are not only a symbol of luck but also a fantastic source of inspiration for kids’ crafting adventures. From pots of gold to rainbow treasures, there’s a plethora of delightful ideas waiting to be explored.

So gather your crafting supplies and get ready to embark on a journey filled with magic and creativity as we delve into the wonderful world of leprechaun crafts for kids!

1. Leprechaun Hat

Get ready to add a touch of Irish charm to your crafting adventures with this delightful project: making leprechaun hats out of toilet paper rolls! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by crafting your very own symbol of luck and magic? This simple yet engaging activity is perfect for kids of all ages, offering a fun opportunity to get creative while recycling materials.

toilet paper roll leprechaun

By Kidz Craft Corner

2. Build a Leprechaun Trap

Who wouldn’t love to have a glimpse of a leprechaun on the day of green? Your kids can have fun trying to catch their little man in green with this DIY leprechaun trap. You may have to help with some of the cutting for younger kids. But this project can be a great project for practicing motor skills.

leprechaun trap

By Katherine Rosman

3. Recycle a Coffee Can Into a Leprechaun Catcher

This leprechaun trap converts a leftover coffee can into a neat trap with a few St. Patrick’s Day-themed craft supplies. You’ll need glittery shamrocks, beads, gold coins, green construction paper and shred paper, mini popsicle sticks, and some foam shapes. Then, follow these easy step-by-step instructions to assemble your trap.

leprechaun trap made out of a coffee can

By Homeschool Preschool

4. Make a Leprechaun from a Toilet Paper Roll

Crafts that you can create by recycling materials are always a great idea. You teach your kids how to repurpose things instead of throwing them away. This fun, creative craft uses toilet paper rolls, construction paper, and glitter to create cute leprechauns. You may want to help with the glitter to avoid a catastrophe mess. But the rest of the project can be done by kids of all ages.

toliet paper roll leprechaun

By Crafting with Kids

5. Have Fun with Leprechaun Hat Blowers

You can make these fun hat blowers with cardstock, tissue paper, and glue. The cardstock makes the shamrock hat, and the tissue paper can create the ribbons that make the noise. This project is easy for all ages to complete and practices cutting and gluing skills. Use this craft for a St. Patrick’s Day party or during homeschooling.

leprechaun craft

By Kids Craft Room

6. Coffee Filter Leprechaun Craft

Coffee filters are a versatile material to keep on hand, whether for coffee, cleaning, or crafts. This project uses markers, coffee filters, clothespins, paint, googly eyes, and construction paper to create these interesting and decorative leprechauns. 

By Darcy & Brian

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7. Activity Paper Plate Leprechaun Project

This leprechaun activity combines a paper plate and paint with creativity and motor skills. With pom poms for the nose and a piece of orange yarn woven through the plate for a beard, this cute leprechaun can make a great St. Patrick’s Day decoration. Your kids are sure to enjoy the fun of creation.

paper plate leprechaun

By Living Life and Learning

8. Design a Leprechaun Bookmark Craft

This leprechaun bookmark craft can be a neat way to save your place in a book in a festive St. Patrick’s Day theme. You or your kids can cut out the template on the appropriate construction paper colors and then glue the pieces together to construct the bookmark.

leprechaun craft bookmark

By Mombrite

9. Print and Fold Mini Leprechaun Mail

This neat craft creates mini mail that you can use to celebrate leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day. These cute printables can make great props for your decor or go along with a Leprechaun trap or games. This craft uses next to zero supplies, so it’s a great last-minute craft to keep your kiddos occupied while you finish a task.

mini leprechaun mail

By Barley & Birch

10. Spread the Joy with a Smiling Leprechaun

This easy paper craft lets your kids create a joyful, smiling leprechaun from a paper plate, some colored construction paper, and this template. You can use your handy cutting machine, like a Cricut, to create this project easily if you want to avoid hand-cutting the shapes. Give your kids the pieces and some gluesticks, and let them get to creating.

smiling leprechaun craft

By The Gingerbread House

11. Make a Custom Leprechaun Flower Decor Craft

This project can be a great St. Patrick’s Day-themed decor that repurposes an old shoe into a work of beauty. Who knew you could create a flower planter out of an old shoe? There could be a nursery rhyme for that somewhere.

