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Cute Paper Plate Bunny Craft for Kids

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Today, we’re hopping into a delightful craft that’s perfect for the season—a cute paper plate bunny that kids will adore making. This simple yet adorable project is not only fun but also a great way to encourage creativity and fine motor skills in little ones.

With just a few basic supplies and some imagination, you’ll be amazed at how these paper plate bunnies come to life. Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun activity to do with your children or a teacher searching for a classroom project, this craft is sure to bring smiles all around.

paper plate bunny

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Let’s dive in and create our own charming paper plate bunnies—perfect for Easter, springtime, or any time you want to add a touch of cuteness to your day!

Supplies Needed for This Paper Plate Bunny Rabbit

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions for creating this adorable bunny craft, let’s take a look at the supplies you’ll need for your paper plate bunny craft. Feel free to change out any colors or materials to make your bunny unique and special!

Here are the supplies you will need for your bunny craft:

paper plate bunny craft

How to Make a Paper Plate Bunny Craft

Crafting a bunny from a paper plate is the perfect activity for the classroom or a fun playdate with friends. Follow these simple steps to create your own adorable bunny to hop into your heart.

Step 1: Cut the Paper Plate in Half

Start by handing each child participating in this craft a white paper plate and child-friendly scissors. Have them cut the paper plate in half. If your child is on the younger side, you may need to draw a line across the middle of the paper plate so that they have a guideline to follow.

Once the paper plate is cut in half, set one half aside for later use. Or if this craft is being done in a classroom setting, have students work with a partner, and they can each have one half of the paper plate to work with.

paper plate bunny craft fro kids

Step 2: Print and Cut Bunny Ear Template

If you haven’t already, print and cut this bunny ear template. Once your template is cut out, place it on two different-colored pieces of pink construction paper. Trace around the template and cut out two sets of bunny ears, like in the image below.

Glue the lighter-colored set of bunny ears on top of the larger pair. You can really use any color combination you want for these bunny ears, so feel free to get creative!

pink bunny ears made from construction paper

Step 3: Add Eyes & Whiskers

Now it’s time to glue the bunny ears to the back of the paper plate, as shown below. Grab some black construction paper and cut out two small circles for the eyes. Then, use pink construction paper to cut out three long skinny strips for the whiskers.

Lastly, crisscross the three sets of whiskers and glue them together. On top of the whiskers, glue a pom pom for the nose. Then glue the above to your rabbit’s face.

eyes and ears on paper plate craft bunny

Step 4: Draw on Nose

Lastly, it is time to draw on your bunny’s mouth. Grab a marker, and draw a little line down straight from his nose. Then, draw a small smile at the bottom of the line. This will give your bunny a happy expression that will make everyone smile!

finished bunny craft made from a paper palte

Easy Paper Plate Bunny Craft Completed

Now, the fun part- Let’s get creative and make your bunny unique! You can add colorful hair, gems, or glitter. Once your easy paper plate bunny is finished, set it off to the side to dry completely.

finished bunny rabbit craft made from paper plate for kids

Bunny Paper Plate Craft – Summary

Crafting paper plate bunnies is a wonderful way to spark creativity and celebrate the joys of springtime with kids. These simple and enjoyable crafts require minimal supplies but offer endless possibilities for imaginative play and exploration. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for a rainy afternoon or planning a themed party, paper plate bunnies are sure to bring smiles and laughter to everyone involved.

I hope you enjoy making these adorable bunnies as much as we did! Share your creations with us and let us know how your crafting adventure unfolds.

chore chart

Extension Ideas for This Bunny Craft

The fun doesn’t have to be over! After finishing your paper plate bunny craft, here are a few ways you can take this bunny craft to the next level and make it truly unique for your kiddo or student.

  1. Bunny Story Time: Encourage your kids to create a short story or comic strip featuring their paper plate bunnies as characters. Provide them with paper, markers, and colored pencils to bring their bunny adventures to life.
  2. Build a Bunny Habitat: Use recycled materials like cardboard boxes, paper tubes, and fabric scraps to construct a creative habitat for their paper plate bunnies. They can design a cozy burrow or an entire bunny playground!
  3. Bunny Puppet Show: Help your kids create bunny puppets using paper bags or socks. They can design and decorate the puppets, then put on a puppet show starring their adorable bunny characters.
  4. Bunny Hop Obstacle Course: Set up an indoor or outdoor obstacle course with bunny-themed challenges like hopping like a bunny, balancing eggs (pretend or real) on a spoon, or jumping over “burrows” (hula hoops or cushions). This activity combines physical play with the bunny theme.
  5. Bunny Treats: Get creative in the kitchen by making bunny-themed snacks or treats together. Use fruits and vegetables to create bunny faces on plates, or bake bunny-shaped cookies or cupcakes to enjoy as a delicious extension to their craft.

After completing the paper plate bunny craft, these extension ideas will keep the bunny fun going and provide opportunities for creativity, imagination, and active play.

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easy paper plate bunny craft

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