Paper Plate Bear Craft for Kids

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Are you ready to embark on a fun-filled crafting adventure with your little ones? Today, we’re diving into the world of imagination and creativity with an adorable paper plate brown bear craft that’s perfect for kids of all ages.

Imagine the excitement on your child’s face as they transform a simple paper plate into their very own furry friend! This craft is not only entertaining but also educational, helping to develop fine motor skills and artistic expression.

paper plate bear craft for kids

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Join us as we explore step-by-step instructions and creative tips to make this paper plate bear craft a roaring success. Get your crafting supplies ready, and let’s unleash our inner artists together! Ready, set, let’s craft!

Supplies Needed for Paper Plate Bear Craft

Gathering the right materials is the first step in your paper plate bear crafting adventure. Nothing complex, just a few basics that you probably already have at home or can easily get your hands on.

Here’s what you’ll need for your paper plate bear:

supplies for paper bear craft

How to Make a Paper Bear With a Paper Plate

Are you ready to get creative? Grab the above supplies from the supply list, and let’s start crafting!

Step 1: Paint Your Paper Plate

Start off by grabbing your paper plate and painting it brown! I used acrylic paint, but that’s because I had some lying around. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to use washable paint.

Once the paper plate is dry, set it to the side to dry!

paper plate bear craft

Step 2: Print and Cut Out the Bear Printable Template

Grab your free bear template printable here! Print and cut the bear template pieces out. Trace it onto construction paper and then cut out the shapes that will make the bear’s nose and ears.

brown bear craft ears

Step 3: Assemble the Bear’s Facial Features

Glue together the construction paper ears and nose like in the image below.

bear craft

Step 4: Attach Facial Features

Once you have assembled the bear’s ears and nose, it is time to glue them on the paper plate. Grab a glue stick and attach the ears to the plate, followed by his mouth and nose. Use a marker to draw the bear’s mouth.

Step 5: Glue on the Eyes

You are almost finished. Now it’s time to add googly eyes to your bear’s face! These adorable little eyes will bring your creation to life. Simply choose the size you want and carefully glue them onto your bear’s face, just above the nose.

Now is the time to add some personal touches to your creation! To make it truly unique, you can use different colors and gems or even add glitter for some extra sparkle.

brown bear craft

Finished Paper Plate Brown Bear

How did your paper bear turn out? Did you enjoy making it? We hope you had fun creating your very own unique paper plate bear craft with our step-by-step tutorial!

bear Paper plate

Bear Paper Plate Craft – Summary

As we wrap up our paper plate bear craft adventure, I hope you and your little ones had a fantastic time exploring creativity and learning about these amazing animals. Crafting together is not just about making something cute—it’s about making memories, sparking imagination, and nurturing important skills.

Remember, the joy of crafting lies in the process as much as in the final creation. Encourage your children to express themselves freely through art and celebrate their unique interpretations of this bear craft.

Now that you’ve mastered the paper plate bear keep the creativity flowing with more craft projects and nature-inspired activities.

chore chart

Let’s read about bears!

Let’s keep the fun going with these fun reads! There are so many benefits to reading aloud to kids. It’s even been found that reading books to toddlers can help build their empathy, aiding in social-emotional development.

Regardless of age, the advantages of instilling a love for reading early on are vast and should not be overlooked.

Must-read books all about bears:

Activities centered around bears!

Are you looking for fun activities for kids centered around learning all about bears? Look no further!

  1. Bear-themed Storytime: Gather some children’s books about bears and have a cozy storytime session. Encourage kids to share their favorite bear stories and discuss the different types of bears they’ve learned about.
  2. Bear Habitat: Create a miniature bear habitat using craft materials like clay, rocks, and toy trees. Discuss the specific features of bear habitats, such as forests or tundras, and how bears adapt to their environments.
  3. Bear Mask Craft: Provide materials for kids to make their own bear masks using paper plates, paint, and craft supplies. Let them personalize their masks and role-play as bears.
  4. Bear Scavenger Hunt: Hide bear-themed toys or pictures around the house or yard for a fun scavenger hunt. Kids can search for bears while learning interesting facts about each species they find.
  5. Nature Walk for Bear Signs: Take a nature walk in a park or forest area and look for signs of bears, such as claw marks on trees or tracks. Teach kids how to identify these signs and talk about bear safety.
  6. Bear-themed Snack Creation: Prepare bear-themed snacks like teddy bear-shaped sandwiches or cookies. Use this opportunity to discuss bear diets and the importance of healthy eating.

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paper plate bear craft

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