With some elbow grease and supplies like green paint and duct tape, you can have this handy planter on your exterior in hours. It would make a great gift to give away or leave behind as a sign to your kids that the leprechaun was there.

leprechaun planter

By A Crafty Mix

12. Print Out Leprechaun Themed Cards 

Every holiday is a great time to remind friends and loved ones how special they are to you. These six printable St. Patrick’s Day cards make it easy to express your sentiments seasonally. Print with your home printer, add a name, and give them out just in time for the day of green.

leprechaun card for friends

By Homemade Heather

13. Get Creative with a Leprechaun Hat Vase Centerpiece

This St. Patrick’s themed Leprechaun centerpiece requires a paper mache hat (a snowman’s hat works great like this from Amazon). You’ll also need several paint colors, gold glitter cardstock, a vase to go inside the hat, and flowers. Then, follow these easy instructions to create your piece in less than 30 minutes.

leperchaun hat vase

By Ruffles and Rain Boots

14. Craft a Leprechaun from a Tin Can

Tin cans are a common staple in the kitchen and the recycling bin. But this seasonal craft gives tin cans a second life as a classy Leprechaun. This project can be fun for all ages with minimal supplies and steps. You might only need to help with the hot glue gun, but a normal kid-friendly glue stick will also work if you want your kids to be self-sufficient.

leprechaun hat made from a tin can

By Plate in 28

15. Disguise Your Leprechaun Worksheets

This hands-on craft lets your kids use decision-making skills to decide how they want to dress up their leprechaun friend. Your children can also practice fine motor skills, like cutting, pasting, and coloring. There are six themed sheets for your kids to cut out, color, and paste together. 

free leprechaun worksheets for kids

By Mommy Made That

16. Mix and Match Customized Leprechaun Paper Craft

This printable paper project involves a lot of cutting, coloring, and pasting, so it’s great for all ages. You’ll need this template, several colors of cardstock, scissors, and a glue stick. You can use whatever design you like to create the face: paste a picture, add googly eyes, or draw a face with crayons or markers.

leprechaun paper craft

By Messy Little Monster

17. Construct a Handprint Leprechaun 

This handprint craft is a great way to capture your kid’s age on paper and give them practice with their fine motor skills. You’ll need typical craft supplies like white cardstock, paints, googly eyes, pom poms, foam paper, and glitter paper. After constructing the leprechaun, flip it over and jot out a note.

When you are finished, try this cactus handprint craft!

handprint leprechaun

By The Best Ideas for Kids

18. Prepare a Fork Print Leprechaun Project

This easy, multi-piece project can be done in a single day or span over a weekend. It can be done by older kids who know how to use their tools, or you can do the cutting ahead of time and give the pieces to your child to assemble with glue (for a two-day project) or with paint (if you want the project done in a single day). You’ll need paint, a paper plate, a fork, and a tool for drawing.

fork printed leprechaun craft

By Mama of Minis

19. Accessorize with a Leprechaun Hat Headband

This leprechaun headband comes in two versions – a full-color sheet that is fast for printing, cutting, and assembling. And a black and white sheet for coloring before cutting. Along with scissors and the printable template, you’ll also need a stapler. Once you size the strip for the headband, staple it in place and cut off the remainder of the paper.

leprechaun hat headband craftss

By Simply Full of Delight

20. Create This Cute, Handsy Leprechaun

This handprint craft is great for a quick assembly project that doesn’t require supplies other than scissors, glue, the template, and markers. Print the template on colored cardstock, cut out the pieces and your child’s handprint, and combine them to form cute cartoony characters. 

leprechaun handprint crafts

By Simple Everyday Mom

Try These 20 Kids’ Leprechaun Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day offers a creative opportunity to occupy your kids with hands-on projects. Leprechauns are a signature part of St. Patty’s Day and make fun art crafts for seasonal decor and memorable keepsakes. With 20 leprechaun craft options, there are plenty of projects to get your children into the festive green spirit.

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