15 Free First Day of School Printables

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Must have – 1st day of school signs!

Ah, the first day of school! It’s a mix of excitement, jitters, and the thrill of new beginnings. One of the best ways to capture this milestone moment is with a memorable photo, and what better way to highlight it than with one of these free first day of school printables?

These signs showcase the grade your kiddo is entering into, and a few also include fun details like the school’s name or their teacher’s name, making that first-day snapshot even more special.

first day school printables

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We all know how quickly kids grow up. One moment they’re taking their first steps, and the next, they’re stepping into a new grade. With these back-to-school printables, you can freeze that fleeting moment in time. Whether it’s your little one’s very first day of kindergarten or they’re proudly entering their senior year of high school, these signs are the perfect prop for your back-to-school photos.

So, grab your camera, pick your favorite printable, and let’s make some memories!

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Materials Needed to Print First Day of School Signs

While you don’t need all of these materials, they can help you jazz up the signs to make them more unique.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • printer (I recommend an eco-tank or HP Instant Ink printer if you print a lot during the school year)
  • printer paper (use cardstock if you want a sturdier sign)
  • 8×10 or 11×14 if you want a mat around your sign
  • markers (to write the date)
1st day of school chore chart

Printable Back to School Signs

1. School Supplies Theme First Day of School Sign

You’ll love the bright colors and fun designs on these first day of school signs. They feature cute school supply characters and fun lettering that’s perfect for younger kiddos like preschoolers and kindergarteners.

school supplies theme printable

by Where the Smiles Have Been

2. Bright Circles First Day of School Printable Signs

There’s a sign here for everyone, no matter what educational route you take. The printables include all of the grades, from preschool through college. Homeschool versions are available as well! And if you do virtual learning or distance learning, use the blank signs to customize them to your particular program.

colorful circles first day signs

by Happiness is Homemade

3. Orange and Blue Back to School Signs

Personally, I love orange and blue colors together, and that’s the color scheme for these simple signs. With big, bright circles and colorful school supplies along the bottom border, these signs will really stand out in your first day of school photos.

orange and blue back to school signs

by Teach Beside Me

4. Large Number Signs for Back to School

The large sketch-style letters and numbers are so fun for little kids. The printable sheets are in bright, fun colors and go from preschool or pre-K through grade 6.

signs with large numbers and letters

by Kindergarten Worksheets & Games

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5. Bulletin Board Style First Day Signs

Don’t these cute back to school sheets remind you of classroom bulletin boards? The colorful scalloped border along the edges really makes these simple signs pop.

bulletin board style first day of school signs

by Teaching Mama

6. Color Block Border Signs

Kids who love a rainbow of colors will adore these color block signs. They run from pre-K through grade 12, and no email sign-up is required. Just download the pages for the grades you need!

color block border back to school signs

by PJs and Paint

7. Spelled Out Signs

The grade levels are spelled out on these back-to-school signs with a minimalist style. And if you’re into matching the first-day and last-day photos, there are matching last-day-of-school signs for these as well.

spelled out grades first day signs

by Paper Trail Design

8. Editable First Day of School Signs

Use these files to keep your photos consistent over the years. You can edit them yourself to swap out the years, and they’re cute enough that you’ll want to use them again and again.

editable first day of school signs

by Simple Everyday Mom

9. Apple Theme First Day of School Printables

What symbol do you think of when school is back in session? Why, apples, of course! These free printables feature an apple along with each grade level written in red. There’s also a fill-in-the-blank date so you’ll be able to remember exactly which years your kids were in each grade for years to come.

apple theme first day signs

by Gift of Curiosity

10. Black and White Back to School Signs

If the minimalist look is more your speed, you’ll like these simple signs with sans-serif lettering. Put the sign in a black frame to give it an elegant look. A great option for older kids.

black and white first day of school signs

by Living Well Mom

11. Black Background Back to School Signs

These signs kind of look like bright and colorful chalkboards with a black background and lettering in white and neon colors. They’ll look really great if you’re taking a picture against a light background or your child is wearing light colors on the first day of school.

back to school sign black background colorful lettering

by Inkhappi

12. Editable Black First Day of School Sign

Don’t you love those back to school signs that have the school, grade, teacher’s name, and all those other details you want to remember forever? Well, here’s a handy printable version that’s editable in Canva and can be used year after year.

editable black first day of school sign

by Confessions of Parenting

13. DIY Sign with Ruler Border

This is a printable with a black background and an apple theme, but I love that the creator shows a cute way to make this look craftier. Gluing rulers around the edges is such a fun idea. You could also make a frame with crayons, pencils, or erasers.

diy ruler framed sign

by Honey and Lime

14. Color and Decorate First Day Sign

Have a little artist on your hands? Grab this sign to decorate and color. Use markers (or crayons), glue, glitter, stickers, and other embellishments. It’s an easy way to create a one-of-a-kind sign.

color and decorate first day of school sign

by Angie Holden

15. Mom’s First Day Back to Sanity Sign

This is a bit different and gave me a good chuckle. While summers are magical, it’s safe to say that many moms feel a sigh of relief to get back to the routine of the school year. This is a sign Mom can hold up along with her kids in those first day of school photos.

mom's sanity back to school sign

by Modern Mom Life

Welcome Back to School Signs – Final Thoughts

That rounds out our list of free first-day-of-school printables. As the school year dawns upon us once again, there’s no better way to embrace the excitement and anticipation than by crafting personalized “Welcome Back to School” signs with your little ones. Through vibrant colors, imaginative themes, and heartfelt messages, children express their eagerness to embark on a new academic adventure.

Make sure to pin this for later so you can come back to it every year! Also, join us on Pinterest for more fun printables, crafts, and activities.

first day of school printables collage

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